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Nonna Grishaeva: "For theater I turned down the TV" met the actress with the children on the show, young local designers and learned about the latest change in her life

— Nonna, this is the first part of your children at a fashion show?

— No, not the first. I'm friends with many domestic designers. We are with my son two years ago has already participated in a similar show. So the experience has Ilya. My daughter just at that time was not in Russia: it is studied five years in England.

— And to children like these shows?

— Very! They've used that they focused the attention.

Is it true that you buy most things made in Russia?

— Once again, I talk a lot and make friends with the Russian designers. I do not buy, for example, abroad dresses in which appear at various events. I offer them and give our designers. Seeing and realizing that this is done at the highest level in all respects, I do not refuse to receive them in public. It is normal practice our Russian stars.

Нонна Гришаева: «Ради театра я отказалась от телевидения»

Nonna Grishaeva with her husband Alexander Netterville Sharlovskoe

In this case, what is your attitude to Russian products that is sold in stores for ordinary people?

— I believe that for the target buyer, the average, many domestic brands of it's true. Because, for example, personally I can't stand synthetics, and in China and Turkey used in the production of huge quantities of synthetic material. I can not wear this: I immediately begin to itch all. And many domestic brands — why do they like working with natural materials. Here and to children I try to buy things made from natural fabrics. Only cotton! For me it's the principal thing.

— You said that your daughter Nastya five years studying in England. What's your major? Who will?

— She graduated from the Department of graphics and illustration. So by profession she is a book Illustrator.

— And who sees himself a son, Ilya?

— It's too early to say. Wish he finished school. Including and music.

Нонна Гришаева: «Ради театра я отказалась от телевидения»

The eldest daughter Grishaeva Nastya 5 years studied in Aglietto:

— You have a family there are some basics of education?

— Kindness and love. The main thing — do not overreact. Teachers have enough children in my life. Therefore, parents should be friends to their child.

— Dad is very strict, the mother incredibly good or, on the contrary — this "good and bad" is unacceptable in your family?

— I do not exist. I think it is fundamentally wrong. I am sure that dad and mom should be good, but moderately strict. Don't need too much to spoil their children. But stiffness is not necessary, it is impossible to over-tighten. Everything is good in moderation.

— You brought your parents?

— No, I had everything else. So I think differently.

Нонна Гришаева: «Ради театра я отказалась от телевидения»

Nonna Grishaeva and friendly staff of the regional Tosafot:

You which year the regional presiding over the Theatre — where do you get the time? And the responsibility is not for children...

I gave up all television projects to study theater. Continue to play several antrepriznyh performances. Sometimes doing some really interesting projects.

— At what point you decided to take this responsible step?

— I just realized that very little time to devote to the theatre that need more. And in order to appeared, it must be somewhere to take. That's all. It turned out that the theater is more important to me a priority and more interesting. A few days ago we released the premiere of "the Inspector". The Director was my husband Alexander Nesterov. And a week before the premiere, I realized how difficult and how necessary for me every day to be at the theatre. And so they did. And here I was released. At the premiere there was a large number teachers: this is a product from the curriculum. One very elderly teacher approached me and said, "I want to tell you that in my pedagogical life I saw a large number of "Auditors". Your is the only not boring."

Their children to the productions do not attract?

— No, thank God. Why? They don't want. But go to the theater with pleasure. Here tonight we are going to the Vakhtangov Theater on the play "Peter pan" directed by my friend Alexander Koruchekova.


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