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Maryana Spivak: "my husband and I switch roles: he is mom, I"

Actress — children's grievances, the family and the upbringing of his son

Looking at Maryana Spivak, remember Nekrasov's poem about the Russian woman. Tall, handsome, with a strong character very similar to her grandmother, folk artist Zhanna Prokhorenko. Until recently, the representative of the acting dynasty knew to a greater degree, or theater — Mariana many years in the theater "Satyricon". But the picture of Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Dislike", where the actress a major role, has caused the big resonance not only in our country but also at festivals in Europe. At the very same experts, this work stirred up childhood memories and made her more sensitive to her own family.

Mariana, in the fate of an actor there are works that are dramatically changing their lives, boost careers. I believe that this was the "Dislike" Zvyagintsev. Whether there were now any suggestions?

— Of course, more of them. Apparently there's a new round of popularity. (Smiles.) Besides, now we go with the picture in Europe, festivals in Spain, Ireland, and Israel. Soon to premiere in France and England. Watching a foreign film Directors, producers, and periodically we receive news from the fields that our work causes a lot of positive feedback. Of course, it's kind of crossing the boundaries of reality for me. But I wouldn't say that my life has changed dramatically. Job offers became more — Yes. And so I woke up famous... No, still in working order continues: Theatre, photography, family, home...

— Just look in Europe, so there's a chance to interest someone of European Directors?

— I'm even afraid to think about it. But suddenly, who knows what. I like Angelina Jolie a world scale! (Laughs.) When you open a new border is always interesting.

And there was a feeling that picture is so "shot"?

— Zvyagintsev — oblubeny European Director, so it was clear that the film will go to festivals. But you never know will be a success or not. Always there is excitement, fear and responsibility. I really wanted to work with Andrei Petrovich. I would not say that it was my big dream, but, you know, go-go auditions, and all the time you say "thank you call" and don't call. And then suddenly there's this great Director like Zvyagintsev invites you to sample. And then again. And... And you think, "Yeah, well, and let me be on trial six months to go, let it never ends. Even if he did not approve". The acting is great happiness to work with him.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Dress, Dior; jewellery, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— And you personally, that role has given?

— I became more sensitive to his family. My character itself is growing in dislike and then just the raising of their child. Well, it's all just good in this sense: our house is ruled by love. But I had something to pull out of their secret corners of the soul, to revive some memories. I would not say that my character is very negative, over the villain. She's a woman unhappy just. And I didn't play her as a villain, and imagined how she would have behaved if you were in similar circumstances.

You correctly said that all starts from childhood. Do you have any memories about that period?

Lots of bright memories. There were happy moments, and not. Because the child enough nonsense to be offended. I'm looking at his son, Grisha, who is two and a half years, and I understand that actually what we, adults, seem meaningless nonsense, for children, real grief. Here he was not allowed to take with you on a walk large plush cat, because he have nowhere to put, and the child stands in the stairwell and crying in the voice. Of course, in the end, we take the cat, because he also wanted to take a walk. Sometimes we dismiss the children, I think: "I'll cry and calm down". Well, the same stupidity: why he wants to go in the cap and not the cap? It's small, I know better than to go. And he was like cap and he has the universal mount. If you do not know how to negotiate and not to pay attention to what upsets your child, you will move away from each other.

— You will not feel lack of attention in childhood?

— No. Except for these stupid feelings, I had a perfectly happy childhood.

— Acting children often complain about it.

— Despite the fact that my parents broke up, I had attention from all sides. Maybe it's because adults just knew that from lack of attention would be bad for me, they did everything that this problems to avoid.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Jacket, Chapurin shirt, Elena Miro; trousers, Nebo; jewelry, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— You went with mom to the shooting?

— When I was little, Yes. Remember to Yalta she took me with him. And then in the movies the crisis broke out, my mother began a period of downtime. She earned money simultaneous translation, dubbing films and rarely went anywhere for a long period. I remember when she went away for a few months in Bulgaria at the voice of the series "Simply Maria". I was really bored though and left with his beloved grandmother. But mom's always not enough. I remember that night, when she suddenly came. I slept on the foldout in grandma's room, woke up and heard my mother's quiet laughter. She is so beautiful, leaping... I lay there afraid to move as he was misheard. Then still decided to leave the room, and they sit in the kitchen with my grandmother, Genetikom, and talking. And I clung to my mother and breathed her scent. And she said, "aren't You leaving? To the toilet need? Well, go, go." And I'm not up for this. (Smiles.)

