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Anna Peskova: "my Husband understands the nature of my work, and he has no cause for jealousy"

In the serial drama "boomerang", the heroine of the actress is in the frame half 16 to 32 years. She spoke about the change of appearance, the extreme sports filming and the man of my dreams

— Anna, the "Boomerang" your heroine grows up in the frame. You are not embarrassed that you have to play a very young girl?

— Experienced, of course. With the Director we thought important nuances, such as gait, facial expressions, gestures, Dasha 16 years and 32 years. Stylists and makeup artists helped get into the character thanks to the brilliantly-chosen clothes and hairstyles, which of course was also changed after the heroine. It was a great team effort, and I hope we coped with it.

— Probably, in order to remain young and slim, has to follow a special diet?

— I trust myself and eat what I want at the moment. The exception is those days when you need to quickly come to a specific physical form. I like meat, fish, fruit, vegetables. Eat anything. Rarely eat desserts, but I can't abandon the "Napoleon", which makes my mother-in-law Natalia. Incredibly delicious!

— It is known that to prepare for her role in "Boomerang" you did ballet. Say that you even took as a student...

— In the first series of "Boomerang" my character is a ballet dancer, and filmed these scenes in the children's creative center, where neighboring halls trained young dancers. One day during lunch break I stayed in the hallway, and I was approached by the head of the center to see what classes have already begun and because of my tardiness the whole group will again hold. She took me for a young student choreography group. I explained that we are in the next room shooting, and I'm an actress. She was amazed at how accurately our entire team managed to create an image of a 16-year-old girl.

Анна Пескова: «Муж понимает специфику моей работы, и у него нет поводов для ревности»

All of the actors who were involved in the series "boomerang" on set there was a very warm, otnosheniyami: materials of press-services

Say you had some extreme shooting, after which you went to the hospital. And often happen such stories?

Almost every project something happens, such is the nature of the profession. In the film "love for Love" I learned how to make a horse gallop fast and jump in the saddle, despite the fact that it was filmed in the lush dresses. Perhaps one of the most difficult physically was the TV series "Five minutes of peace", the shooting of which had come down from the cliff and climb to the crown of the tree height of a five-story building — without insurance. And after this project a few days I was in the hospital, recovering their strength...

Anne fans know that you are happily married. Husband doesn't get jealous when you have to play the role of romantic properties?

— My husband understands the nature of my work, he himself knows the movie. I told him of how removed such scenes, and most importantly — he totally trusts me. He had no cause for jealousy.

You remember how her future husband met? How is it you hooked?

— Met by chance in the company of mutual friends. Gathered in cafes to discuss a future vacation. There "for a minute" came Dima. Later he found me on a social network, we had long corresponded, until he invited me to the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery. Remember how we stood in the queue at the entrance and everybody could not stop talking... We both at that moment I experienced a lot of difficulties and at first glance felt that it will be serious: we were made for each other and finally found!

Анна Пескова: «Муж понимает специфику моей работы, и у него нет поводов для ревности»

Photo: personal archive of Anna Sand

— I heard that you have a family idyll and you never even fought. How so?

— Yeah, we really didn't have any lapping. Immediately there was the feeling that we have a lifetime together! I'm not arguing. For me, the argument that even a minimal increase in votes in such a relationship is uncomfortable.

— You and your husband are both busy people. Often you can arrange some romantic evenings?

— Comfort, warmth, romance is all the cute women's concerns. I pleasant these efforts. Even after a hard day I enjoy the opportunity to be a real wife: cook dinner or to bake a pie. This is the magic that fills you with vital energy and gives strength! Yes, we want to spend more time together, and we try to find time for this. For example, last summer I bought two of the same bike together and rode around the city.

For many successful and busy Actresses very relevant question of replenishment of the family. You think about having children?

— Of course, we dream about the children, because now is the perfect time when you can be implemented at work and in the family and in motherhood. And life will not be complete if confined to the work. As said by Margaret Thatcher: "the House should be the center, but not the border world of women".


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