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Olga Lomonosova: "If the husband writes me a poem, it is still alive with us"

Actress for twelve years with Paul Safonov, and not so long ago the couple became parents for the third time

Actress Olga Lomonosova and her husband, Director Paul Safonov, have been together for twelve years. But it feels like they are just beginning life together: it is so vividly between them is of great interest to each other. In the family two older daughters, and five months ago came to light and even the son of Fedor. Meanwhile, work continues to this day: Olga has been removed in the series, and Paul produces the premiere in "Lenkom".

So it was that we meet with you after the birth of each child. Olga was whether you yourself are a mother of three children?

Olga: I very much wanted a son and even third child. But the fact that it will happen this year, did not expect. Fyodor was sent to us from Space. I at the time, many were filmed in St. Petersburg, constantly moved between the two cities, my husband and our meetings were spontaneous (laughs), and as a result there was Fyodor. I thought I already not at a young age and need to gather strength for the child, and suddenly... This news was quite unexpected for us.

— As the Federal, when you returned to work?

Olga: A Month. I went to Noumea on the shooting of the series "March" with him and nanny. And in Moscow we continued to shoot "Better than people", and helped me a Pasha. After the theatre ran to me to shoot, took out Fyodor. I think he then tuned into the son and now better all contact with him.

Paul: I was trained nervous actors. In that period there were rehearsals where I just tore apart, it was necessary to solve a lot of problems, and this time there was Fedor. But his birth gave so much energy that I don't coast, but only spent. Coming from rehearsal, after which I rocked, I took Fyodor, because Olga shook even more. And, oddly enough, the child calmed me.

Pasha, how everything worked out for you with the "Lenkom"?

Paul: a year ago, when I was in the Theater satire released "dog in the manger", Alexander schirvindt asked: "have You heard of "Lenkom"?" But I never got a call, and so a year has passed. But once in the same "Satire", I set "Twelfth night", thought I'd relax and take care of OLE in the birth of our then unknown Fedor, when suddenly the phone rang: "It says mark B. Varshaver. We want you to invite us". And I immediately met with him and with mark Anatolyevich Zakharov — had to get to work fast enough. I Zakharov suggested three names, including the Bulgakov's play, which he chose. We have created a modern, but not state of the art performance on the theme of the artist and power "Dreams of Mr. de Moliere". Plus this is personal for me, the story associated with the concept of the theatre of Anatoly Efros...

Ольга Ломоносова: «Если муж пишет мне стихи, то все еще живо у нас»

On the Paul: the jumper and trousers, everything – Marina Yachting; shoes, Zara. Olga: sweater, Laroom; skirt, Zara; sandals, StradivariusФото: Sergey Lee

— Olja, you, too, the birth of Fyodor gave power?

Paul: Olga in nine days played in "Cyrano." I was on duty with Fedor and with a sitter for those four hours.

Olga: I came to the theater and realized that no way back, but felt that the body does not belong to me. But apparently, the man has hidden reserves, especially in women, so the play I played. However, the impact on the body were so severe that the result was a sore throat with fever.

Pasha, are you happy with the appearance of the heir?

Paul: I would be scared if the first born boy. I was not ready for it. And now realize that I do want an heir, but to inherit nothing except our love. (Smiles.) I think that now, having trained the daughters will be able to give him much more proper upbringing.

— This time you was present at birth?

Paul: Yes, of course, but was standing behind the door, I'm not a thrill seeker. I was very worried about Olga, what happens. Maybe because I have this coincided with the release of the performance in "Lenkom", and I'm basically a hypochondriac.

Olga: But it was all good! The whole pregnancy I spent in communion with the child. I saw a bright blue-eyed baby in the dream and realized that it was my son. Even before I found out that I was really a boy. And the delivery was easy: I had two hours. And the next day at five o'clock we were discharged from the hospital.

— Not afraid to be discharged so soon?

Olga: what can happen? I have a third child. They are all children doing the ultrasound and blood tests before you write. We realized that everything is in order, and went home.

