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Natalya Varley: "the world is ruled by love. This theme is very close to me"

This summer, the actress has celebrated the 70th anniversary, but his anniversary recital held recently in the framework of one festival. Natalia has received a lot of gifts, she bestowed her fourth collection of poems autographed and Frank. recorded most interesting

About "the Caucasian captive"

Many people think that I just in "the Caucasian prisoner" was filmed, and do not remember my work in the theater and in the film 61. Plus 2000 dubbed and voiced roles, working on stage and television. Nevertheless, "the prisoner of the Caucasus" is my calling card, a film that brought me fame. Without this film, maybe I wouldn't be standing in front of the audience on stage, and differently would have been my fate.

About poetry

I write poems since childhood. Many lay on music. And first wrote the song on my poems Yuri Peterson — he is now the soloist of ensemble "the Flame-2000". With his light hand, there were songs, "Rope dancer", "Frozen candle". We even sang "Frozen candle" in the mission control Center, when flying to orbit, Viktorenko and Serebrov...

I have a poem "to the Memory of Vladimir Vysotsky". This poem is about those who are no longer with us. Not my parents, not many of my favorite partners. From "the Caucasian captive" were, in my opinion, only we Etush...

About love and the film "Wolfhound"

I love directed by Nikolai Lebedev, my son Sasha was in shock from his movie "Star". And when Nicholas called me and offered to star in "the Wolfhound" I said to him: "you Have — at least in the crowd." Sasha had worked as an assistant Director, it was his first experience in the movie. I was very proud when he took me to the makeup, the costume... I got the role of Kendarat. In the story of Marina Semenova, in which filmed this movie, the mother of Kendarat — teacher of martial martial arts in the film by Nikolai Lebedev is a woman who inspires Wolfhound, to his disciple that the world is ruled by love. Not anger, not stiffness, not revenge, and love it. And this topic is very close to me.

Наталья Варлей: «Миром правит любовь. Эта тема мне очень близка»

In the filmography of the actress more than sixty paintings, but "prisoner of the Caucasus" still remains a hallmark of the Natalia Marleycat from the film "Caucasian captive"

About the figure

During the filming of the movie "Gold" together with Larissa Luzhin lose weight according to the scheme: first day — rice and Apple juice, the second — chicken and tea, the third — yogurt with cottage cheese, and on the fourth day of waiting for the whole group, because there was wine and cheese. Three quarters of a glass of wine, and a hundred grams of cheese. And we four kilograms dropped immediately. I really then turn around in a dress twice.

About the job under the dome

Much of my life did not take place would be if at eight years old I saw a circus and decided for myself that I would become a gymnast or a circus tiger tamer. I graduated from the circus school, worked under the dome. My room was called "Air-equilibrium on Stein is of a trapezoid with musical instruments". At the height of 10-12 meters I played the concertina, flexatone, danced with castanets — overcome your natural fear of heights. But before I could not even look out from the balcony on the second floor!

The circus lot in my life changed: he gave and physical training, and the ability to work and to succeed. I was fortunate to work with wonderful clowns Leonid Engibarov. Many write that we had an affair and it was Leonid brought me to the movie — in fact it is not. I have even a poem, inspired by our joint work, — it's called "Rope dancer".

About the tour

Together with the participants of the program "In our Harbor came ships" I was in the far North. After the big concert in Siberia Eduard Uspensky and other artists were on the bus. All dozed off. I, as always, sat in the front seat. We drove along a very bad road: slippery, winter, cold, forty degrees... And I realized that the driver falls asleep. Sat next to actor Yuri Chernov. And I say, "Yura, let's sing." And we were singing. Drove three hours, sang, perhaps, the four hundred songs. Non-stop. The driver, of course, we were ready to kill, but he was not asleep. And when we got to the hotel — we artists, said, "why are you Guys we are not allowed to sleep?.." What we said: "We have saved".

Remember, together with Yuri Chernov for the first time we flew in a helicopter. It was in the Arctic. The helicopter was some kind of Neanderthal. Yura looked at him and asked the pilot: "What year is this helicopter?" They told him: "Sixty-five". He was white. We got up to the salon. And there — tank, screwed wire. He asks: "what's that?" I said, "It is fuel". He paused. On looks — in the floor hole. And asks: "Well, what's that?" And I said to him: "Yura, that's a man's toilet". And he was silent again. Well, validol under the tongue — flew...

Наталья Варлей: «Миром правит любовь. Эта тема мне очень близка»

Natalya Varley and Nikita Cherkasov Mihalchenko


Natalya Varley was married twice. The first husband of the actress became an actor Nikolai Burlyaev. Second — Vladimir Tikhonov, the son of Nonna Mordyukova and Vyacheslav Tikhonov. During the life of Nonna Mordyukova was a lot of speculation about what Natalya Varley had a big fight with his ex-mother-in-law. Recently, however, the star of "the Caucasian captive" admitted that he managed to reconcile with her before Mordyukova was not.


In the second marriage the actress had a son, Vasily, who this year celebrated its 45th anniversary. He's a private guy, but we know that Basil good draws. In 1995, he gave a stellar mother of the grandson of Eugene, who now lives in Verona with her mother and works as a waiter.

In 1985, Natalya Varley was born the youngest son Alexander, who became a Director. In September, he presented the short film "You '". Alexander also enjoys music and plays in a cover band that performs hits by The Beatles.


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