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Kirill Pletnev: "With the birth of the third child I woke up paternal instinct"

In an interview the actor admitted that he dreams of a daughter

Popular actor not so long ago mastered the profession of Director, which was appreciated at film festivals. Kirill Pletnev is trying to combine directing and acting with raising three sons. met Cyril in Rostov-on-don, and it turned out that in this city it home.

—...I have lived in Rostov-on-don for two months. We filmed here the film "Once in Rostov". In the restaurant of our hotel was the best strudel I ever ate. Banana. Nothing is more tasty did not try, even in Austria, home of the strudel.

But, despite the love strudels, you do not recover and continue to please fans an...

— Unfortunately, the better. Just recently dropped 12 pounds. I not only refused hospitality strudels, but also dieting. Eating five times a day. When I started to make a movie, I heavily suffered this spring I weighed 92 pounds. It became difficult to tie the laces. I understand you want to do something. And in my five meals a day. It was difficult at first, then habit, and then I even liked it. Well, now I'm trying to stick to a diet myself.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

According to the actor, shooting in the "Viking" became for him a real, ispytaniem: materials of press-services

— I would like to know where the actors will learn about all these diets?

— I went to the specialist at the clinic. You could say, got up one day and decided to start losing weight. In General, decisions I have nurtured for a long time, but I make them quickly.

— Recently about you say also as a Director in connection with your film "Burn". In this picture except Oboldina Inga and Victoria Isakova starred TV presenter Olga Buzova, which is the world of cinema has nothing...

— Olya has arisen at a time when he refused Ivan Urgant, Pavel Volya, Andrey Malakhov. And I needed a character cameo leading. And by chance I got and Executive producer emerged the candidacy of Oli. We met, talked. I realized that she is a person who wants itself to try in different genres. Olga is actually a very smart girl and right career. She is well-read, she has a good education, she is also from St. Petersburg, we are countrymen. And what we see on the screen — it is rather a certain image that is very well sold. Here we can remember Renata Litvinova, she's in life, too, is not what we usually see on the screen. In General, nothing but positive impressions, I have to communicate with Olga left. She demonstrated a great work ethic. Went after work in Moscow seven hours driving night in Nevel, near Pskov, where we were shooting. No whining about the fact that she was tired. Then he went to the set, did what was required and went back to work.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

The series "Security" became one of the hits of this electorate: materials of press-services

— Directing — a very exciting experience, but will not Rob it of the audience you as an actor?

— If there is any interesting offer, I immediately agree. Just a little interesting acting offers. I once was enrolled in the directing Department, but I didn't. It so happened that I passed the cast tour for the acting Department, but acting on the direction of a round cut. It was very funny because all the other teachers I already did, and here has not passed an acting tour. But then the teacher directing me said, "Let's be honest — about what you'll be 16 years old to put? Do you have a story to tell? Much more interesting will be, if you live as a person, as an actor, gain some experience, and, accordingly, you will have something to tell you." And he was absolutely right. I'm even grateful that it happened. Everything must happen on time.

— Apparently, the summer, you have passed the concerns. Plan some rest?

— No, no breaks. In September, the engine of the new film. A road movie (the road adventure. — WH), two girls go by car from Moscow to the South. But most can not tell, because I'm afraid to jinx it.

— So you are a superstitious person in some sense?

— Yes, in some things I believe. For example, if the role of the text has fallen, I sit directly on the floor, not to forget it on stage. Because there is such a sign. Still don't like black cat that crosses the road. In recent years, rarely talking about the future work, if only briefly, all of the plans do not like to talk. I have had many times when I was told and something went wrong.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

A serial "the Saboteur" was released in 2004. This project brought the popularity of Kirill on urbanette: materials of press-services

— You have a pretty big acting filmography. What is the role for you was the most difficult?

