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Maxim Kiselev: "At the first meeting my future wife didn't really want to meet, I had to persevere"

Star of KVN and a show "Once Russia" got married. Details — in interview

Maxim Kiselev left the ranks of bachelors and tied the knot with a girl named Maria. Recently the couple returned from their honeymoon. met with the artist and recorded his impressions.

— Maxim, for the honeymoon you have chosen the Dominican Republic. Why this country?

We discussed lots of options, but we decided that we would be flying to the Dominican Republic. Very we liked it! However, repeatedly had there burnt.

— What is the most memorable during the trip?

Perhaps the treatment process favorite. Maria fell ill — she loves ice cream and cold drinks, so we ate, drank and caught a cold on the third day of rest. But it does not stop.

— Probably, you still get congratulations on your wedding. As she passed, according to the classical scheme?

— Fighting like there was. Must have remembered all these wedding rituals, more ceremonies. They, on the one hand banal and on the other is very touching. For example, the parent tradition, the meeting of the newlyweds with a loaf. After the painting we all played as it should: honestly and from the heart.
But after a few days made the holiday in colonial style. It was Sunny, elegant and beautiful. Walked more than a hundred people. Mostly loved ones, relatives and friends. .

Максим Киселев: «При первой встрече моя будущая жена не очень хотела знакомиться, пришлось проявить настойчивость»

Maxim and Maria long to decide where and when to get married. In the end, organized such a festival, who arranged and groom, and newestate: materials of press-services

Say, you have postponed the wedding date several times for different reasons?

— Not quite. We decide in which month is better to arrange everything. And Maria wished in the summer. Why? Heat and pictures will be prettier. Masha wanted to have the wedding outdoors, in a picturesque place, not like a normal restaurant. And so it was.

— Maxim, what does your wife that you're not always home?

— With understanding. When I go, patiently waiting, and immediately after his arrival began a period of relations under the motto "Oh, we are so incredibly missed". Apparently, therefore, there are no domestic conflicts. Although there is one thing. Mary, finishing his tea and leaves the mug in the bag. This, of course, unacceptable.

— What does your wife? It has to do with creativity and humor?

— She works in the fashion industry. But since we live together, slowly beginning to figure it out. Since I work as an editor in KVN and KVN members ' teaching the young to play the wife goes with me to different cities and absorbed the atmosphere. Not only that, she even went on stage to speak with the other team. She has an idea — to assemble a new team "Team wives", where they will play KVN members ' spouses, and to perform at the festival in Sochi. Talk about the problems experienced by KVN members ' wives. This has not happened.

Do you remember the moment of acquaintance with future spouse?

— We met four years ago in a disco in my native Smolensk. First, I drew attention to it, and early in the morning decided to go. Maria, as I understand it, did not want to meet. And I had to persevere. Asked for a phone number and — bingo! She gave me her card. Wanted to wait until morning, but could not resist — in an hour wrote the first text messages. In short, with perseverance we managed to agree on a date. So it all began.

— What you then struck Maria?

— It is difficult to describe such words. Maria I just very much liked. Pretty, kind, gentle. That day she was wearing this beautiful pencil skirt! I insisted that we kept in touch and met up again. For me, Maria came from Moscow, where he worked in Smolensk. Our first date was at the cemetery in the memorial complex "Katyn".

— You once said that the biggest fight in my life between the two of you lasted only three minutes. And who is the first to make any concessions?

— A man should make concessions first, I think so. Usually I pretend that nothing happened, pay no attention to it.

Максим Киселев: «При первой встрече моя будущая жена не очень хотела знакомиться, пришлось проявить настойчивость»

Maxim Kiselev and his colleague on the show "Once in Russia" Olga Bartunkova on the set of the parody to the program "Field of dreams"Photo: materials of press-services

— Do you have a favorite image in the show "Once in Russia". Can be several of them?

Oh, there were so many, that answer philosophically. I think this way ahead of me.

— It happens that your awareness help you in life?

— Infrequently, but it happens. Here in Smolensk recently me a couple of times on a taxi for free. And in one cafe made a pancake with meat for free. So the advantages are obvious.

— You often play the role of servants of the law. The interaction with these cops and police? They recognize you?

— There was a case in Sochi a few days ago. Standing at the station waiting for the train — and it turns out the police officer. Starting to look at me. Looking for a very long time. I was even getting uncomfortable. Think: "what's the matter?" And then he comes up and asks, "drink?" I said, "drink." And he continues: "I'm standing here and I can not understand — whether to drink, whether in a new orientation seen." In other situations, the police usually photographed.

— As you know, the TV takes a lot of time. As you spend hours free from work?

— Recently spend spare time in such a fascinating occupation, as repair. They say that this is a disaster. We try to treat this with a smile. We love each other, so sometimes we even shut up together good. It is non-transferable.

The wife is looking at you on TV? Do you listen to her advice?

— When we are together, I don't notice. But when I'm not around, as far as I know, Masha, of course, watching "Once in Russia". And then sometimes tells me "Here you need was a little different to do, here is another phrase would be". And I listen.


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