— Turns out you were a gentle girl...

— Not now. (Laughs.) Hugs always mattered. Although we grandmother had a temper and did not like calf tenderness. But at some point I broke. When my mother had another family, she gave birth to my sister Ksenia, we are left to live alone with Genetikom. It happened when I was in high school, before entering the Institute. And I often began to go to her grandmother with hugs and caresses. When after dinner she was lying on the couch, solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku, quietly I perched nearby. It is, of course, grumbled a little bit to order, but I could see that she was pleased.

— You often say that you look like a grandmother. It is a resemblance or the character you also in it?

— Oh, I don't know. I would really like to be like her in every way. But to begin with, she was two heads shorter than me. (Laughs.) I dad grew tall. In principle, all of our female part of the family: and your mother and I and my sister Ksenia is very similar to Genetica. This is our breed, prohorenkova. Especially in the photos noticeable. But I look like my mother too. Very often, many try to understand where they saw me, and then I remember that they watched the movie "You can not dream", starring my mother. As for nature, our family are all serious people, so just get there a lame Mare. Can set the heat, to fight back. And I used to lead, to take responsibility. In our family the women's coalition made to the most able. Just in case.

Iron to fix a light bulb screwed?

A light bulb screwed to disassemble and reassemble the socket. Mom we she built a porch, a fence, a gate. Everything in the village and the house needed repair, could fix. And not that I specifically taught something, just looking at her, I realized that such skills can in good stead.

— What about the postulate that strong woman still wants to see next to a strong man?

— Wants. But fine, if your a strong man and yet allows you to do something yourself instead of relying on him. And if it's not in the moment? I now have a husband for the shooting left in a month, torn between Crimea and Belgrade. (Actor Anton Kuznetsov. — Approx. ed.). And what do I do if the socket is broken? Wait for it? Although, of course, it's nice if the problems can be solved by the man. Usually what happens when he's home.

— As I understand it, the school wouldn't be a delicate flower...

— A palm tree was. (Laughs.) What do you mean? In a fight I didn't complain if I'm not provoked. And can fight back could. Our team was rowdy, but nevertheless, we proved creative: organized some theatrical productions, skits. I got: I wrote a poignant romantic poems and at the same time, wore baggy pants and sang punk songs under a guitar.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Jacket, Chapurin shirt, Elena Miro; trousers, Nebo; jewelry, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— Was secretly in love with a high schooler?

— Anything can happen, but outwardly it did not show. All my suffering poured exclusively at home, on paper. I have a friend who lives in St. Petersburg. We saw her only in the summer holidays in our village. And the rest of the time corresponded. And, as it turned out, we were in love with a boy. Of course, neither one nor the other did not show. And the subject of our sympathy even about anything not guessed. Generally, the more liked a boy, it was interesting, for example, hit on the head. (Laughs.)

Usually it's just the boys to do so. And the personal secrets you've shared with mom or grandma? Who could understand you better?

— A friend. Although my mom is also possible to tell almost everything. Usually she would say: do what you heart tells you, the main thing — to you was good.

— Strong there was a custody from the grandmother?

She is very wisely behaved. Realized that I have this terrible adolescence, when, if you ban something, you have to make defiance. So there was no dictatorship, it is not banned and sent. For example, she smoked very strong, heavy duty cigarette, but I knew that she would never smoke. Genetic made it clear: it's not a habit you want to adopt. And some other things that dealt with education: how to behave with people, to communicate in society, was not imposed on me, but subtly and carefully inoculated.

— You understand that you are still an unusual family creative?

— Of course. But I never had consciousness of its own exceptionalism, saying that you're all the children of engineers, and I'm the child artists. On the contrary, I never boasted, never told that my grandma folk artist, and mom and dad is not the last people in the cinema. As happens with many young children, conversely, want to prove their independence from the family. At the Institute, for example, only to the end of my first year classmates found out that my mother — the actress Ekaterina Vasilyeva, and only because she came on our show.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Pants, Elena Miro; top NAUMI; sweater, Nude, decorations, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— Did you feel any responsibility? Hung that need to be in a profession not worse?

