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Marat Basharov: "I am very grateful to Lisa for waiting for me"

Personal life the actor has finally adjusted. Details — in interview

Marat Basharov for her acting career endured and steep rise and fall and rise again. When he first appeared on screen in the title role in the TV series "the Border. Taiga novel," all the tabloid headlines, "Oh, Marat!". And after the show in "Ice age" brought to mind half the female population of the country. Now the actor is happy in a third marriage with one of his longtime fans Elizabeth Savercool. A year ago they had a son Marcel, and last summer the couple was married.

Marat, first of all, let me congratulate you on your marriage. Well, we got married?

— Very well, in the narrow family circle, a hundred people, with friends and family, and immediately left for vacation in Dominican Republic. Marseille did not take with him, left with his grandmother. And successfully slipped right between the two hurricanes.

We haven't seen you for ten years. Imagine that you and your friend haven't seen for so long. What would you want to tell about yourself?

— The wedding I had, a son is born, grown up daughter, there are many new roles in plays and movies. Opened the jubilee season of "Battle of psychics." This program on TNT I've been working on for ten years.

Is there really a real thing?

— Absolutely. If ten people a day will ask me whether it's true or not, the day has been for nothing. (Laughs.) Sometimes come across inappropriate people, but most of the real psychics. Any of the bases. They are complex stories unravel!

— Using, so to speak, official position, were you asked ever to a psychic?


Why? Do not be tempted to learn at least five years ahead, what will happen?

— You can't do that. Psychics are such people, how would you explain, they possess abilities that can energy level out of your life and there is something to change, something to influence. And if you are weak, then go for it. You have to be focused, strong, to rely on themselves and do not admit to themselves. I live always.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

The family of the future artist was not rich. With mother Rouse, Abdulloeva: personal archive Marat Basharova

Ten years ago in an interview you told me that the worst thing in life is loneliness, when you forget even your children, and if Amelie ever forget you, not to worry. How to overcome the difficulties of her adolescence?

— She's a teenager. While anything similar did not notice. All is well, and hopefully this will continue. She draws and seriously engaged in art school. They and plein air sketching on the move, all delivered at a high level there.

— And we can assume that this will be her profession in the future?

— I think so. Probably. Although it is difficult to judge. For example, I in the childhood was engaged in so many things, everything except acting. And look what happened? I was told: "go to theater". I didn't know where to go, what to do? Maybe my daughter will be. For instance, she studied computer graphics, this is besides the fact that working with pencil and brush. Ask her: "Who taught you so?" She says to herself. I look and admire, how it works in these programs. I know computer understand, but to such a level would not come. And the transition age is already making itself felt. Calling her the other day after school: "Amelie, where are you?" She says: "Dad, my friends and I went into a cafe". — "So. What?" — "Just sit, chat, drink tea with cake". — "Birthday someone's celebrating?" "No. Decided to celebrate the end of the week, it's Friday". I thought, "uh Oh, here it is, the first bell". But her voice was sober, cheerful, and she did not hide that he was proud that such an adult now. And I am proud that she did not lie to me. After all, when children hide things from parents, it is very bad.

— Lessons are you helping her or are already behind the program and help Tutors?

— No longer catch up. Then, I'm an impatient person, immediately freaking out. Or suggest: "let's see the answer." The answers are as there are on the Internet, so it is much easier, isn't it? Otherwise, sit up nights with these lessons. You know the old joke? Dad calls the teacher at three o'clock: "Marya, what are you doing?" "Sleeping," answers the surprised Marya. — "And we "collect apples", "sawing the trees" and learn rhymes!" So my daughter tutoring in math and physics. These items I already don't remember.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Marat Basharov married the third time this letamendi Avramenko

— Your first wife, mother of Amelie, Lisa, also married?

— For a long time! She now has three children. The son of five years and four months ago my daughter was born.

And children all communicate with each other?

— Of course. Know houses. Even went all together to go skiing. (Smiles.)

— You told that little Amelie could be put to watch ads on TV, and then she was allowed to do some urgent business. A Marseille like? Relaxed or the same as sister?

— Marseilles Amelie, it is not a distraction. Cartoons take it steady for a minute, and again it requires attention. Don't know just how Lisa copes with it? Nanny, buy we haven't found yet. And when I was little, we lived in a communal apartment and the neighbors had a TV. Mom had me sit in front of the screen, and for hours I could sit fascinated, but she was doing work. I was very driven, and often I got it from mom for being naughty. Marcel takes after me and will also get a belt, if that.

— And how the juvenile justice system?

— Officially say: it will receive. (Laughs.)

— As Amelie and your brother get along?

