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As Barbara struggles with autumn depression

The singer told that helps her to cope with the seasonal Blues


I at any time of the year without exercise. Several times a week, run seven miles on the treadmill; definitely in my schedule stretching. But yoga not only helps physically and keeps excellent muscle tone, but also reassuring.


Autumn is rich in cultural events. Energize yourself with the works of your favorite artists, and artists. Do not sit idle. Draw, paint, sculpt, dance... Remember that you've always wanted to do, and will make it happen!


When the summer heat subsides, it's time to visit your favorite places and those who have long wanted to see. I can recommend the city of Bruges in Belgium. There remained all of the Gothic architectural structure, until the Church of the XII century, the Cathedral where there is the blood of Jesus Christ. On Altai the incredible beauty of nature, which is breathtaking. Rock carvings, caves, mounds, mountain meandering river... a feeling that this magical area has kissed God himself. Karelia is also in the list of my favorite places. Especially the Holy island of Valaam, where he was filmed for my song "Dreams".

Как Варвара борется с осенней депрессией

The singer is saved from the autumn Blues with the help of sports, new things, reading and good musicatto: materials of press-services


In my musical life in the fall be sure to have the premiere. Recently, I introduced a new song of the same name — "Autumn". I dedicated it to the most wise homemakers, those who know what is real happiness, and who is willing to fight for this happiness to end. I often listen to classical music: Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart. Like Peter Gabriel, Natalie Imbruglia, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Elton John. Music has the ability to affect the mood. Select the one that you have good memories, or one that makes you positive, bright emotions.


How nice in the evening especially when the weather outside the window, a mug of tea and watch a good movie! I love historical movies — about the barbarians, about different eras. It's my weakness. Still love the lyrical pictures: "legends of the fall", "Chocolate", "the cider house Rules"... I think this time of year created for such movies with a touch of lyricism, nostalgia, but always with a happy ending.


Enough blanket and a good book, to feel the warmth and peace of mind. I really like the classics. "The master and Margarita", a historical book, I love Marcel Brion, I love "Jane Eyre". Like Dina Rubina from modern. Surely everyone has books, which did not reach the hands. Autumn is the time!


New things improve your mood. Don't have to buy much, only a couple of things, but those which will delight and you will feel more beautiful.


Fresh air is uplifting and invigorating, so I advise you to go to the nature. We have a house in five hundred kilometers from Moscow. Around the forest, untouched nature, lake... This is our family "area of tranquillity" where we rest, gain strength. In the fall, be sure to go for mushrooms. And when you see these insanely beautiful fall colors as the trees literally glow with shades and filled with an incredible sense of happiness.

Passive recreation

In the fall I like to just be quiet, to enjoy nature. It is necessary to accumulate forces and go forward on. Advise female pleasure. For example, a Spa. I love wraps — chocolate, seaweed. Perfectly relaxed visiting beautician with manual facial massage, masks.


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