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Naseri: "My girlfriend is a lawyer"

The star of the movie "Taxi" in recent years, frequent in Russia. In the summer he was seen at the festival in Rostov-on-don, and recently the Frenchman met in the Crimea. talked with the actor

Sammy, you came to the Crimea. What brings you here?

— I flew to Yalta to take part in the "Forum world". But in the end visited the competition "the Best driver of the Crimea-2017". I have given cups and diplomas to the winners of the contest and even received a certificate of the Crimean Union of taxi drivers. I was given a certificate with the number 777 and read a welcoming message from Russian taxi drivers French.

— Some of your fans think your filmography is limited to only the picture "Taxi". But as far as I know you recently spent a lot of time in Canada, appearing in the next movie...

Yes, the movie "Taxi" was a success. Only in Russia the movie was seen by twelve million viewers, although it appeared at the time unknown actors. Well, in Canada, I starred in the film directed by Samuel Teverga. The picture is called "ID". I play the role of the international criminal who escapes from France to Canada, not to be found Interpol.

— You've been in Russia several times...

—...And always come with great pleasure. Me here have a great welcome. For example, I was in St. Petersburg, participating in the filming of the movie, but, unfortunately, his Director died and the work stopped. But for the time spent in St. Petersburg, I managed to walk, to see the beauty. And this year I was in Moscow, participating in the filming of a commercial for a large construction company. Everything was just top notch! Fed very tasty.

Сами Насери: «Моя девушка — адвокат»

The film "Taxi" only in Russia looked twelve million sritularak from the movie "Taxi"

— You probably already a specialist in the Russian cuisine? What do you like best in it?

— I liked, of course, soup. And the empanadas. Incidentally, I myself also love to cook and good at it.

And who are those lucky people who try the dishes in your performance?

Mostly I'm doing this for my friend son and my friends. Often cook breakfasts, but lately I like to bake dishes in the oven. I admit, when I cook, the kitchen is chaos. But in any case I really like to do.

— Your girl has attitude to the world of cinema?

Marie lawyer. But she's an artist and she can play the piano. She has a very good education, she studied for a long time. Of course, to become a lawyer, you need to work. What else can I say? She's been with me for three years, she is very hardworking and can resolve any issue. And, of course, I love her.

It's always interesting to know how celebrities get acquainted with their second half?

— I can say that we met three years ago in Saint-Tropez, where I by the will of God to come alone. We met on a sailing vessel, between us struck a spark. That's all.


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