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Anna Ukolova: "To my husband, I loved the family and the Homeland"

Actress — the weather in the house, the vicissitudes of fate and the person who owes the life

The actress Anna Ukolova no tearful and scary stories about the conquest of Moscow. The white stone gave up the girl from the Samara region without a fight: Anna immediately went to GITIS, after graduation, landed a role the Alexander Veledinsky, then there were other outstanding works: "the Geographer globe propyl", "Leviathan". And the family of the actress, everything is fine: with her husband Sergey have been together for seventeen years, growing up the son of Makar. Reluctant to believe in a lucky star: after all, Anna lives in the world thanks to one stranger who gave her his blood and gave this a chance.

— Anna, let's talk about your new job "Ivanov-Ivanov" on STS. You admitted once that the best you manage roles in movies where there are thieves and cops. In this case, neither one nor the other..

— Well, this is also my strong point (laughs) — play village women, I too was born in the village. I was just lucky. I just notice in movie hack when people can not even imagine what rural life as lived in the city.

— That is, attracted by the fact that you were in the setting of your childhood?

— No, I was attracted to the script, command, chic artists: Sergey Burunov, Sasha Florinskaya, Mikhail Trukhin. And Director. When I said it was Anton Fedotov, who directed the "Kitchen" (and I watched a few episodes), there was no doubt left. I'm with these people on the site spend more time than at home with family. Therefore it is important off with me, I won't be annoying to suit with grim fight, and the operator perfectly understand Director. By the way, I have my black list of actors with whom I'm in the frame for any money not come in. Professional strap is quite high and to lower it you do not want. (Laughs.)

— Do you think such a plot possible in life?

— Children switched at birth? Look the transfer of "Let them talk" — I think in General everything is possible! (Laughs.) In fact, if the real life rich in family found such poor "relatives", are unlikely to want to shelter them and somehow help them. I'm not sure. But my shooting did not bother, everything seemed logical.

Анна Уколова: «До мужа я любила только семью и Родину»

Coat Eleventy; jumpsuit, TORYZ; bag, Frankly; earrings, KoJewelryФото: Alina Golub

— As for roles, you are comfortable in already established roles? Or want to go beyond?

Now I have a choice, so I try to alternate: you can star in a light Comedy, then in a tearful two-part film, then a drama series at twenty. And I like to work on the image, change the hair, lose weight, gain weight. In this case, I simply superprecise — chic twisted fringe a La the eighties. And I was very happy, going to the Playground. Sasha Florensky, who plays a rich lady, doing make-up and hair half an hour, she could not sit down in her snow white costume. In my opinion, even eating standing up. To me the makeup was done in fifteen minutes, and the outfit I was committed not pity: such a pig did of my character.

— Not afraid to be funny and ugly?

— I love it! The main thing that I do at home funny and not ugly. Colleagues sometimes ask me: "How are you on the subway ride?". And I love to go down into the subway. See what hairstyle, who doesn't — perhaps this will be useful for the role. When home or in our Precast village near Samara come out and also get inspired to take note of some things.

— And in the subway, you know?

— If a person wants to remain incognito, so be it. I often ride the subway: wear a cap all the while silent. Identificeret me mainly in a low voice. One day I was approached by a woman and said, "You don't need to drive here, you're an actress, should be up there". I was so surprised that we find some celestials. Although before the Moscow traffic jams, we are all equal! Or say, "Oh, you are so acting like one, Anna Ukolov". Answer: "Yes, it's me." "Come on! Would she in the subway went down!".

— You watch TV?

— I turn it on, coming home: I need someone spoke in the background. By the way, I noticed that my son has the same habit: he turns on the channel "Carousel", but, in my opinion, not even really watching these cartoons. Here it is the genes!

— Identificeret you on the screen.

— He doesn't watch movies with my participation. The first time you have seen me in some TV series, where, as usual, I have someone beat and legs kicking, then ran to daddy with tears: "mom's hurt!". He doesn't like this movie. Now I am used to, proud of me, said, "Not all children mom on the TV show". Not only wants me to take him out of the school garden was taken away. Says: "better dad for me will come. You with teachers for a very long time talking, and I want to go home".