— Great! She's playing him. Marseille are very affectionate, all the time hugging her. And we have a girl not yet kissed, so strictly: "No, Marcel!". She is a gentle girl. But Marseille is my copy. We made it a black and white photo, and if you compare them with my children's, too black and white (color did not yet exist), are the same person! Just to confuse you.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

On vacation Marat also tries to support formatto: personal archive Marat Basharova

— What do you think, Lisa decides to have a second child?

— We talked about this. Yes! My mom once admitted to me that the father asked to have a boy or a girl, and she decided not to. The apartment was not, and mom was afraid that I was somewhat cheated, if you ever have another child. And then regretted it so much! She admitted this to me, when I was an adult. So my wife and I are determined to expand the family.

— I'm sorry your mom so early was gone and she saw Marcel...

— Yes, the loss is terrible. All of a sudden, I was absolutely not ready for this. And, of course, very sorry that Marcel will grow up without her. Although it seems to me sometimes that he communicates with her. They say that kids have a connection with the cosmos; it seems to me that his grandmother has contact. Sometimes he looks upwards, something Coos and laughs. I think that's it, mom... I miss her very much. Mom was my rock, rear, and now I'm alone.

— Your close friends with you all these years — who is this?

Roma Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina. Ilya Averbukh and family Kostomarov were unable to attend our wedding and is now demanding a meeting to officially congratulate us. Sought time and opportunity to meet. Bought the toaster they need us to give. Katya and Sasha Strizhenov — the closest people to me for many years. Kate was even the witness at Lisa's wedding.

— Remember, you have with Oleg Menshikov was a friend and played with him in hockey...

— No, we played soccer with him. We still have a good relationship, but life threw us a little bit to the side. Oleg is now a busy man, he's got a theatre. And in hockey we're playing with the artists. We have a team called "the mosquito", a team of artists. It is necessary to keep yourself in shape. I noticed that there was something like a force not to be missed. And twice a week we are definitely going to the game.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Wife Elizabeth, son Marcel and daughter, Allitto: personal archive Marat Basharova

— When the time, you're all the time on tour or on set?

After the performance that night.

Hockey power play, and at night to give such a load on the heart is it useful?

— No, it's not a burden but a pleasure, rest. We recently had a meeting with the team of Evgeny Plushenko and Alexander Bridge. Their team was five years old. We had a friendly match, then there was a Banquet where invited and our families.

— Tell me about your wife.

— I am very grateful to Lisa that she's not mad at me for what I then disappeared for a long time (in 2014, Marat married Catherine Ancharovoj, and after the divorce went back to Lisa. — Approx. ed.) not changed her attitude towards me.

On the contrary, she was very supportive when there was a scandal with your ex-wife Catherine. Wrote that still loves you.

Yes. I appreciate it.

I don't see how you can judge other people's family problems if you do not know the situation inside? Frankly, "a show" Tatiana Tarasova at Malakhov me.

— That's it! Tatiana didn't know that it was actually. She is a respected and great coach, but she doesn't know our family history. And I am very grateful to the Director, Gregory of Constantinople, that gave me a job in the TV series "Drunk firm".

— What turned a?

— Almost all...

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Bright performances of the Marat in the ice show with Tatiana Navka attracted the attention of the whole of stronetta: personal archive Marat Basharova

— Yes, I see you now, few film projects — one a year. But I hear you have your own enterprise?

— I have four repertory.

And one of them is your project?

— No, of course. I'm an artist and can't be anything else: neither a producer nor a Director. Now I have a premiere — "Day of surprises" with Tatiana Vasilyeva. I school years was in love with this actress after the film "Hello, I your aunt!". All the boys from our class were in love with the character of Tatyana Vedeneyeva, and I — Tatyana Vasilevu. And when I was offered to play with her, I even without reading the plays, immediately agreed. Tatyana G. — the greatest star of stage, mater. She surprises and fascinates, like a boa constrictor, her eyes are the abyss and stay there. When you look at them, I catch myself thinking, drowning. And to play with her is like a minefield: it is unpredictable, different every time. Sometimes just can not stand, break and rust. Turn away from the viewer die of laughter. Here is our T. G. I have a drama for two people's artist Vladimir Aleksandrovich Steklov on the play by Anthony Shaffer. And by Sterzhakov Volodya "Sublimation of love", we played ninety-nine times! And I could not put the jubilee, the one hundredth performance. I can shoot it. And fourth of October, we finally met. Before the show began to remember and to pass the material. Worried — after all, the year is almost gone and the age effect, but it turned out that there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks. Surprising: it turned out, the body remembers better than the mind. The body leads you in a certain mise-EN-scene, and you remember the text, and the jokes and how the audience then responded. And such catch a buzz from it! And in November I have the premiere of the film "moving up". The story of how the USSR national team won in basketball the invincible Americans. It happened at the Olympics in Munich in 1972. For the first time in thirty six years, the Americans lost. Our snatched victory in the last three seconds. It was a unique game. Americans are so offended that even the prize have not taken your. He's still there. I'm playing the official sport.