— Of course.

— Probably, therefore and not at once chose this path.

— Always want the obvious to go. If the family is all doctors, so you also must enroll in medical. And if the family all actors to go on stage. I wanted to try something different, I watched chose different faculties of social Sciences: journalism, faculty of foreign languages. But by the time when it was necessary to do, understand what the acting profession I like most. None of my relatives were not against it. Try, do that nobody does, but the help will not.

With theatre you everything went well from the beginning, but in the movie weren't called?

— I have not had the opportunity to act just because everything is so well developed in the theater. I had twenty performances per month. I was periodically invited to some big projects, but when I voiced my employment, said: "Why do you come here?" Paradoxically, opportunities for filming became larger when the child was born. Even though my maternity leave was small, we had entered teams in those performances, where before I played one. And on some plays it went from the repertoire of the theater was closed for repairs, and the rent place is not possible to put everything. So now I have more free time.

— Greater popularity still enjoyed by those actors who flashed on the TV. It is important for you?

Awareness pleasant. But until I feel free in this area, I can't say that at social events I'm like a fish in water. Don't know how to communicate with useful people, to make contacts for his own selfish ends. All my friends can be assured that I am with them in all sincerity. (Smiles.)

The feeling of professional jealousy is not peculiar to you?

— I don't know if I will dissemble, if I say no. Probably, is even not envy, and ambition some. But I think all the time. Now I got this picture of the "Dislike" — and gone new wave in terms of creativity. Will not this... well, wait. Just because I'm from an acting family, I understand that all happen and the UPS and downs. I was ready for it, when here was: today you are a star, and no tomorrow. And very easy to all it is. Most importantly, the family that will be able to support me.

But they say that the actor's marriage is at risk because of professional rivalry.

— I was lucky with my husband, we very well understand each other and no jealousy between us. In the theater we play the same plays, and I'm very happy when he goes shooting. And he worries about and is happy for me. When I had dvadtsatisemiletny series, Anton we had for mom. He went with me and little Grisha to Yaroslavl. Four months as a nanny, baby-sat. So my husband and I switch roles: he mother, I will. (Laughs.)

— How long have you been together?

— Eighth year.

Yet do not feel the need to formalize the relationship?

— I do not promise that someday it will be solved, and confidence in our senses is growing stronger every day. But the sign just for the sake of a stamp in the passport does not consider it necessary. Roll some lush ceremony with the doves and with the accordion... I have it already in life. (The actress was married to classmate Kirill Petrov. — Approx. ed.). This is not a guarantee that you will be together. Now it is better to spend the money on some beautiful journey together. (Smiles.)

— Do you find time to spend together?

— We have no such need — to retire together, to keep the baby. No, I just want to go somewhere all together.

Already visited Gregory?

— He's a traveler! He turned three months and we already went to the car for eight kilometers to the village, then went to Montenegro, then flew to Cyprus to Goa. Not going to stop there. Now Grisha is such a lovely age, I think something interesting about it: how is Goa it is the first time I tried watermelon or a coconut drink from a straw and ate rice porridge, and in Cyprus, not stumbling, I passed the first two steps. And in the village began to speak the word "little". Look, was so small, did not know how, and have a adult at two years old. Understands, understands.

— There is a trend: young parents, whose childhood had on the hungry nineties, is now very spoil their children. You too?

— Yes, there is a desire to buy it! (Laughs.) Has long been no you buy, you want to please the child. And money, of course, are enormous all of these extraordinary suits, overalls. As the children grow up rapidly, he might wear all this splendor a couple of times. So moms give each other things, "by inheritance", and is somehow saved. But still can't resist buying new toys with their beauty and diversity. Yesterday, for example, I bought Grisha cat on the cogs. Attached is a screwdriver and a screwdriver. And son the second day from this cat did not unstuck: it unscrews, screw. Grisha is a fan of cats, trains and football. Passion for football is from my dad. And cats don't know how such a love.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Jacket, Laroom, decorations, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— Live cats are not at home?