— Olya, agreeing to an interview with Pasha, I asked him, not recovered if you. To which he replied: "No, even better". He still sees a beautiful woman, not just the mother of his three children.

Olga: Except that he's a man, and I am a wife, he's the Director, and I'm an actress. This is very important.

Paul: we Need to delight. (Smiles.) All the time I ask her to wear a dress. But now she has such a busy life, what with the dress does not add up. (Laughs.)

— Olya, Pasha provides you some signs of male attention?

Olga: I can't say that I'm ignored, though the gifts he gives. But if he is able sometimes I write poetry, so, everything is still alive between us. (Laughs.) Now for me the best gift is to give me an hour to sleep. And to be alone with children — I also think it is an act.

Ольга Ломоносова: «Если муж пишет мне стихи, то все еще живо у нас»

The family already grows two daughters, Barbara (pictured right) and Sasha, but now, sentto: Sergey Lee

Pasha, and you won Olya?

Paul: we are all going like we have not even conceived. It seemed to us that this is not true. And it evolved and evolved. Sometimes I even think: "What have I done to deserve this award? What led me do to my man that I can understand and accept?" But apparently there are some secrets that are unknown to us and beyond.

— And my mother Olga surprised you surprised? Something in her has changed after having children?

Paul: Neither in its internal content nor in appearance did not happen any major change. Not a surprises that could to embarrass me. Neither the first nor the second, nor now. And I love it. But of course I couldn't know what Olga in charge as well. I really appreciate it.

— Olga, you became easier to relate to problems with children, or Vice versa?

Olga: No, since the second daughter Sasha we had nothing to fear, she flew with us to relax, being very tiny. That, due to the fact that Fedor was born now, put them all to the country? Varvara in eleven years would not be very interesting there. And she's allergic, I have to get her out of Moscow. So in the summer we went to Greece and took with them Theodore. Everything was perfect. The kids are finally nakupalis in the sea, because every year we drive to Palanga, where only walruses swim.

Paul: this year we were very lucky with the weather. I think it's because Olga gave birth to and then so courageously played in the theater, and I was released the Prime Minister and helped her. I just feel when life says "Yes". There are little things which you realize that everything is correct, someone leads you and holds his hand.

— Was there a situation when you received a "no"answer?

Paul: there were, of course. In life like in any way, there are UPS and downs. Recent years, I think, we rise, but with hollows. Help us faith in each other. We even laugh when someone's had a bad day. Sometimes, Olya depressed or I begin to doubt themselves or their decisions, but we support each other and compensate the shortcomings.

Ольга Ломоносова: «Если муж пишет мне стихи, то все еще живо у нас»

On the Paul: a coat and pants, all Marina Yachting; t-shirt, Henry Cotton's. Olga: coat, Svetlana Tegin; dress, LaroomФото: Sergey Lee

— What are the disadvantages to you, Pasha?

Paul: I Have a lot of them.

Olga: Pasha has traits that he always struggles, but sometimes they appear. Pasha is very intemperate, he lacks patience.

Paul: I have all the patience you spend in the theater on artists. Come home, and when there is something wrong, can't hold back my emotions. I don't like domestic issues.

Olga: for Example, already have to go to bed, and Varya begins to wash his toy dog, which she dragged around the block. She really wants a dog and while tinkering with a toy. And Pasha my outburst yesterday. It's the little things, and, of course, he scolds himself. Even Cooking said, "Well, dad, you have a hundred and fifty times apologized".

Paul: But Olya doesn't like to apologize.

Olga: Yes, I do not like. Even when not right. I find it very difficult given the strength of my character.