— What else did you have in ten years, what was good?

— The work in the show "Stars on ice" Ilya Averbuch. It was brilliant. Then we gave concerts and performance on ice and toured all over the country. We took gorgeous, and abroad too. There're our a lot they miss you and always we are told: "Come again!" I would go back if Ilya called me. With a great pleasure. It was the perfect time. The year we worked in Sochi with a performance of "city Lights". Then Ilya did "Carmen" — and I wasn't invited. After "Romeo and Juliet". I wasn't invited. Take this opportunity through your magazine turn to Elijah: "If this goes on it will go to the Navka!". Tatiana, as a producer, prepares his show "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

And she called you?

— No. (Laughs.) If, too, will not call — go to Plushenko.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Hockey is one of the Hobbies of the artist. However, the time to exercise have to cut out on nocomfort: personal archive Marat Basharova

— I saw you in the movie "the Battalion" in the role of Alexander Kerensky, very interesting. In my opinion, the role happened. Convincing you in this manner.

— They say I'm like him.

— Similar-similar but when you look at you will not say after, "Oh, Kerensky!". The role is really bright out. You have a lot invested in it or was written well?

— I am grateful to Igor Ugolnikov, who was the producer of this film and author of the idea. He showed me a lot of interesting archival newsreels. I am never even saw. I watched as Kerensky said, as he kept moving. Personality it is very ambiguous. Alexander Fedorovich lived a long, rich, scary at times life.

— How are your fans, which you started just a sea? Lisa met you through the Internet, probably, and others have tried to do this?

— Are they doing the same. But now I'm in social networks there. Taking this opportunity, I should say to everyone: do not look for me there. If any pages still exist — it is fake. But there is my website, which long since are Jan and her team. Well done girls: any of my premieres, not. On the birthday give me fun and creative gifts. And Marcel's birthday made a great gift, with humor. Books about me make out with poems. Such attention is well worth it, and I'm very grateful for your loyalty.

— You to Lisa not jealous?

— I don't think. I their personal life do not know, but such beauty can't be alone, they probably have a pair.

— Are you still out of town and Moscow apartment not complain?

— In a city it can not be. There are neighbors here, top, bottom — the horror! Although he has grown up in a communal apartment. And beautiful, among other things, was time. All the neighbors loved me, cookies baked. They've been gone for a long time, and I remember everybody by name. Aunt Valya. She sat in a wheelchair and could not pick me up, planted me on her knees. Uncle Kolya, carpenter, — he had Golden hands. And I, small, spellbound I watched as he wood used to build all sorts of things. It was just a magic, magic. Boy this is interesting! Now what I want is tool, as it was then — Yes, hammer planer. And on my birthday he once made a mother the stool for me. It has been preserved until now. When I'm doing something on the farm, show Marcel that he watched and learned from me.

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Tatyana Vasilyeva Marat was in love with since high school. Now busy with her play "Day of surprises"Photo: personal archive Marat Basharova

— I remember that country house you have built? Satisfied with the result?

— No, not at all! (Laughs.)

— Had to rebuild?

— No, we built another guest house with bath.

— Now another life and other people. You live in a village together?

We live together. We can to them without a call to come, and they to us: if the light in the window burns, so don't sleep. For the most part in our village doctors. Sixteen houses and one street. I call it Broadway. Houses stand on one side, and nearly at the end when you come back later, see one of the neighbors is sleeping and who is not. So Lisa and I go to visit more frequently than they to us. (Laughs.)

"Maybe drinking wine, can, sit"?

Or Lotto play. Often it is practiced.

— What else do you have common interests with your neighbors? Maybe go fishing together?

— No, on fishing and hunting I go with friends. Go for wild boar, deer or elk. A fishing we go twice a year, in spring and autumn, on the Akhtuba. This is my Mecca, Akhtuba.

— And the family can take with itself on fishing?

— It is possible. Marcel was only a month and a half, when I suggested to Lisa, "Want with me?" And she's easy going, "Go!". Boarded the plane and flew. So Marcel is the first time fishing has been. I was fishing, and he was in a wheelchair was waiting for mom caught on the shore. As soon as I grow up, I will be sure to take it with you. My partner on stage and screen Volodya sterjakov is also an avid fisherman. He had two sons. He wanted to give them a passion to this occupation, and, imagine, neither one nor the other absolutely not interested in fishing. He was terribly distressed about it. So I have a great fear: if Marcel doesn't like fishing, it will blow for me. Indeed, during these ten years a lot has happened in my life. But most importantly, that the son was born. Marcel M. Basharov, successor names. This is important.


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