— Have a cat, but mostly dogs.

— Gifts — is a manifestation of love? What do you think?

— Well, what else? There are only two options. A desire to please, or an apology for inattention. Probably sometimes both. Especially when you're leaving for a long time, not see a child and want something to set him apart from his presence. But this should not turn into what you are waiting for just gift.

— You wanted to become a mother?

— Yes, I wanted a boy. Despite the fact that our family is mostly girls gives birth. Mom, when I found out that I have a boy, I was horrified. Everybody said, "what are we gonna do with him?" (Laughs.) Like what? To raise, to love.

I think about any clubs, hobby groups, which would like to give the baby up?

— He's an active guy, so it is necessary to give to the sport. Loves to dance and play football. Badminton is also the last time he was out. Even Gregory is very musical, but I remember what it was like to make music! My training ended up that I wrote in blue marker on the white keys of the piano notes. Received on the fifth point and roared. It seemed to me, I'm so cool all come up with! (Laughs.) He's so corrosive, that marker was, not to scrub. And learning ear training has been that I learned to draw the treble clef and decided that this is enough. Now I understand that it's great to play any musical instrument. Gregory loves music, he especially likes the whistles, pipes and harmonica. Let's wait and see. I still have plenty of time to think about whether to send their children to music school.

Was such moments when you felt awkward, uncomfortable in front of son?

— Every time when I freak out and bark at him. After a half a second I feel ashamed. I remember the very first time, Gregory was very young. We had this creepy Mamsko period, when children have colic, and I haven't slept in two days, he cried all the time. In some point I grabbed him and yelled, "Well what do you want?!" But he suddenly stopped and looked at me with those wondering eyes that I realized what I bitch, because he's in pain! And I, instead of protect, to help, he yelled. I hope he has forgiven me and no longer remembers that terrible moment. Nobody learns to be a mother, tells us how and what to do. Remembering her childhood resentment, afraid to repeat the mistakes of their parents. Conversely, thinking about something good that happened in my childhood, trying to bring into your child's life. When Gregory was born, my mom offered to move in with her. But I refused. I wanted to do everything myself, alone with Anton. He helped me from the very first minute of birth Grisha and childbirth was attended by Anton wonderful father.

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Dress and cloak, all – NAUMI; jewelry, ValteraФото: Alina Golub

— Do you have Anton and personal holidays?

— It's the secret days, but Yes, they are. (Laughs.) We're actors, so in our life there are always flowers from fans, we give them after the performance, speeches. The flowers are not something special. But it is so great when suddenly, for no reason at all in the kitchen, you receive a bouquet from her husband. Just. It's much nicer than to receive flowers on duty on the Eighth of March. Although very sad, if suddenly those on duty colors will not appear. (Laughs.) Remember, Valentine's Day, we once had a problem. Although we both belong to this holiday skeptical, I was very upset about not receiving a Valentine. Right went nuts, was ready to break off relations due to the fact that I didn't have a Valentine on February 14. (Laughs.)

— Do you like giving gifts or receiving?

— I love to give. Although to, of course, is also nice. Anton is trying to surprise each other. We have a tradition: on New year's and birthdays we give each other a watch. Although it seems to be kind of not very good luck, but I don't believe it. We have a whole collection of different colors and patterns.

— You generally follow the image of each other?

Anton, I have a very stylish, he educates me in this regard. I man is a punk, as a fit in some jeans, and go to them. And now I'm trying to match it, but it's hard. (Smiles.) He's got a hundred and fifty pairs of socks of different colors, matching panties of the same color, a cap of the same color or a pattern on the shirt! My husband things so much more than me. In this sense, we have a girl. (Laughs.)

— There were some periods of life, when you felt that love, if not gone, was less. And then what to do?

— Our relationship with Anton is developing only for the better. Many years have passed, but love is not less. And I hope this will continue. As for a previous marriage... some time I tried to save, to revive, to poke a stick of this "dead hamster". But practice shows that, if the love starts to leave, as if you have it or have returned — then something is rotten in your Denmark. In this sense, you can save the baby, who adds love and gives strength. So if I feel that something is wrong, will give birth to more. And if all goes well — the more I give birth! (Laughs.)


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