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Alexander Revva: "a Woman always wants "more"

The actor admits in an interview that from an early age, lived in the female realm, and knows about the beautiful ladies all

Popular showman Alexander Revva was never deprived of female attention. And we are not talking about his alter ego, stage character Arthur Pirozhkova, namely about the artist. From early childhood he lived in a female reign: he was raised by his grandmother, mother, and he has a twin sister, Natasha. Then there are beloved wife Angelica, and grow two charming daughters. So Alexander can rightly claim to know about the beautiful ladies, if not all, very much. How this knowledge helps in life and career, in an interview.

— Alexander, you seem like a very successful person. How do you measure success and whether you are such according to your own criteria?

— Of course, each person has his own understanding of success. For someone success is to get acquainted with a beautiful girl, for another — to make a million, and for the third to run a marathon. I associate it with the word catch: to do what you planned, dreamed of and aspired to in the desired time frame — those that you put in your life chart. Success to me consists of a huge number of small tasks that I consistently decide. For example, yesterday I was just dreaming of sunbathing on the coast. Took his beloved wife Angelica, we boarded the plane — and now I'm sitting in a lounge chair, looking at the sea talking to you. This is such microspec. And for you I bet it was a success after all to call me. (Because of the enormous employment interview Alexander managed to take over the phone. — Approx. ed.).

— You are critical of others — your creativity, what you do in life?

— It is important. But here you need to maintain certain proportion. Some people build their lives based on the ratings and comments of others. They focus on public opinion, trying to please someone, at any cost to win the approval — do not live their lives, in fact. My ambitions are healthy enough — I listen to their needs and at the same time think about others. All his work I build it is from these considerations: that it was a pleasure to me and, of course, delighted my admirers.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

In the image of Alexandra Pavlovna Fishman in the Comedy "Grandma easy virtue"Photo: materials of press-services

— What is the most amazing, strange visibility? For example, how do you react when you see yourself on a huge Billboard?

— Perception is your time frame. When I first saw myself on a Billboard, I had some emotions, today they are different. Then I realized that my photos all look, and it could not entertain vanity. (Smiles.) And now I see it as a perfectly normal item of its creative activity. Now I'm lying on the beach in Limassol, where I have a concert tomorrow, and at the entrance stands a huge Billboard, which my photo in full growth.

— How funny! People still approach you for an autograph?

— No, because on a Billboard I look a lot better. There I dressed, brushed–retouched. Here I am in a baseball cap and sunglasses, and I have no identificeret with this sleek macho posters.

— There is sometimes a desire to hide?

— Yes, I like to be alone. Like silence, I like to listen to the sounds of nature: wind, rustling grass, birds singing. And now I'm listening to the sound of the waves and joyful children's voices.

— You have places of power that give the opportunity to recover?

For me this place of power is the Altai mountains. I go there about once a year, climb the mountains, ride horses, live, like, a hermit. Imagine: no phone (it just there is no signal), no social networks, complete unity with nature and yourself. In the mountains, a special peace. And stunning sunsets.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

"The man who lives among women, it is necessary to communicate with members of their own sex. It requires a restart. A long chat with the women makes the psyche of a moving" was Rewatt:

— As a child, you dreamed of glory, I take it? He graduated from College, and then studied at the Donetsk Academy of management...

— Probably somewhere in the subcortex, that dream still sat. Because my mom is a woman just a cosmic energy — was an artist, a soloist of the Kuban choir. And she took me to various performances, concerts and, of course, it cut me to my soul. I sometimes represented as standing on stage, holding a microphone. But I was a shy, shy boy, so it was so fancy. I'm actually very afraid of public speaking. The case decided the case. As a student of the Donetsk Academy of management, I spoke at the traditional freshman debut and were immediately invited to the team of KVN. But don't come on the scene, and wrote for them a joke. And then one day, right in the day of the performance, sick guy who was supposed to perform a song that I wrote. And all the guys from the team were saying "You have to sing only you know the text". The thought that I have to sing in front of a full hall, I was horrified. But he insisted: "You want us to lose because of you?!". To sum up his I could not. Picked up the microphone and on the legs give way came on the scene. Thought are now faint: pressure has sharply jumped up, heart pounding — but somehow sang. He came to himself when he heard the applause and even shouts of "Bravo!". And excitement immediately vanished, her blood pressure is normal. I even found the strength to thank the hall for their support that's a joke. I first felt the tremendous burst of energy that gives the artist the contact with the audience. Perhaps, there is nothing better! This event predetermined my further destiny.