Анна Уколова: «До мужа я любила только семью и Родину»

Blouse, Elena Miro; bracelet and necklace, all – KoJewelryФото: Alina Golub

— I would like to get back to the story. You did not have in my childhood these thoughts: why am I born in this family and my mom is so?

— No, I believe that came to light exactly where needed. Although I could not live: born I martinkou. The hospital where I gave birth was in a village very far from the city. And to save me, needed a blood transfusion. This blood is very quickly brought from the district center by helicopter. My donor was a Volkov A. E. Thanks a lot. So I was always happy and his house, and family and friends. I'm glad even that my parents got divorced, because otherwise I would never have become an actress. Relatives on my father's side for some reason thought that all the Actresses are alcoholics and loose girls ready to have sex for the role with the Director. I didn't like this point of view, but I was also sure that it is. Until the last moment, when Alexander Veledinsky invited me to his film "the Law" just. (Laughs.)

— You are immediately captivated Moscow?

Yes, I love this town. When I first came out of the subway next to the Theatre and saw the stars on the Kremlin, which previously looked at the primer, then the tears welled up. Seriously, stood before the wailing wall. And I think that Moscow fell in love with me. I was sure that in the field I'll take, and left. I never went hungry, I had a good scholarship, like the straight a student, I helped parents. I haven't lived on the stations, no one threw me, not robbed. I have nothing to tell this to the Russians tears. All well-formed from the beginning.

— I read that big brother has inspired you to go to Moscow to enroll. He was always your protector, patron?

— I do not need to protect it. Nobody offended me, we lived in a village where all know each other: who's related to who, where and what gets paid. It is also in a good way my character was affected by: I am a kind, unenvious people. Anyway, I think so. (Smiles.)

— Then a huge metropolis, the idea was to scare you.

— No, six years, I have learned to self-reliance: the sanatorium vacationing alone, without a mother, in the children's camp. And always understand what is good and what is bad. Remember, before it was fashionable to sit in the stairwell and guitar songs to sing? And my mom once saying, "Why do you guys not go?". And she said, "Yes, go, no one's stopping you".

— I was sure that you wouldn't do anything bad?

Yes. Because he educated me on the correct examples. I then she thought, "I'm a fool, what with the bullies at the entrance of the time?".

— Sometimes come home for energy supply?

— Sure, go for energy for his native land, and it helps. This year was the tour in Samara, in the following is also outlined. And not for work also come to visit, I appreciate it. The villagers are glad for me, proud of me. Our family is so yourself in life put: we are kind, positive, helpful people, and no we have never been jealous. Mom somehow chose mother of the year. My brother is also very good, worthy man, he worked in the district as the head of youth Affairs. There is no "Arrived from Moscow, FIFA. We know how these roles get". Everyone is always happy of my success, believed that he deserved. I have still left friend from school. We had a very friendly class and a great homeroom teacher who instilled in us a love for music, camping. School years I remember with pleasure.

Анна Уколова: «До мужа я любила только семью и Родину»

Jersey, Waleta; vest, Julia Allert; culottes, Marina Yachting; earrings, KoJewelryФото: Alina Golub

— You and your husband together seventeen years. It was love at first sight?

— He — Yes. And I'm with him in the club met, we girls then had fun, celebrated my very first statement on the role in the film Veledinsky "the Law". It was dark and I did not really remember what he looks like. But the phone has left. (Laughs.) And then he called: "let's meet". See, the man is resolute. I won't like and getting married is not sought. Always were independent from men not dependent. Believed, I'm looking for someone that age to meet together. But I think we should at least thank him for the fact to say that the club looked after me. Agreed the metro intersect: poor students, just graduated from the Institute, the car no one was. So I'm standing at the "Taganka" rush hour, crowds of people around. And I don't know who I should see, I don't remember what he looks like. (Laughs.) Think, "Well, maybe he would suit me". Sat on a bench near the monument to the sailors. Perched next to some guy. Winking at me, "hi!". I answered: "Hello!". He said: "is it me you're waiting for?". — "Probably you." He said: "I am Very happy. I'm Denis". Oops, my mistake. "So not you" — they say. — I want Sergey'. (Laughs.) Then he showed up. Invited to take a walk. Week, we spoke with him, drinking tea. Then I feel: there is something, here it is, the chemistry! I had not loved anyone but his family and Homeland. (Laughs.)

