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Anastasia Panina: "my husband and I love is tested by distance" found out the actress, who starred in the TV series "Psichologine" know whether it's psychology, how she lived with her husband, actor and why is she 18 years old shaved head

— Anastasia, you are together with Anna Starshenbaum and Sophia Brown played by psychologists. And you're strong in psychology?

— Thank God I'm not faced with some serious situations where you need a good understanding of psychology. But with what's happening to me, I'm good. In addition, in the scenario present the terminology, and I searched it in the Internet. Acquainted with what it really means. My favorite series, by the way, is called "Childhood traumas". I believe that all of childhood.

— You yourselves what was?

— Very playful and restless. I wanted to know the world, to find yourself in it is a normal desire. I was always where I was pulling, I was sitting on the ground.
And garages climbed including. In General, I had a good childhood without childhood injuries.

— And what was hanging on the walls in your child's room, remember?

I didn't have it. We lived in a one bedroom apartment: mom and dad in one and my sister in the other.

— As a teenager would not want dramatic changes? For example in the exterior?

18 years old shaved the back of his head. But it was not a protest, but rather a sample of the pen. And when it bangs itself was cut off — here it was a protest, but against what, I do not remember. Mother I put some hairpins to be seen. But still noticed.

Анастасия Панина: «У нас с мужем любовь проверяется расстоянием»

Office romance Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsova in 2010 became official, samyutta:

— Best friend of your heroine — classmate. You also have more friends
of the actor's environment?

Friendship needs to devote a lot of time, and since it is not, it really turns out that most of my friends from where I was. And they live in different cities. To the Institute with me through life are boyfriend and girlfriend — they are an integral part of me. And the rest — incoming-outgoing.

— After filming in the same "Teacher" you continued to communicate with colleagues? I often see Dmitry Nagiyev?

— Dmitry Vladimirovich, we do not intersect, but with other colleagues and sometimes meet. But this to be friends after the project and to continue the dialogue. And not because it's hard to make friends, it's all about free time. It is not enough.

— Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

— Of course, I have many male friends, really appreciate such a friendship. I think she may even be stronger than women. In General, it is stereotypical thinking — when someone said that may not be such friendship and everyone believed.

Анастасия Панина: «У нас с мужем любовь проверяется расстоянием»

Anastasia calls herself a moderately strict mother and tries to spend with her daughter Sasha all free, primafoto:

— In the "Psychologist" you play on the same Playground with his classmates. How easy or difficult it comes to shooting?

— This is really the first time we intersect in a single project. Coincidentally, and it's very cool! And in the story we have with Roma Machinim love, and, of course, I had to kiss, although he's like a brother to me. But due to the fact that we are on the same wavelength, everything was easy. A good work out in the end because we're artists, classmates, know each other inside and out. When they saw each other and realized that we needed to kiss, laughed: "Well, let's try — suddenly it turns out!" (Laughs.)

— How did you react to such kissing your husband — Vladimir Zherebtsov?

— Well, he is an artist and was fine: let's kissing! (Laughs.)

— You have seven years together, which by modern standards is quite a lot...

I don't see you just. It happens that I go, and he, on the contrary, leaves. We love the distance is checked. There was a situation when we were in Kiev. I flew, was at the airport, and he flew. I went to the landing, accompanied me, and he landed. But it was happening on different floors of the airport, and the meeting never took place!

For a joint life with Vladimir what are you each other's learning?

— As Vladimir says, the more he learned from me. (Smiles.) For example, calm in certain situations. He is very emotional. And I think we have a child learn patience. I'm basically after the appearance of daughter Alexandra became calmer.

Анастасия Панина: «У нас с мужем любовь проверяется расстоянием»

Casting for the role of the psychologist was pretty long, according to the actress, she went to him almost every day on rabothata: materials of press-services

— Can Sasha itself is that something you recommend?

Once we left the house, she said, "Mom, I know a short way, let's go." And I followed her. Really was shorter. (Smiles.)

— How do you like her to spend time with?

— Love cartoons to watch. "Despicable me", "Zeropolis", "Cold heart" and others. Now begin to introduce "the Adventures of electronics". I think there are films, even if they are not as colorful as those which are now out, but the daughter should know them, as the time from which the mom and dad. In addition, she is trained in ballet, playing the guitar, learning to draw, went to school in the first grade this year. I try to spend all my free time. If going somewhere, I get help from my mom, we manage without a nanny.

— Many complain that the children just do not depart from the gadgets. You daughter has to control in this regard?

— Sasha is not one of those who all the time in the phone, just there is a certain time when she can play in the same tablet. But also there are times when this can not be done. She understands. I'm moderately strong. In a measure fair. Dad is stricter. But I think it should be: the Pope is the Pope. Although no clear divisions. A situation arises — we sit down and solve it. Of course, are different: Sasha is a child, sometimes naughty, but do not allow yourself to go beyond.

Анастасия Панина: «У нас с мужем любовь проверяется расстоянием»

Another striking work of Anastasia was the role in the TV series "the Teacher", where the actress had a great experience with Dmitry Nagievym: materials of press-services

— When dealing with you it seems that you live with a sense of inner harmony...

— I think the internal contradictions would arise, and will arise. But there are some principles that do not change: how we live, relate to the world, to yourself, to others, to the profession, and so on. All around it may change, but it is important that the principles remain unchanged.

— What principles?

— Everything should be honest, love, we must try not to fool yourself. Do what you must, come what will, treat people the way you want them to treat you — that is such simple truth.

In an interview, Tom Hanks said, "If there are no restrictions in life — no joy". How this rule operates? For example in the same food.

— I'm on a diet and sometimes I sit. It happens sometimes. But in General I just often move, fly, spent a lot of energy. But I eat everything. And cinecom too, sometimes, eat. And sometimes take something or go to a restaurant during a shooting at lunchtime.

— Offer you much better for the role, as does Christian bale, would you agree?

Said donuts would be — would, and with great pleasure. Especially if you know that there is a team of nutritionists and you'll be fine. In General, I always like it when you start: "But they have there...". I always answer: "they are there, and we're here. Absolutely everything is different". Here is Christian bale a year preparing for the role, he has the opportunity. And he does it great. And I can't the year to spend on something just to do just that. I have more interesting things in life. Again, child. All my free time, which is very small, I pay my daughter...


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