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Alexander Yatsenko: "my Wife calls me lucky." met with the actor and talked about age, money and star disease

He starred in Aleksei Balabanov's and Boris Khlebnikov, Valery Todorovsky and Nikolai Khomeriki, Andrei Proshkin and Bahtiyor hudoynazarova. Yatsenko — twice winner of "Nicky", repeatedly recognized as the best actor at various festivals.

— Alexander, can we say that the set of "Arrhythmia" have you started to prepare at home, when the doctors stuck in traffic and you had to make himself the birth of his wife?

— It happened suddenly: I flew in from filming "Icebreaker", after a night shift, and now this... Mary had to give birth at home, as planned, but midwives were in heavy traffic and were forced to consult with me on speakerphone. In the end I did and first saw his son. Birth is certainly a miracle, and at first I was euphoric. But the next morning he talked to his classmate-a doctor, she told me what she thinks about my performances, and I was literally shaking. Then, naturally, I calmed down.

— Miroslav is now two years. What is in store for his upbringing?

— Let's see what he will show interest and move in that direction. I would not want anything against his desires to do. Actually I'm a bad dad: hard to find until the contact with his son. Now he gets the mother and in this fight beats me always — exceptional abilities warrior!

Александр Яценко: «Жена называет меня везунчиком»

Two years ago Alexander and his wife Maria are the parents of a son, who was named Miroslavovna Avramenko

Who's he more like?

— And not to say. Something from me, something from Marousi. The son — also Geminis, we're only three days difference, and acting genes in him are already evident. Recently saw shivering in the cold of the toy Terrier, and immediately began to mimic — very accurate and funny.

— Known history that in the four months prior to the end of the University you were expelled for fighting and you never received a diploma. In your opinion, acting can be taught?

— And what's your degree in? It I really don't have, but that does not mean that three and a half years before me in College was not taught or that I have not studied.

— You, like many with childhood dreams of becoming an actor?

— It all started in tenth grade when I took Humanities in school, and I went in physico-mathematical, because the exact Sciences at me all was good. And in this school somehow decided for me that I have to go on stage, and was elected captain of KVN team. Quietly merge failed. For two years I contracted the theatre, then went to Tambov, entered the University, the Director of the drama Department. Thought where to go next, and then came the guys from Moscow, with of course Mark Zakharov. We're having a party, my classmates, Tambov guys, brought moonshine, mushrooms, all sorts of pickles. In the end, thoroughly raskreposchenie, we decided to show Muscovites the skit, after which they came to me and advised me to go to study in Moscow. And I went. I was still in Tambov is not the feeling that I'm doing my thing, and my teacher Natalia V. Belyakov was praised for some things...

Александр Яценко: «Жена называет меня везунчиком»

"I'm lazy", says the actor

— Encouragement and praise help you in what you are doing?

— Of course. The reaction of the audience is very important, and it's great when colleagues like. After the release of "Arrhythmia" one actor who auditioned for the role, called me with the words: "You got me, but I still love you!"

— You are famous, showered with all sorts of prizes — I am not afraid that the disease to you creep?

— I hope your immune system. Me Mary says I'm lucky, and she's right: I win in any sweepstakes, contests, money often found — albeit small amounts, but every time when they are directly vital. But I lose too often. As comes easy, and goes.

— You recognized the actor art-house and avoid quite so commercial projects. The financial aspect is not very important to you?

— I got to get enough to live on. I used to have no money, and I'm not particularly upset. When my friend went to the Institute to take, he always gave, and for some reason I refused. Then I adapted just shoot a trifle — five, ten roubles an hour could collect two thousand. To save, to save I do not know, and to work according to a simple principle: it is interesting or not. This is not necessarily art-house: appear series, in which I want to participate. But of course, when in the scenario a hundred series and there is nothing but trumped-plot, which is supposed to inspire grandmothers — it's not mine.

— You probably have your professional secrets, how to approach a particular material. Share?

— No secrets there — just dive into work and start making mistakes. In the evening, after shift, come home, dissatisfied with myself, and can't sleep, going over in my head...

— Are you a workaholic?

On the contrary, lazy. Like to relax, enjoy spending my free time in some new, unknown country...

Александр Яценко: «Жена называет меня везунчиком»

The role of the doctor of "ambulance" in the movie "Arrhythmia" Alexander was named "Best actor" at the festival "Kinotavr" and "on the Edge"Photo: materials of press-services

— Your rich fantasy life helps?

I'm not sure. But they know exactly what bothers me: I'm a chatterbox. Can talking all the time, confused words and carry stuff with the most confident look. (Smiles.)

— At the time you played in the theater, and successfully, and now suggestions?

Recently Sasha Milkmen called me to his mhatovsky performance for the lead role, but filming had to be abandoned. I have a wonderful time in "Snuff", and I would of course play in the theater — it's a fantastic world, where it can happen anywhere. I will say that it's snowing, and here he comes now... In a movie you need to order a special machine. And the snow there is unreal.

— Do not yearn for the romantic days when we had to sleep in empty houses?..

That was really good. However, sleep didn't work: I constantly woke up because I dreamed that he came to demolish the house. Leaped, and the circle of peace... Now live in an orderly, family life, after the shoot fly back to your folks. A completely different life, but inwardly do not feel that much has changed. A sort of have — forty years already.

— Isn't it time to try his hand at directing?

— I want the theatre to put the fairy tale, but I'm not sure I will be able to work with actors. Here a teacher myself, I see: I will communicate with the young, to learn from them something new and not to old.


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