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Ivan Okhlobystin: "a Real Russian man can not live for yourself" discussed with the artist the inspiration, the successes of the children and the last of the romantics

Ivan Okhlobystin acted in films, wrote the script, is directing, performing with concert programs. And even more recently he is a successful writer who works in the fantasy genre.

— As you write what you need: surf, silence, separate study, a pencil and a notebook?

— I have headphones, there is a door, in which case can be closed. Ideally, of course, you get up, cook tablet, computer — on than who prints, writes or typewriter, whatever. You need to tune. After all, there are a thousand ways to escape: first, tea is poured, then the flower had been watered, the dog was walking, the owl fed, and so may the whole day pass. You need a strong-willed decision to force myself to start writing. The first ten leaves in the basket, it will be nonsense, just painted, only "included", it's something very mystical or very close to mysticism. The level of concentration required. And then there is channeling — the characters begin to speak; you know: it is logical that he would say this, go there, can do that, then all of this happens. And you have until the evening to write. But if during the day someone pulls if you need to go to the store for eighty percent of what you write in this day, nothing more will. In General, will, will and only will. And I really love it, although oksanka (wife of Ivan Okhlobystin. — "ICB") is sometimes grumbles. But when she tries to reproach me for laziness, I often remind her of the words of Dickens: "Mummy, well, first, I'm a family man, I can't be a bum!". And secondly, the words of Balzac: "we must Not forget that, even when the writer looks out the window, it works". Of course, I like it. Although in reality the inspiration — it is volitional. It has nothing to do with a muslin feel.

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя»

Feature film "Down house" and TV series "Interns" share ten levoto: still from the TV series "Interns"

— A write — not a sin?

— No, of course! God created us in the image and likeness. In us thousands of talents. Some may not be, but it kompensiruet other. Ask me how I can do that and that, and the other? I say, "Guys, we live in a time when technology already allows it. No need to dig potatoes, and then to separately allocate a month to the winter to write a novel, trapped in four walls." Now you can using the tablet the cow milk. Technology can open up to us as individuals. In principle, make each of us capable of being a Renaissance man. But, the truth is, many are forced to work to be. To earn money — is clear. It's a question of goal-setting interior as my friend says. Feed my family, forced to work to sit on the popechatat. And basically, as I said, we have thousands of talents. Need to develop in all. Sooner or later technology we have all taken away. There will be only computer and writer. And...

— Pros with the underground.

— Yes, those who will serve, and forced underground to break this all. (Laughs.)

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя»

But age doesn't prevent Ivan to be very convincing in the role of frivolous, luzatto: still from the film "Down house"

Are your children reading dad?

Only Bob reads and loves fantasy. The rest once. They have their own literature. They read Oleg Bubela, fantastic. Unexpectedly not so long ago began to read Richard Bach. What I love — Gunter grass, Rushdie, — for them is hard. Marquez, too, all the same age, it is better to try under tridtsatnik. Marquez is as good as cognac, at a certain time. Otherwise, it can not recognize. A lot of domestic literature about the same format. Many kids really read. Bob either continuously reading or listening to audio books — it is also a culture. Nuska reads a lot, however, periods. They have recessions in two months, when, probably, tired. I don't interfere in their lives in this regard.

— Some of your children followed in your footsteps?

— Anfisa works from Kaspersky. She loves the staff, high technology. She is wildly creative, it directly affects the source of energy. Eudocia chose biology. In particular... what is the name of this strange direction... (Thinks.) And ornithology — here. (Laughs.) I don't understand her. But it is like she is now a final year student of the Institute. Goes somewhere for practice expedition. Varka entered the First medical Institute named after Sechenov, lachak. Now teaches Latin. The guys hang out at our house. Nightmare, they are for a week need to learn 800 Latin words! On the one hand, horrified, on the other — to admire. Remember your College years — I was one of the happiest people in the world. And oksanka too. We to each other confessed that everything was cool and that we are jealous of Varka. Sorry that we could not again become students. On smaller dogs, he is in the tenth, nuska in eighth, Sawa in the fifth. We have to wait and see.

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя»

Ivan and Oksana married for 22 years, and during that time they managed six times to become parents. The family have two sons and four deceivingly Avramenko

But are you satisfied with the selection of elders?

— Thank God, Yes. Very satisfied. I like everything connected with progress and evolution. To treat people — noble. My father treated people. High technology — they are the real future. Ornithology — I don't know how to treat this, but on the other hand, the fact that such a strange choice speaks to the fact that her daughter genuinely loves it. I like their approach. They are not looking for money and fame. They understand that this will spontaneously occur if they achieve results in their profession.

— Ideal...

— Thank you, Lord. I am willing to work as much as necessary — to act, to do something, but at least to carry the bags — if only they lasted a little longer this idealistic period in which they are formed as people. Here's Bob with the young lady walking. I'm in tenth grade was skimpy and short man, very unpleasant, or so I thought. And I quickly realized that until you start to earn money on the girls I think is not necessary. And I have formed a huge segment of time reading classic literature, visiting theaters.

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя»

"When my wife accuses me of doing nothing, I reminded her of the words of Dickens: "Mother, I a father, I can't be a bum!"Gennady Avramenko

— Your old bosom friends — Mikhail Efremov, Garik Sukachev, Fedor Bondarchuk and Tigran Keosayan — fifty has achieved great heights in the profession in status terms. In your relationship with them something has changed?

— No! Relations have remained the same and they remained the same — Polupanov. Tigran Armenian punk with all the consequences: suit, sequins, all right. Fedor Rublev punk. We have a dragon (Garik Sukachev. — — Tushino punk. No one has changed. The company all the same. Birthdays are all the same. For a long time we don't discuss when to sleep leave if the party — because nobody cares. Tabor and Tabor. Horde — that's right call us. But we are trying so derogatory to call foreign tourists. And in fact it is. Horde is good. First, we react in everyday terms. Great if you have "gold" the size of a toilet, but if not, fine too. Swollen canned — good foie Gras too. We have a special view of the world.

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя»

Not the easiest life schedule doesn't prevent Ivan to actively relax. The actor is a big fan of veloprovodnikov:

It is not a consumer, I live and live. To what we are born here and now, those Buddhists strive his whole life. And we're forced to live. Too many things around. And too each of us is bright due to the fact that again a lot of things around. The Anglo-Saxons — there here market relations, they all understood: who is richer, and more beautiful. You can't compare a billionaire artist. Who is the baddest? Billionaire, all in glitter on a gold "Maybach", and gundyavogo snotty dude who drives an old "Java" in the street Freedom in Tushino, — who is the baddest? Not the fact that the first! There is a delicate question, always requires a personal relationship. We are the last generation of romantics. In his youth, everyone sincerely wanted to become Tarkovsky. We read otvorochennymi the pages of "Master and Margarita" from the magazine "October". We knew that if to change in shop two empty bottles of lemonade, you get one full. We could days to go to Moscow under the impression from the book "Moscow and Muscovites". And in parallel, for example, cast "svinchatka", then to the ravine to tubesites with the guys from the neighboring district. Still considered extremely shameful to do something bad to the girl. We felt for him the reverence. Understood that man can not realize himself fully. Whatever it was, he still is the father, the owner, and without women is impossible. There is no soil. Real Russian man can not live for themselves.


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