— Many of your colleagues admit that on the stage and in the movies can play things that would never dare in life. Probably the same can be said about your hero, macho Arthur Pirozhkova?

— Yes, in each of us there is still a man, and maybe not one. Maybe even the opposite sex. (Laughs.) And from time to time he gets out, manifesting itself in different situations. Apparently, Arthur Pirozhkov lived somewhere in me, inside. He first appeared in one of the sketches. In Sochi the gym I often see guys who could spend hours discussing the volume of his biceps and the condition of the press, to talk about the "magic vitamins" and the color tan in the Solarium. Arthur Pirozhkov — is a collective image. At some point he became even more popular than me. And you're right: some of the things Alexander Revva is unlikely to be resolved. For example, to appear in the video together with Ornella Muti. And Arthur could. (We are talking about the video "How Celentano". — Approx. ed.). And yet in me suddenly emerged... features mom. She helped me to create an image of Alexandra Pavlovna Fishman in the Comedy "Grandma easy virtue", where I play a major role.

— About this film say. But I thought it was a continuation of the image of the grandmother, who is familiar to the audience for your performances at a Comedy Club.

— First, we really wrote the script for the old woman of Comedy. But then I realized that it will be not so interesting, boring to the viewer in contrast to Alexandra Fishman. She is cheerful, youthful, fifty plus, but at this age it is already possible to be a grandmother. The heroine of many traits of my mother — she's as exciting and energetic as Alexandra p. Fishman. You could say I borrowed the image from my mother. By the way, my mother also played in Comedy cameo — aunt of my hero. Think she did a great job with his acting challenge.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

Alexander Revva with his wife and dockett: personal archive of Alexander Revva

— By the way, how did they react — grandmother, mother — that you have them parodiruya?

Grandmother, God rest her soul, is no longer alive. I am very grateful to her: that she brought me up, gave me an incredible amount of warmth and love. The mother often was away on tour, and my sister lived with my grandmother. And this image of a funny old lady of Comedy was born then under the impression of watching her and her friends who came to visit us, sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea, discussing the latest news. And mom is happy for me. She came to the premiere of the movie, and she loved it.

— How did you meet with the Director Marius Weisberg?

— We have long been familiar, I like his work. Once he offered me a role in his Comedy "Love in the city". But then I was forced to withdraw because of the tight tour schedule. Then we often met at some social events and became friends. When I worked on the script of the film and thought any of the Directors to invite, immediately thought of Marius. Why pick on him? He's one of the few who can make a Comedy with a strong love line. I think this is very important: the love line — the basis of any normal romantic Comedy. By the way, Marius himself wrote it, what really were the picture. He was invited to the role of nurses Natasha Chistyakova-Ionova (Gluk'oza). I admit, I was initially against her candidacy, but Marius managed to convince me, and I believed him. Then happily convinced that he was right. Natasha is gorgeous in this role, something like Jessica Lange.

— What emotions you have caused the role and what piece of women's wardrobe to wear the hardest?

— We had about thirty shooting days, and twenty five of them I spent in drag — wig, heels, stockings, corset and bra. It was a very complex makeup, which took several hours. But I am so accustomed to the way that in the third minute of the film, people forget that the screen man. I'll look at Alexandra Pavlovna, and do not believe that it is me. As if it were a completely different person. Even Marius was noticed on the set: we have like there's another member of the team, a new actress. In the third week I went to the ladies room and realized that, apparently, with the shooting should call it a night. Of course, I learned a lot about women. And having walked for almost a month on the studs, I want to say a compliment to the fair sex: cute, I really appreciate your attitude. To be beautiful, well-groomed, attractive woman is a big job, hard work.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

With the youngest daughter, Allitto: personal archive of Alexander Revva

— Listening to you, remember the movie with Mel Gibson "What women want". And you are well versed in the psychology of women?

Since I was raised actually three women — mother, grandmother, and my sister Natasha (we're twins, we have a difference of fifteen minutes) — I know a lot about women of different generations and I'm interested in female psychology. I believe it is fundamentally different from the male, it's just another universe.

— What emotions do you feel towards women? We love you we admire, and we may irritate you sometimes?

— For me, a woman is not age, but still there are certain criteria for the perception of older ladies, middle age and young girl. If the man is the girl is much younger — and then some fatherly feelings, and the desire to protect. If it is a middle-aged woman — there is a respect, as to a wise friend. A man may pity the woman, and admire her and worry about her — and all this within fifteen minutes. You women — a separate world, unpredictable and charming. I have a solo performance called "the Sex guru". It's about the relationship between the sexes, and I spent two hours talking about sex. The author of the monologue, the Austrian psychologist-sexologist, but I've tweaked. That's how you think, what do women want?

