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Liza Arzamasova: "If entrusted to play my mom, she finally grew up"

In the film "Partner", she appeared in a new image of a young mother. met with the actress and discussed pregnancy, first love, and the negative role

— Lisa, what interested you in the role in the film "Partner"?

— I was delighted when I was invited to audition! Even a script to read it, already dreamed that I took on this project because a significant portion of its shooting was held in Vladivostok. Of course, the main reason of my arrival in this city has always been that they are my favorite grandparents, but by itself, the Vladivostok — extraordinary!

— You play a young mother. A completely new image. It was difficult to transform into this character?

— Probably the most extreme scene in the movie was the one that you will not notice if you blink. She's on the screen is only a few seconds but we shot it thoroughly. It is a scene of childbirth. As a wonderful acting profession that allows you to "rehearse for reality"! Now a little idea of what I will one day, I hope. I was very gentle in this kinostan. I suddenly thought that if I was entrusted to play the mother, so do I finally grew up. Earlier often happened is that the youngest on the set — I. And here I was in charge of the whole family.

Лиза Арзамасова: «Если доверили играть маму, значит, окончательно повзрослела»

In the frame of Lisa looks great in the role of mother. The actress says that feels great in the nursery, compayito: scene from the movie "Partner"

— You have made it pretty well...

— I can easily and quickly find the contact with children, and my children's company very comfortable and fun. Like to cuddle and play fun kids games. Of course, I wanted to become the best mom. It is now even possible to have some fun and all the free time to fill with work, but when you see kids, I would want to spend more time with them! I hope that this happiness will happen to me.

— This year you finish the Humanities Institute of television and radio. How is the school?

— Go to the red diploma. While in my certificate any of the Quartet, although the school was "three". But it is. (Laughs.) I think that in the future will arise a situation when in front of me will stand several important tasks that need efficiently and with full dedication to solve.

— Probably, you miss lectures due to filming. Teachers are going to meet?

— I miss a lot of things, but in school the most important thing — the result. The exam is a test of your knowledge. Many examinations in our Institute are not a teacher, and a computer program. The computer can not "meet". You or correctly answered the question or not, and the cold machine counts your mistakes completely dispassionately.

— Not so long ago you admitted that you have vision minus seven. There, in this regard, difficulties in school and at work?

— No difficulties in working and learning does not occur. I was used to. Sometimes I feel awkward when I didn't see anybody I knew and said Hello.

Лиза Арзамасова: «Если доверили играть маму, значит, окончательно повзрослела»

In the play "the Conspiracy in English" Lisa appeared in an unexpected, setroubleshoot:

— Lisa, you don't talk about my personal life. Well at least about your first love can you tell?

— I believe a true sense, it is the only forever. Well, not love to be the first, fourth and eighteenth. I think so. Everything else should be called something else: enthusiasm, charm, attraction. Remember, as in a children's acting Studio, we set the tale Of Pushkin "Tsar Saltan". I played the Queen and a squirrel. I was about five. And I remember very well that I liked a boy named Anatoly, played the Prince. And the crimson silk shirt he really was. Then it was summer vacation and mom is at the cottage decided to have chickens. Five chickens and one rooster. The rooster is cocky and very bright, with scarlet breast and emerald wings. And I called him a Bit. The parents laughed a lot and for some reason, so asked not to be identified. Probably they were embarrassed that they were familiar with that name, and could it somehow hurt. But the name of the village is very quickly caught on. Cock very loudly and sang beautifully in the morning. And I remember the neighbor uncle Victor, passing by our fence, and said, "Oh, Arzamasova as she filled"! (Laughs.)

— Naturally you amorous man?

I'm not amorous, and fond of people. I admire talented people. Amorous but I can not be called.

— Your popularity is growing every year. The media have an influence on your life?

— What do I know about the influence of media, if it appeared in my life as a child? Everything is normal. Without bias. The main thing that there was a people who in time will explain what all this media is a joke. The positive side is that you greet and smile at you people who are like you, the negative is that sometimes you come up with all sorts of absurdities. But they are both passing.

Лиза Арзамасова: «Если доверили играть маму, значит, окончательно повзрослела»

"Proper nutrition, I think it helps to keep yourself in shape" - sure, Arzamasova:

Say that you recently filmed a movie, and even by your own scenario...

Is a random "event". Somehow it happened that I wrote a pretty simple story for a short film that will be part of a large anthology of four parts. I proposed not to postpone it indefinitely. The film is about the meeting of two very differently organized people about how case and confusion can sometimes help us get acquainted with someone very important in our lives and to reconsider their views and habits. Will I have to write something, I don't know. I think it was kind of a pleasant accident. (Laughs.) Although... Who knows what's ahead?..

— You always play positive characters, and in real life you seem like a very positive girl, which has virtually no drawbacks. Is there something that you yourself still do not quite like?

— I woven of flaws! But if you don't see them, why am I going to focus your attention on them? (Laughs.) In General, I'm looking forward to the release of the series, where I first managed to play a negative role in the movie. I played the role of Queen of the Seraphim. And it's different than it was before!

— You, probably, many people would say that you look great. How you care for yourself?

— I think that at my age the best care for yourself is sleep and rest, especially rest from cosmetics. Proper nutrition, I think it helps to keep yourself in shape. I often take fruit and yoghurt to work, not to eat heavy food. In the evening I love to make a moisturizing face mask and hair mask recipe by grandmother (yolk, a tablespoon of burdock oil and a tablespoon of cognac). But the most pleasant condition is to wash with cold water and as long as you can be with a clean face without makeup.


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