Paul: Just Royal blood, become very large. I wonder how she'll fall to us, the ordinary citizens of St. Petersburg. The Polish nobility. (Laughs.) And we, Russians. Honestly, all of us help humor and self-irony. Now and girls sneer at our jokes. By the way, going back to "the Dreams of Mr. de Moliere", it turned out that I didn't Cook to get out of the camp, and once she sat the whole rehearsal. And we have just went active disputes with the artists, I was worried about the daughter because she was very receptive. And the scene we were rehearsing creepy. Then I Boil asked if she was scared during the scene with the Madeleine. And the daughter replied, "No, dad, that's when you were arguing, it was scary." (Laughs.) She reads all the plays that I'm going to put and which you already have. While Jane is at this time actively starred in the series "Better than people".

Olga: I was very lucky: time love and understanding with the film Director. Andrey Dzhunkovsky — beautiful, burning. In General, we had a creative novel.

Paul: He fell in love with Olga, sent me her photos from the shooting... (Laugh.)

Pasha, and you notice men's looks on Olga?

Olga: Pasha, looking at me like that?

Paul: Of Course. Sometimes it is very nice. But I can see Olina dignity, they make me happy and captivate. And other men just proving my point. I think all the jealous people, just each in their own way. But while we with Olga have enough confidence in yourself and some of your energy, not to worry for each view or something like that.

— Olga, now already released so many performances with Pasha. You feel the work some difference compared with the first role when you were not together?

Olga: the Difference is probably that I barely had a voice. The "Beautiful people" I do no questions asked, just did what I was told: "Raised hand" and raised. (Laughs.) And now sometimes have the audacity to ask "why?" But I don't exist in more comfortable conditions than other actors. On the contrary, I'm always to blame for everything, even that is bad show (laughs) or something wrong with the atmosphere at the rehearsal. And the comments then get home. The only thing my position more advantageous is the fact that if I asked a question in rehearsal, then I will ask him for sure. (Laughs.)

Ольга Ломоносова: «Если муж пишет мне стихи, то все еще живо у нас»

On the Paul: blazer, Feraud; jumper and trousers, everything – Marina Yachting. Olga: blouse and pants, all – Sol; shoes, ZaraФото: Sergey Lee

Someone said that collaboration is not always good for relations, but if it's still happening at home....

Olga: I think it is another link — we like to be together. And not to talk to at home about the work impossible. This is our life. We're all discussing. And if I'm not rehearsing, I'm still aware of what was happening there. Similarly, I am coming from filming, the atmosphere of the site take home.

Pasha, considering or choosing some kind of play do you think of Ola as an actress, at least at the subconscious?

Paul: In the beginning, I always doubt what role she has to offer. Sometimes this happens spontaneously, as, for example, in the case of "Pygmalion". Olga there wasn't supposed to play, but just helped me out. And it always happens as the inspiration, as a gift from her.

— I think your feelings are largely fueled by admiring the talent of each other...

Olga: Maybe I was lucky, but I do not understand, do not identify where the feelings, and where the admiration of the Pasha.

Paul: This, of course, fortunate that we can still create together. This fact only increases our interest in each other. Me and Olga were very nice and, most importantly, fun to write. And home and family relationships — is a kind of common platform. And it's been with all the nuances: first child, second, third...

— Pasha, you know she is very proud of you and very upset, if you can't do something or realize there is no proper response criticism...

Olga: but what else?

Paul: Yes, Olga the tiger in that sense. She rushes to the defense like an angry cat. Of course, I am in awe of her in these moments.

Olga: I do Not know what it is due to upbringing, maybe, but I do for anything that touches my family I will fight.

— Olya, Pasha gave you as a person, appearing in your life?

Olga: He recently appeared that now to say that he gave me hard. The important thing is that me as a person, nothing is destroyed, not broken. I will be there, and at the same time I was more figuratively speaking. Just started a completely different life.

— And you still not married?

Paul: I like some traditional stuff, but the stamp in the passport are very skeptical as to all "institutions", where the necessary papers. Maybe if it happened once... we had a difficult, natural way, we with Olga have long known each other. Life is wiser than any wedding. Well, it so happened — already drove the car. Well, then all of a sudden add to it another wheel? Why? Rides the same!


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