— Perhaps one of the most challenging projects is the film "Once in Rostov". We were shooting at long intervals, and I had to re-remember your character. Thanks the Director Konstantin Khudyakov p., because he understood: the first two take me to the sighting. He gave me the opportunity. Very heavy was the film "Viking", although I was there only six days of shooting. But to be honest, I almost got crazy, because I hate Postiga — glued beard and so on. I have everything starts to itch. Even in the cold it all comes unstuck quickly, and my story was just tied to winter. Rise at three in the morning, grim, two and a half hours — gluing the beard, Mohawk, painted tattoos, then an hour I was dressed, first the shirt, then the coat of mail, armor, all sorts of leggings tied.

— That is practically the present equipment of the Viking?

— Yes, the attention to detail was thorough. As part of the props, costumes and make-up is nothing to complain about. It was hard because almost all of the role on horseback. Around me worked a stunt, they feel very well as in the saddle constantly. Of course, I know how to ride a horse, but not the way they are. Plus winter, virgin, in which the frame needs to look absolutely pristine. And I'm very often asked, and if there are any holes. And nobody could answer this question. But since I was the Prince, rode it first, that is, just for luck. So it was six days of powerful stress. Remember the scene where my character is dead, it suited the character of Sasha Ustulina. And then I thought: well, at least get some rest. But not rest, because the night cold, I was all covered with blood, clothes stuck, flying some flies. In General, some of the scenes in the "Viking" was debilitating. Even "the Saboteur", the film, full of stunts and other things, was easier for me, and I remember it much more fun.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

After the birth of the Header, the third son, Cyril admits that he dreams of, dockett:

— When did you learn to ride a horse?

— I learned how to ride a horse in 22 years for film-tale "the Legend of the Wizard", which for some reason did not work in a normal rental. I took special training for two and a half months was riding and felt fine, so now with the horses on "you".

— For the pleasure of not riding?

— I don't have time for this. Although the desire is there.

— To lie in cold blood-drenched — that was the worst story of the filming or even worse happened?

— I had a spooky story during the filming is the famous chocolate bar. Itself is was very complicated, and we went to bed in the city. And the bed was fixed on the map, where sat the man who controlled him. In the script was the trick: the bed is secured on two sides by iron cables started to stretch in different directions, and she spun on the spot. The stunt guys showed us something to hold onto, but in the first second, when the bed began to roll I dislocated legs. And there was a thin steel cable. And I realized that if the legs will go under the rope, he told me they just cut off. And I did actually box — stretched legs and all the reserves kept them on the rope. Naturally, this brace and went into advertising. Then ran up, asked if everything was okay. It was scary.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

Like many of the actor's family, Kirill and Nina Ninidze try to combine photography and social life with the burden of raising reincarnate Avramenko

For moral damages is not paid?

— No, of course. Just apologized. In our country do not pay for such things.

— Many artists admit that due to not seeing his household. You do not have this problem?

— Occurs. I know some things about his younger son from a video that sends me wife. And to me it's like a knife to the heart, because of course, I would like to attend. I am very worried all the time, write: not started to talk without me? I thank God my wife is also an actress, she grew up in a family of actors and she is using all these things took place. As I can, so I spend time with the family. Just with such a profession have something to put up. But, on the other hand, if I just take my family, we will not be able to meet you.

— So, your wife gives up her profession for the sake of the family?

— No, we have a great grandma, a nanny.

— The children already manifest talents?

Jr. megastudy. He is the most active of my three sons. Wildly charismatic, and a year and eight months had absolute pitch. It is clear now. Average is the kindest of all three. But senior amazing draws. Boy some encyclopedic knowledge. Our favorite game in words. And he always knocks me, even though he is only ten years old. About dinosaurs he knows as much as I don't know.

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

Sons Theodore and George were born in early marriages of the actor, however, Cyril is trying to communicate with boys as possible, Casetta:

— Probably goes to some special school?

— In a grammar school with profound studying of English language. The average will go to school only next year. We really want to give it away at some sports because the boy has a very good shot. Maybe some martial arts.

— And the girl do not want?

The girl you really want. Am I even ready for children. Now I can say it for sure. Even two years ago would have said that I wanted to wait, but not now: I'm ready for children. With the third child I woke up the instinct of fatherhood.

— What traits your character has given to the children?

— I am fair. Not to say that good, but not evil.


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