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Anastasia Volochkova: "I trusted people who didn't deserve this"

The actress became a victim of unscrupulous staff. The ballerina said about scams, stealing food and clothing, as well as the kindness and trust

Anastasia, your driver conducted a large investigation. Are there any results?

— I can say that justice has been done. The driver was arrested. Alexander Skirtach was taken into custody and then hopefully will move to prison, and a place where fraudsters. Already started some innuendo from one of his wives. But, of course, people are unhappy that they are disconnected from the feeder. I want to say that no matter what the excuses and tricks of a wife, I will not in any way to respond. According to representatives of the investigating authorities and my lawyer if the arguments would be in favor of the cheater, then the driver would choose another measure of restraint. For example, house arrest or on bail. Although "travel abroad" from-for a debt to the country of 40 million rubles.

— Whether there were any more facts about the activities of your former employee?

— Reveals more and more people who were victims of his fraud. Some people, for example, he has stolen 13 million rubles. And they proved it. He forged the signature, as in my case. Another woman cheated on 450 thousand euros. Plus my office was the computer stolen, which contained personal information, photos and videos. With this computer, apparently, his wife was doing the most filthy accounts against me in social networks. Fortunately, later the computer was returned to me.

— It was said that Skirtach you tried to poison pills...

It seriously affected my health. I was told that Alexander, at the request of his wife allegedly spiked my drinks several means, including phenazepam. I felt very bad, began to look worse, I have always had some kind of chills in the body. I went to the clinic, which catered only to find that I owe 46 thousand rubles — it was money that I gave to Alexander for my treatment.

Анастасия Волочкова: «Я доверяла людям, которые такого не заслуживали»

Before Anastasia and her assistant Raisa is edilitate: personal archive of Anastasia Volochkova

— When you become aware that your assistant seems of Paradise is also involved in this story, you fired her, though the woman assured me it wasn't my fault...

— What products were brought from home, witnessed by cameras. Also exported my private stuff, Arishina things! Moreover, the dress with rhinestones in which daughter was at my wedding, it was subsequently Raya returned, so she picked him up. Dad only had time to buy shoes Arish, as she immediately disappeared with a review of Rai that these shoes Arish small. Each week on the map Rai received 35 thousand roubles. That is 140 thousand roubles a month. It is impossible to eat at the same amount even with the guests who rarely come. I asked Paradise to the rest of the money she removed the card and left for the needs of the house. Firewood, pool, electricity, Internet... She has not made money, and left on your card. Paradise bedspread Skirtach that in my absence drove on my "Maybach" and threw the car anywhere. I fired Paradise. If she asked for money for their needs, I would help her. I treated her, she was like a Queen, full supply, in a separate room. A decent salary of 70 thousand rubles. Her children and grandchildren could always come to us. I never let it. But if I've done wrong or lied, that doesn't mean I'm stupid. This means that I trusted people who didn't deserve this.

— Who now took the place of the Rai?

— My assistant Lola. When Raya came to my house, she said she needed an assistant. Well, I agreed and took the help of Rustam, and he said that he has a wife. I kindly gave them shelter in the house for staff. This one bedroom apartment with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. When his wife Lola got pregnant, I agreed about childbirth, I bought a stroller, crib, linen born of their Noze. When Raya were fired, these guys began to help, to clean, to iron, to cook, to do all the work. And soon I felt the lack of this Raecke. I even rose petals in the morning and evening on the table, all neat and tidy. And now we're good. Arish helps to babysit Nesoi, they became friends, although the little girl was only a year old.

— After these events you did not lose trust in people?

I want to remain kind and light person. And if we are too good and someone enjoys it, it is impossible for such to be sorry.


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