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Philip Gazmanov — about girls: "I'm very picky"

The son of Oleg Gazmanov sings, but draws. However, the work of the young person considers just a hobby, wants to do business and admits that now his heart is free

Philip Gazmanov 19 years old, he is not a native son Oleg, but, nevertheless, adopted his character and even appearance traits: a young man grew up sporty, purposeful and faithful. And like dad, he is easy to do a handstand. The presentation of a new clip Oleg Gazmanov "At sunset crying macho" young man talked to In an exclusive interview, Phillip talked about their future plans and personal life.

– Philip, do you feel yourself a creative person?

– Dad — a great example for me, I'm his middle son, but I'm not a daddy's boy. I studied abroad and are already working. But, unlike dad and older brother, I don't sing, and draw. Mainly, the graphics. I took a course in England and great feel as an artist, but it's a hobby.

– What hobby?

I want to do business and to help people.

Philip bright appearance. For some time he worked as a model, so the girls hang there. But now his heart is free.

– Of course, I was in a serious relationship. But only 19 years old, I do not want to get tied up in obligations. I concentrated on school, on their business, on self-development. I don't want to put myself in any frame.

Филипп Газманов — о девушках: «Я очень придирчив»

In recent years, the son of Oleg Gazmanov Philip has matured and himself out interviewto: personal archive of Oleg Gazmanov

– Have you had many girls?

For some it's a lot, for someone — a little. But I'm happy with my personal life. However, "to have a ship in the Bay" I don't intend to. My brother Rodion — 36, but he's in no hurry.

– What is your standard girls?

– I like girls who take care of themselves. Intelligent. It is important that she was from a good family. I'm very picky.

– "Good family" is rich?

Is a happy family. Where everything is in harmony. Where all love each other.

– What kind of girls do you consider beautiful?

– Which mesh. It can be anything. Eyes, lips, fingers, nails, hair color. A certain criterion no. Might like any, as long as it was the highlight.

– Are you Orthodox?

– Yes, like my father, I am a believer. But since I'm a traveler — study abroad posts, I do not observe.


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