And forgot about its installation not to have a serious relationship?

I remember we met a month and a holiday was. And payday is still far. Say: "You just don't take the money, boil the potatoes, open a jar of pickles — note". In the morning the doorbell rings, he stands on the doorstep with a huge bouquet, two bottles of wine and chocolate cake. I in horror: "what are You, the parents took the money?" He Said: "No. I asked dad for the car and taksovat on it all night." And I realized that this man want to live life and retire. Now the work of many men meets: the cast and filmmakers. But never not even heart skipped a beat. I have found mine.

With the advent of star status life changed?

— People say I'm good, not conceited. I live modestly, I do not need much. We have a normal one bedroom apartment, in a beautiful place, the son of two-and-a-half years goes to a private school. Thinking about a summer cottage, where it was to relax, a pension is not far off. (Laughs.)

— Remember your great success that you celebrated with your beloved and rejoice?

I thought that nothing can surprise you. But this year, for the first time my family went on a trip to Europe on a white twenty-storey liner. It seemed all is a pipe something like a fairy tale. This was only seen in the movie "Titanic." And so was a great experience: people enjoyed swimming, nobody was in a hurry with this colossus, it was all there — and a movie theater, and restaurants, and a planetarium, and bowling. I used to be on the ship for over four decks sailed, and then twenty! With us sailed the Italians, the French and the Spaniards. One Italian I learned on the film "Leviathan". Me so happy: let's all treat! They are: no, no its expensive! And we was traveling with his family in the VIP cabin, everything was included. So this gesture didn't cost anything. (Laughs.) But even if it is not free, I still would have treated.

— What inspired you to make such a Grand journey?

— Desire to relax with the family. I never before nor with my son nor with my husband at the same time in the vacation did not go. The son asked, "Mom, why are all the rest in Germany, Italy, Spain, and I'm only in Sochi and Gelendzhik?" And decided to not to waste time and do everything, we the whole of Europe at one time view!

The son was satisfied?

Very. There, on the ship, were mostly dark children Spanish, the Italians. And he is blond with blue eyes. Has enjoyed increased attention. All approached it, stroked on the head: Bambino, Bambino!

Your paintings look in Europe. Were there any offers from foreign Directors?

— Was, but I didn't go. Who am I to play there — bad Russian? I'm fine here, I rarely see family. Anyway, watch and forget. I was given in America prize Silver Hugo for "Point". I think someone remembers this now? So I stay here, in Russia.

— Asking his advice, if you have a long project and shooting away from home?

— No, because such a project I would refuse. All not make any money. A couple of years ago I broke my leg: sprained, unsuccessfully out of the car. The doctors said that two months will have to lie down. The family was so happy that I'm home. (Laughs.) With husband about work, I don't consult and were not accountable. I have the Director there.

— Don't get your Sergei worlds? Do you discuss any news, cine gossips?

— He doesn't like gossip. And when coming to visit my mom, trying to slowly slip away, when we begin to discuss mutual friends. Says: "I do Not like these village talks." But he understands that it's all good. And for my mom it's a tradition. (Laughs.) Serezha and have mutual friends-actors. But they are the same as we are good people. Lucky. It is rare that a good actor and man was.

Together with her husband go to the movies, to plays?

— No, he works. And when the work ends, takes from school the son and engaged them. Watching TV very rarely, but if sost-RIL on something attention, one hundred percent — the movie will be a high rating.

— Was kind of your job he particularly liked?

