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Julia Parshuta: "work on the body is an integral part of personal growth"

The singer — about her secrets of maintaining good shape, athletic experiments and plastic surgery

— Julia, Hello! If you get pleasure from the sport and from the fact that one has to keep in shape? Is there not sometimes just want to relax? Because working on yourself is hard work.

— I agree that work is work and we work their whole lives to grow personally. In my understanding work on the body is an integral part of personal growth. It seems to me that people who keep themselves in good shape, as well disciplined in all other aspects of life, and I think that discipline is more important than motivation. As for the pleasure of exercise, I know for sure that if I got up in the morning went wrong, then after workout I have it just rise. I know exactly what one means to raise the tone, spirit, and sentiment I have is sports. I'm a person, so I can assume that I will go to training and I will not have the energy for strength training. But if that happens, then I will go to cardio or at least do a good stretch.

— What are the most effective diet or ways to lose weight you could advise. It is always important for the girls

— There will never be anything better than to customize their food. It is necessary to hack to death on your nose. It's very simple: if you want to lose weight, then you need a calorie deficit, if you want that your skin is in good shape, you can't forget about proteins. If you want your skin, hair, nails are wrecked after weight loss, then you need the right fats. And exercises for all the muscle groups that they were in good shape during weight loss.

Юля Паршута: «Работа над телом — это неотъемлемая часть личностного роста»

Julia Parshuta recognized. sport always raises her nastroenie: Alexander Huseynov

— What is the most extreme sport you've done? Maybe were doing something athletic feats for yourself?

— It's hard to call a sport which I have worked, extreme. For some, surfing is terrible to deal with. In this period of time I less want to climb to a height or to jump. As for the feats, then, once on the casting of one sports show, I realized that there are topics in which my training specifically sags. I started, set yourself some "straps". While I'm not doing anything dangerous. I just have no such desire now. I can find plenty to do to cheer up yourself or get a positive and engaging more mundane and sustainable things.

Whether you love to visit the bath or sauna? Don't you think that it is harmful for health? Many say that this is really possible to lose weight.

— I repeat once again that you can lose weight just from the calorie deficit and not on anything else. If we will continue to actively, play sports, walk in bath, the sauna, the Hammam, none of this good will come out. I don't like to stay long in the sauna, because I am hard and boring. Bath with brooms suits me best. At least some fun.

— Are there procedures that you absolutely do not acknowledge?

— Honestly, I'm not happy with myostimulation: it seems to me that if a person is able to exercise and had no violations in the body, what's the point to lie down and "practice" without putting any effort.

Юля Паршута: «Работа над телом — это неотъемлемая часть личностного роста»

"I don't like to stay long in the sauna, because I'm serious and bored"Photo: Alexander Huseynov

— How do you feel about EMS, cavitation and myostimulation?

— Don't know what cavitation is, EMC I was once. It is a vigorous 35-minute workout, after which I until 5-6 in the morning could not sleep, although the lesson was in the afternoon. My nervous system excitable, and I responded to that kind of training — she cheered me too. But I want to pay tribute — it has led to tone those muscle groups that are quite difficult to pull the usual practice. For example, for those who don't know how to do the isolation on specific muscle groups, she may be useful. Still, I would try again, but I would go early in the morning.

— Tell me, how do you feel about plastic surgery and other radical methods of correcting the appearance?

— I'm fine with that, and plastic surgery. If a person will feel happy after it and it will not have any complications, then why not? I believe this is a choice, I'd never condemn, but I am for natural beauty! I want to believe that even if a person had plastic surgery correctly, it can look natural, but it is depends on his own taste and plastic surgeons.

Юля Паршута: «Работа над телом — это неотъемлемая часть личностного роста»

"There will never be anything better than to customize their food"Photo: Alexander Huseynov

Is the bold experiment with his looks?

— I guess you could say that it was an experiment when I set a goal, a challenge, a "challenge", as they say, to lose 12 pounds, and I actually did it myself without any treatments, diets designed for me, for me, nobody watched, I didn't have dieticians who called and asked: "How are you doing?" The coach was not the same. It was completely under my control, and I did.

For you women beauty?

Female beauty is the most natural, it's own unique style, this is definitely a confidence and a kind heart.


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