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Andrey Fedortsov: "three kids I can't stop, it'll be five"

Movies and TV shows with the participation of Acterna have a big success, and fans of Fedortsova-TV presenter recently saw the five hundredth issue of "Main roads". met the actor and discussed the theatre, fishing and architecture

— Andriy, you've tried a variety of professions. Worked as the fitter of a scene, an administrator in the club and even graduated from the farm school. We started with the naval College...

The school I graduated from in 1983, when the dreams of boys was about saranpaa because it's plate, chewing gum, jeans. Well, I went into the merchant Navy. Graduated with honors, because I loved it. After went to saranpaa on a small boat. We had a political officer, who said: the need to protect the honor of the Soviet sailor. And it turned out that I her Bank, but he's not the shore. I took pictures of team members who told me what they were doing in Sweden, Finland, etc. and made fotogazeta, after which I was thrown from the ship in Kaliningrad.

— Say, in the military you come...

— He's probably one of the millions. Insisted that I want in the army, although I could have sent in the Makarov Academy, and I'd be a captain. Last year, by the way, I graduated from the sailing school and received the international certificate on management of a yacht under 17 meters. Well, it's for myself — it is interesting to me so far.

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

In his youth, Andrew had graduated from the naval school, and last year received a certificate for the management of activate: materials of press-services

— When in your life have any creative plans?

In the army began to create. We were doing concerts. But after serving at the request of his friend from tarantata Sasha Tolmachev, I went for the documents in the farm school. He asked me to pick them up. I took the documents and just then Sasha died. I went to school instead. We went to Piacenza, Institute of Milan, and here in Russia. I remember trying a few hours to kill the pig, but none of us could. Then I realized that this is an ordinary fascism, and a farmer I will never be.

— How did your life as an administrator in a rock club?

— I went to a rock club administrator in music. Worked in parallel was engaged in the theater Studio, I was wondering but I didn't want to go anywhere. Then he got a job in the Maly drama theatre the fitter-electrician. And it would have worked as long as not contracted hepatitis due to rats, of which there were many. This is where it ended. By the way, I was then told that there is a set on the course of Lev Dodin. Dodin and I went to the office. Imagine a boy who mends his boiler and said: "I want to be on the course." Well, a complete jerk! (Laughs.) It cultural me sent — probably did the right thing. Then I went to play in a small theatre for children from the orphanage and simultaneously sold albums on art around the library Block on the Nevsky. So he earned his living. Then my friend Roofing Komarov said that there is a set in theatrical Institute. I went and did, and in September already played at the Comedy Theatre.

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

In the program "Main road", which Andrew is, along with Dennis by Achenkovil from time to time, there are different kinds of autostradale. But Andrew and Dennis in these situations feel like fish in videoto: materials of press-services

— Why did you accepted the offer to lead the program "Main road"?

— This transmission has always fascinated me. First, it led Mike, then Haapasalo, and then I was asked to be the lead with Denis by Achenkovil. A slightly different profession than acting, but still yours. And we are turning into different characters on the site.

— "Main road" — to transfer in some sense extreme. On the set often in some non-standard or even dangerous situation?

— Every day. We do all the truth, and it needs to change, so no one would know, and work with hidden cameras. We had a story when Denis Yuchenkov, as if drunk, sits down in front of everyone at the store in the car with a bottle of vodka. And I provoke people: he gets drunk that you stand on, say something! Some called the police or even stop it, but the majority of care. It's awful. But once I put mustache, beard and wig. Set fire to the car to check: know how to use a fire extinguisher and there he had them. It was interesting to watch as someone passed by, someone has a fire extinguisher did not work, but most stayed and offered help. Remember, he stayed a nun. She, in my opinion, there were even two fire extinguisher. And both worked.

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

Over the years rboty in the movie Andrew was found on the set with different people: Gerard Depardieu and Konstantin Khabensky to Anna Semenovich in "the taming of the shrew"Photo: materials of press-services

— You are a long time behind the wheel?

— From the time when my father had a motorcycle "IZH Jupiter-3" with a stroller. Right, I got in 1990, 27 years ago. I have rights in all categories, except for the trucker, but it just needs to come to pass.

Officers often know when to stop?

I'm trying, so they did not deter me. Although the speeding happens at all. Once traveling with his wife and has exceeded 20 kilometers. Ran from the cops, stopped and sent to the main. I said, "Guilty." He gets chocolate, gives me I take. Ask: "Is That All?" He replied: "Everything." Sit in the car, give the wife a chocolate. She begins to swear: "you Have the right to take, and they give you chocolates". I have a very law-abiding wife.

— What car you currently prefer to travel?

— If carry cement or stones — so you have to be a machine that all can take it. I have a car big as a boat, but when I go to the country, it has no place. Children, bicycles, cement, sand, stones, boards, seedlings.

— What is the purpose you carry to the country and the cement Board? Continue the repair?

— Performance is not closed, it is necessary to make some small changes. My wife is an architect, we built a house and always something there done. The architectural plan is already made, the shelter is built, but some things bring.

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

Fishing is an ancient hobby of the actor. And Andrew to be proud of their achievements.Photo: materials of press-services

— So you're in luck: your wife is an architect...

— All my life I've been friends with architects. I can't be an architect — I have no spatial reasoning, but I'd really like to learn this. Why we love to go to Venice, Paris, St. Petersburg? Because they were built by very smart people. I've always aspired to good taste, so try to surround yourself with people who he is.

— I heard you are a big fan of fishing...

— This season I managed to catch a few big pike, and then another, and giant perch. In life many interesting things: art, fishing, music... the Artist should be interested in many things and not sit idle. On the stage the person can be seen immediately what he was thinking, what he reads, etc.

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

Andrew is a happy father of two daughters: Barbara (pictured) and Xenia. Also Andrei has a 17-year-old son, Mailphoto: materials of press-services

— Your talents are passed down to children?

— Talent is a big word. I'm just curious and don't consider myself talented and gifted. Such things can not speak out loud. I think the stars Ozzy Osbourne, or Paul McCartney, Pugachev. And we are just workaholic. My daughter is Cooking in her second school, she is an excellent student. I educate on the principle that I want — and do. Want theatre, go out. But where it draws — is not yet clear.

— Your 17-year-old son Michael had already woken up interest in the car?

— Why it's different. During our last meeting he said he wanted to enter the faculty of philosophy. I said, "Great! I know where you work: either an electrician or the fitter we have in the theater. We're all mounter with higher University education. You have a great future — go".

— The kids watch movies and performances with your participation?

— Youngest daughter she is only two years old, still small for theater, and the older Cooking all the performances looking.

— As you in the role of the children's father? Cope?

— I won't stop, don't worry, it'll be five...


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