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Alexander Nevsky: "Proud of what Schwarzenegger calls me friend"

The artist says: in Hollywood I respect those who work hard, not give up and gets her

Alexander Nevsky has long been known to viewers for his roles brutal beauties in Hollywood projects. But the muscular actor well able producer and writer. In his production already a few films, and recently released the tenth book. called Los Angeles and spoke with Alexander.

— Alexander, what's your new book?

The first part of the book "Bodybuilding and other success secrets" — an autobiography in which I talk about childhood and adolescence, the fascination with sports, a career in Russia, and then in Hollywood. The second part is a kind of textbook on bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The book also has a bonus where I write about how I train my Hollywood colleagues. I know that the information on fitness is now extremely a lot, especially on the Internet, but I think it just discourages many beginners. They just don't know whom to believe and whose methods to adhere to. My story — the story of slim the Moscow boy who believed in himself, started training and eventually changed his life and achieved all the goals — will inspire readers, but my advice, underpinned by decades of training with weights, will really help them in training.

Александр Невский: «Горжусь тем, что Шварценеггер называет меня своим другом»

Photo: materials of press-services

— To come to America, stay there and make a career dream of many. What do you think was the key to your success?

— I never had dreams to go to America. I have achieved success and popularity in Russia in the mid-90s. But I always wanted to act in Hollywood, and this meant that we had to move to Los Angeles. Which I did in 1999, after which he entered the University of California (UCLA), where he studied English, and then moved into Theatre Institute Lee Strasberg and studied acting. Perseverance and talent are very important, but you should be able to put the right purpose and understand what to do to achieve it. And then you need to work much more than others, and every day is not going to bed until I've done everything for the day outlined.

Also you can congratulate the new film. They say even Arnold Schwarzenegger praised your "Maximum impact"?..

— "Maximum impact" is the biggest film project of my career. It was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, the writer was made by Ross Lamanna, who invented the franchise "rush Hour" Jackie Chan and starred with me stars such as Billy Baldwin, Danny Trejo, Tom Arnold, Kelly Hu and Eric Roberts. This film is an adventure Comedy, and we have just finished work on it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first viewer, "Maximum impact", and for me it was a great honor. He loved it, he especially praised the comedic moments, stunt scenes, excellent acting and beautiful views of Moscow. I am glad that the Russian public is the first to estimate the "Maximum impact" as the world premiere will be held in Moscow in November.

Александр Невский: «Горжусь тем, что Шварценеггер называет меня своим другом»

Alexander and his friends in Hollywood Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ralph Gellerphoto: materials of press-services

— What do you think allows you to meet people in Hollywood with many stars and then become friends with them? Your sociability?

— I was introduced to Arnold in 2000 when I first moved to California and hardly knew English. A couple of weeks ago after our joint safe "Maximum impact" is the seventh full-length picture of those in which I acted as the producer, he said he was proud of me and my accomplishments. In Hollywood, as elsewhere, respect those who work hard, not give up and gets her. Now, when I am successful with me many happy to meet you, especially since I still participate in the vote for awarding the prestigious award "Golden globe". But I am proud that the idol of my youth Schwarzenegger calls me his friend, and really appreciate the warm attitude and long-term support of Ralph Meller, Mark Dacascos, Adrian Paul, Kristanna Loken, Matthias Hughes, Robert Madrid and other friends of mine.

— Do you play in "Maximum impact"?

— I play FSB officer who constantly spends time on the computer. He's not very athletic, although it sounds strange in my case. But his friend and teammate, who plays Eugene Stychkin, is a real "terminator". Our heroes have to prevent a major international crisis, and this will help them employees of the U.S. Secret service. By the way, Andrzej was involved in the painting of many Russian actors: Maksim Vitorgan, Pauline Butorina, Aristarchus of Venesa, Andrew Kaykova, Anna Khilkevich.

Александр Невский: «Горжусь тем, что Шварценеггер называет меня своим другом»

Summer vacation Alexander, together with his girlfriend Maria held in the Hawaiian Islands. Maria is a professional journalist, but it also makes the first steps in the film and has already starred in two Hollywood martinotti: materials of press-services

Do you think a lot. Were you able to take summer vacation?

— This summer we with my girlfriend Mary was in the Hawaiian Islands. This is one of the best resorts in the world, and from Los Angeles is not very far. My Mary is really like a hotel in Honolulu. We rest in this first year. Hawaii is very beautiful, there is an amazing nature. This time we had seen a real pineapple plantation and in the places where they filmed "Jurassic Park". It so happened that this time in Honolulu at the same time we were and my friend Casper van Dean with his girlfriend Jenny, so Maria and I spent time together with them. Kasper is the expert on Hawaiian cuisine, and thanks to him we visited several local restaurants, which previously had not heard. Once there, I took lessons at the surf school and local pros gathered around to see how this big guy is constantly falling off the Board into the water. But, to their amazement (and mine too), I did it the first time! But then I fell enough...


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