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Paul Trubiner: "I Have with the movie involves a lot of injuries" met with the actor and talked about the professional crazy movie dreams and Jackie Chan

If you want to play a man in uniform, Paul Trubiner will not disappoint the most fastidious Director. However, other roles such as a husband and a father, the actor is also good be able.

— You it is difficult to imagine in isolation from the acting profession. You yourself have never regretted that went to GITIS?

— No, I never had any regrets.

— What you value in your profession?

— I'm a profession treasure, because, fortunately, she's wonderful. We did not come every day to the machine, we have every day on the horizon, new people, new places, new works. This is my profession and valuable. You're always in the journey, not sitting in one place. For me this is a very good lesson.

— While it is undeniable that it is an easy job?

It's true, she is very heavy. Sometimes many people do not understand, thinking that all we have comes down to antics.

— You once said that all actors are crazy and unhealthy people. What do you mean?

Artist may not come to the site for only one reason — when he died. But in all other situations-for example, the temperature under forty, he is coming and he is removed, because it very much depends. It is also a certain degree of madness. The artist sacrificed his health, and this is not normal. I have with the movie involves a lot of injuries. My surgeries, and there were five pieces, all connected with the movie.

Павел Трубинер: «У меня с кино связано очень много травм»

In the new series of NTV "the road to Calvary" shot on epic by Alexei Tolstoy, Paul played Vadim, Resinate: materials of press-services

— Fractures, sprains?

— Torn ligaments, sprains, fractures, broken eye, and so on.

Producers now don't you put the condition that all stunts must fulfill you, and the stunt?

— It's not just stunt business. There are all sorts of moments in the filming process. Here in advance of mattress will not enclose. (Laughs.)

— You were nervous when you auditioned for the series "the road to Calvary"?

— Of course. This is because such literature with a capital letter. And the project was directed by Konstantin Khudyakov. The samples were large. Did everything truly as it occurred before.

You immediately took on the role of Vadim Roshchin?

— I will not dissemble: Yes, immediately. Konstantin Pavlovich told me a secret — this choice was he conscious. But why not you know? (Laughs.) I didn't insist that he confessed to me. Something he saw in me, apparently, as a Director.

— Watched the legendary movie of 1977?

— No, and even older 1959, not revised. I such things do not do to something is not meshing.

— Michael Nozhkin in the role of Vadim Roshchin made a strong impression, especially on the female half of the population of the USSR. And the film adaptation was powerful.

— Yes, that's true. Plus the beauty of the actress. This film is like our Soviet audience. Of course.

But now the cast by today's standards no less powerful: Anna chipovskaya, Yuliya Snigir, Leonid Bichevin, Anton Shagin, Andrey Merzlikin, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksandr Yatsenko, Evgeniy Stychkin etc. How was working with such partners?

When I finished shooting, I told the Director that it was the most wonderful trip. And he is a great captain, who led it all. About this could only dream of.

With many partners you've played, not once, have a favorite?

— I have all of them favorite, of course. And all always very good relationship — as a partner and a human. By the way, the image is always perfectly clear.


— Of course. And not only. If there is some kind of human hostility, somewhere it will still slip. And it's not very good.

— Admit it, was unbearable colleagues on set?

— Every family has its black sheep. (Laughs.) It happens sometimes.

And as you got out of the situation?

— It was necessary as-that to smooth out the peaks, bring the person to normal relations.

— How do you feel, how are you going?

— I got very good charges music. And in a certain way, set up my favorite old movies. Sometimes the most unexpected.

— Like what?

For example, our old war paintings that I can't always watch because they make me cry. But they charge me very much. Or, for example, I'm a big fan of Jackie Chan. His work spurring me on some new works. And all this is due to the dedication of this great man.

— You somehow paraphrase of Anton Chekhov, telling about the movies you like to watch: "Movies like that, which doesn't bother".

— Yes, it's true. (Laughs.) I love the movies, after which you leave with a feeling of some inner happiness and peace. And do not like, after which to drink, eat and meditate: and how to live from now on? I need to after the movie, I could say: "People, I love you! How wonderful you! How nice it is!"

But to drink, as I understand it, can you?

— You can, why not? I'm a real person.

Just now, many artists have switched to a completely healthy lifestyle. It's not about you?

— I also lead a very healthy lifestyle, but can not drink, this does not prohibit.


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