— When they filmed "Leviathan", he even visited me on the Kola Peninsula. The nature there is amazing and such precious places! Serge the fish caught there — he's an avid fisherman. And then three times on the sly, at night, looked at the computer this film. Maybe the scenery recalled the familiar. (Laughs.)

— Your experience of happy family life shows that it is not necessary that the couple were from one sphere, their interests coincided.

— Of course not. Most importantly, what kind of person. Yes, I actually had not thought of. And in his youth somehow imagined that my husband would be either a COP or a gangster. And certainly older than me. And Serezha under the age of three years, although it does not say. It looks very solid.

— He had no prejudice against his wife-actress?

Looking at me, he understands that Dating in our circle and adequate people. I'm home by myself and cook borscht, and comfortable. During the filming time so bored at home! I don't even have a dishwasher, I like to wash plates, to as much as they creaked. Of course, if I'm away too long, comes to help someone. Before the mother-in-law all experienced: that is, you are rarely at home. Say: "Imagine that I am the conductor of the work. All those constantly on the road."

— Jealous of your husband's partners shooting?

— In my opinion, when people love, is always jealous. Remember, starred in "Kamenskaya" and watched the photos from the shoot. In one picture we are with Sergey and Wexler Yuri Pavlovich Claus and talking, and the operator hangs me the microphone and the wire stretches under my shirt. And I even don't pay attention. The husband looked, then said nothing. And then, a few days later, remembered. Something we started to argue about colors, and he said, "Will prove that it is red, that guy you in a blouse climbed". And I was delighted: "Oh, Serge, awesome, you're jealous!" Nice! (Laughs.) Here, and all the time it is kept in mind, it turns out.

Анна Уколова: «До мужа я любила только семью и Родину»

Vest, culottes and knitwear, all SARAFANФото: Alina Golub

— You do temptations arise? Some of your colleagues so fixed in the way that falling in love in real life.

— What am I, crazy? Can't share movies and reality? Is they fall in love, and covered way, believe me. Tell me, the maniac play and will be the same. Although I admit, I was not immediately released after the movie "Point". After this scene, where I was beaten, I have been unable to come himself. Crying, I was shaking. Came home from filming at six in the morning, long stood under the shower and tried to wash away the negativity. Yes, I then spent much energy. "Point" — my favorite film — the result was well worth what I have invested.

— In such moments, you need support of loved ones?

— Sergey is a very sensitive and gentle, but he knows when I should not be disturbed. I don't like all the lovey-dovey: my Bunny, my beautiful man. (Laughs.) He doesn't Lisp, and I was with him too. We dot the "i" set in the early family life, seventeen years ago. Actually I like to play in the movie violence and debauchery. I so his negative energy was released. There are no Holy people, there is always something generate: resentment, anger, irritation. So I in the role of a splash than some of the others or at her husband.

— At home you have a quarrel happen?

— No, I don't know what need to do in order to quarrel with me. Life is so short. You can get out of the house and icicle will fall. And you quarreled with her husband. Why? Women should be wise: be patient, then persuade.

— Anya, dreams come true?

— Never in my life dreamed, because if the wish is fulfilled, I will be upset. I live here and now. And good in everything you see. I always knew I would finish school, College, my family, my husband (I am monogamous) and that is certainly born to me a son. While all of that out. Lucky me: and in your personal life, and in the profession. But on the other hand, I'm on a work. Heads do not go, no one to betray, people try to help. That might be true, the universe gives us what we deserve? Although we must be prepared for any situation. Including to always be in good physical shape. Some women say, "Oh, it would be necessary to lose weight". Why would you not keep yourself at the right weight, exercise? Feel, I this will come with age. If only Serge I somehow stimulated, and then says: I already like.

— Earlier you were engaged in sports. As of now this is the case?

— Engaged in volleyball and shooting. To the shooting range and now sometimes back, to not lost the habit. Chess is still with his son fight, it goes to section. It is quite good.

— What is the best output?

— At home, on the couch, when I lay alone in the silence, I think. No one to bother me, but I know that at seven in the evening, it will be my husband and son. And it warms the soul.


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