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Daria Ekamasova: "my Husband taught me not to focus on the job" spoke with the actress about how immersion in the role, the full moon and yoga

For the first time, Daria Ekamasova came to the set as a teenager and since then has played dozens of different characters in movies and TV series. And this season, the actress will delight their fans with new, unexpected work.

— Daria, you have a new image — quite short by your standards, hair. How did you decide to cut your hair?

— I just shorn. (Laughs.) I always wanted to have long hair. But all the fees went to cure them. Now I'm glad my hair was cut. But first I was in shock, stood for hours near the mirror, the image is absolutely not mounted. And now I'm loving this, I'm so cool. Combed my hair and went. No need to stab. All ingenious is simple.

— Hair color you, too, have changed. Many, by the way, remember you red. The truth, when painted in red, your life changes?

— It just happened. When I was 14, my mom decided to treat my hair with henna. The composition was left overnight and in the morning I woke up bright carrot (laughs). And the very next day I was offered to try myself as a model. But the model I did not, but began to lead the girls on casting calls modeling agencies. Walked through the subway, and collected the girls. Realized that unable to earn a living. Once I was asked to lead on blondes clip Madonna "Dawn." I brought, and invited me. Perhaps if mom hadn't dyed me then carrots, then nothing would have happened: I would not have asked to try the model, I would not work in a modeling Agency, I would not have asked in the clip Valery Meladze, accordingly, I would not have found Proshkin...


— What's important in the filming process?

— Most importantly, the people around were good. The group was cohesive. When you are not distracted by extraneous things, not decide issues that are not related to creativity. When the space you hundred percent can concentrate on what you are doing. This is not necessarily twelve-hour working day, it could be sixteen-and an eighteen-hour shift. In this respect, I have no point stop.

Дарья Екамасова: «Муж научил меня не зацикливаться на работе»

In the new series "A. J. I. L. R" Daria played the female prisoner, Gulietta: materials of press-services

— I read somewhere that you consider yourself a lazy...

— I'm lazy in life, but in the work of Plowman (laughs). On the set appears my other side. And there's no such thing so I was laying in the van, whining that there are no forces to get up to go to the frame. On the contrary, inside of me starts to beat the source. I love that feeling. That's what I strive for, because in life it is very important to do lots of things to do. In cinema it is easier. There may be enthusiasm, interest in what is happening. I one hundred percent know that a person really have any volcanic ability. When necessary, he is capable of anything. Stamina is endless.

— Recently finished shooting in the TV series A. L. J. I. R. channel NTV, which tells about the most severe women's political Gulag. What influenced your acceptance to participate in the project?

Every GULAG was harsh in its own way. "A. L. J. I. R." — the women's prison, where he collected women of completely different professions and life status. Their fate was broken in that moment, how they got to this terrible place. I read the script and realized that I have not played. It was interesting to try. This topic is not really affected us. And the place is not particularly famous among other Gulags.

— Say that you refused to leave the scene of the shooting and three months did not go anywhere. Why?

— Decided to repeat his experience on the film "once upon a time there was a woman" when I lived bezvylazno four months in Tambov. So you better get used to the circumstances. It is very important to fully make yourself to the project. It affects your inner state, what you play, and immersion in the material. The main thing — do not overstrain. I had an experience when I starred in several movies, it was really hard, both mentally and physically. So I decided not to go.

Дарья Екамасова: «Муж научил меня не зацикливаться на работе»

Through yoga, the actress kept herself in excellent mental and physical shape. And thanks to the love of yoga Daria met the man of her, mactivate:

— How it reacted to the Director?

— I settled in the camp barracks, near the scene of the shooting at the hotel. I had it all perfectly. I'm just three months did not fly to Moscow. And with a Director we haven't discussed. All were in the expedition. This is normal. I think that the Director was glad that I do not break, participating in other projects.

— After such heavy roles you recover physically and psychologically?

— Three days before I went there, finished shooting "the Demon of the revolution", where I had the role of Krupskaya. So unfortunately, I have not had time to fully readjust. I don't mean rest, but only a preparation for this painting. She began shooting in parallel. But now I have this vacation began. After all the trips and filming I am absolutely detached from everything: from society, from work, communicating only with his family, closest friends. Do what you want, even eat what you want. This process is very important to me.

Bad Dasha

— Say something strongly associated with the full moon?

Now I have this theme already studied. Understand that the Moon greatly affects the female body. So I got myself a lunar calendar. When it's full moon, I Wake up in some bad Dasha, which is very tense and very angry for any reason. During the full moon I am in the absolute rejection of himself. And accordingly, if I don't accept yourself, don't take anyone or anything around. I like a match with a huge head, which is on the brink. And there were moments when I was raging. But to me it is not very common.

Дарья Екамасова: «Муж научил меня не зацикливаться на работе»

Daria went to music school and graduated from College in piano. Years later, the music still carries attribute:

— In such moments, the need to tell you family?

To say that I am the most beautiful, most slender, and feeding me chocolate. I think once a month is necessary to speak to every woman (laughs).

— Are you a believer?

Yes. I believe in the laws of nature. Tried to find myself in different directions. This can be the eightfold path in Buddhism, the ten commandments, whatever you call it, people believe in different ways. But there are some life principles that I know will never break. For example, not to offend people.

When the husband — yogi

Дарья Екамасова: «Муж научил меня не зацикливаться на работе»

Beloved actress to the movie is irrelevant, but Daria and Denis have much in common, uvlecheniye Avramenko

— Heard that you love Southeast Asia...

Is my airbag. My husband is a deeply spiritual man. It's simple, five-star hotels are not needed.

— What man, in your opinion, needs to be near the woman, the actress?

— Like my husband. We met him on Kundalini yoga. Very open, very talented man. Absolutely not from my profession. Everything that is taken, begins to sound in his hands. And he is absolutely non-public person.

— What does your spouse? Winter in India, summer is here practicing, bearded and moves on a scooter?

Ha ha ha! No, he is a businessman. In addition, now we cook cheese and beer. He sits all day in the Lotus position and meditates not. He has been practicing, and I'm with him. I also do yoga. Practice expeditions. He insists on it. Even came to me, made me disconnect from everything, because when he saw what I was doing, as it is exhausting, he began to worry. Began to hold conversations with me a deep and serious. He became an outstanding catalyst for the idea that life at work does not end, it is not impossible to dwell on it. Recently I met with David Lynch, and so, this amazing man also feels the same way.


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