— Love, care?

— She always wants "more". Flowers — need a restaurant, bought a fur coat and dreams of holidays in the Maldives. And it concerns not only material but also emotional sphere.

— Maybe it's good? This stimulates a man to deeds.

— Of course, is the motive power charger. When a woman is in a strange position, has no desires, it all suits at some point it even starts to irritate. A man is lost, does not feel its importance.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

Alexander and Angelica was love at first vzgljadami: personal archive of Alexander Revva

— That's the secret.

— Yes — in the movement of thought. (Laughs.)

— You don't asked about the secret to a happy marriage. And is it not? Maybe you and Angelica miraculously, coincidentally the first place?

— Marriage is a limited liability company. Someone is of the closed type, someone open. But it's a small community, consisting of two founders, who then create child branches, a FILIAL of the company. We talked about the success that I associate with the word "time". It also has its own Association: the society — so common. So periodically you need to collect the Board and to sit at the negotiating table, to make all the decisions collectively. And when you look at people who have experienced divorce often understand that they simply did not communicate with each other. Definitely need to find time to spend together — watching movies together, to go somewhere, to go to restaurants, walking. I understand that it is difficult in today's race is a career or financial, but we all need human connection. Especially in the age of gadgets and social networking.

— You and Angelica after thirteen years of Dating, there is still the need for romance?

— Of course. Yesterday we were in Moscow, and now lie on the beach in Limassol, we went to relax together. Now I'll hang up and we'll go swimming in the sea. And in the evening we drink wine on the terrace and talk, enjoy each other.

— You can only envy. In my opinion, you are a very romantic couple. Even celebrated a wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the limousine.

— Yes, it is the anniversary of our acquaintance, on June 26. We have Angelica was love at first sight. I invite everyone to remember this moment: when I went to a particular wave of mutual attraction, the energy — it is possible to remember. Experienced then an emotion remains unconscious. And when you go back to those memories, the relationship is like a new charge to get. I remember very well our acquainted night with Angelica. I did everything to please this charming girl who didn't even recognize me, at that time, I thought such a popular and compelling showman. And thereby hooked me even more. (As it turned out, Angelica was studying the hotel business in another country, Cyprus, and arrived in Sochi on a vacation. And therefore were not aware of how famous she's built up a fan. — Approx. ed.). I saw the club parked the limo, gave the driver all the money — a thousand rubles something. And famously rolled up to go out to Angelica: "Girl, may I walk you back?".

How did Angelica learn then that the limo is not yours?

— Yes, she knew it originally. Actor of me still the same. (Laughs.) But I think a woman like that, too — when a man wants to impress her.

Well, she could be some Bimbo who would say, "Oh, no limo, deceived me... Well, him!".

— If she said so, maybe nothing would. But for wife material values have never stood in the first place.

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

The eldest daughter Alice Revva already attending acting masterstate: personal archive of Alexander Revva

— You once said that the wife helped you to open up. And you her?

— Of course: a husband and wife are one. When they live a long time together, especially if it is a Union of love, then be the similar to one another. I can say, Angelica and perfectly complement each other.

— Do you know what she wants?

I know, but I will not say.

— Now you, like in childhood, haunts the women's Kingdom — his wife and two daughters. Apparently, this fact is not sad.

— Not at all. On the contrary, pleases.

— There is a need sometimes to escape into the company of men?

— I have friends with whom I play soccer, poker, bowling. The man who lives among women, it is necessary to communicate with members of their own sex. It requires a restart. A long chat with the women makes the psyche mobile. (Laughs.)

— Daddy's girls — special character?

Papa girls — the luckiest father in the world! Energy daughter are always drawn to the father, the contact is much more powerful than the default. Here pronounced emotions — so much tenderness, love and adoration I get! My daughter is my happiness. I never read my girls a lecture, don't punish them, not criticize. I think the child always everything can be explained.

— I know that Alice is a very creative girl. Sings and dances. Younger also?

— Yes, Alice is well able to imitate facial expressions, voice, goes to acting classes. Already earn their first fees: starred in several music videos, had a photo shoot with her. And the youngest, Amelie, wants to be like her sister. Also a future artist growing up. Maybe even a third child will appear. And if it's a girl, I'll be the happiest father.


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