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Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov: "On New year gave us two days off"

Skaters — about marshmallow costumes and festive luck

In the new ice show based on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" from three pairs will play the role of Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov. met with skaters and found that they offended the costume designers, who did not allow their daughter Polina to skate in shows and what will be the world Champions to do in the new year's eve.

— How you received an offer to participate in the ice show and what role you got?

Maria: We participate in all the Christmas performances that Ilya Averbukh is doing for the children. This time we will participate in a production of "Alice in Wonderland". Remember, I asked Elijah: "I have never played a negative role. Should we try it? I find it very interesting!" Because after some time he came and said, "Mary, you will have three roles, and all the characteristic!"

Alex: of Course, everyone wants to be in show pretty. We with Masha at this time will not be easy! But we are not afraid to try new things, not afraid to be funny, I think in each role, you can find something interesting and make it its bright, spectacular. And here we have the opportunity. We will be a good mom and dad of Alice, funny Perugina and Confitures and chess Queen and King — these are the distinctive characters.

— Heard that in the production there will be some incredible scenery...

Maria: Elijah always incredible scenery. He comes up with which character is where is going to appear coming down from the top, jump out of a door or something.

Alex: What's interesting, decorations are not built for a small thirty-meter Board ice arena, but by and large, which with a length of nearly sixty feet. And at each level of scenery always something going on!

— How have you been working on your costumes?

Maria: They are being developed, the sketches we saw, we discussed them. The costumes are beautiful, bright, which is very important for children's productions.

Alex: costume, sometimes, we are offended that we can't be because of technical reasons just exactly like cartoon characters. Of course, we are ready to be thick, vanilla or marshmallow, but in this costume to make, support or complex emissions — is simply impossible. And also very important how you feel in a particular role. And if you can convey to the viewer the nature of his character, the costume will make everything even brighter. It is very important that the costume reflected the character of the hero, decorated it. Kids like bright, memorable images!

Мария Петрова и Алексей Тихонов: «На Новый год нам подарили два выходных дня»

In the new ice show "Alice in Wonderland" Maria and Alexei from six characters on dogtato: materials of press-services

— Still kept the intrigue about who will play the role of Alice. You know something about this?

Alex: can't name names, but I think this girl will show itself in the role of Alice. She is very good at doing difficult triple jumps, she has perfect rotation. She is very charming and similar to Alice.

— You didn't want to try for this role your daughter? Or is it still very small?

Maria: that was the idea. Ilya thought, but Pauline only eight years old, and work on three performances a day it would be hard. She has been skating for the third year and very good riding. Her grandmother really wanted her to figure skating — skates gave her three and a half years. Initially, of course, it was tough. And Pauline, and the rest of us. Because exercises for children start at six in the morning. We get up at five to drive to the rink. Go at ten o'clock. Otherwise, do not draw this graph.

Alex: we Can say that the daughter in his almost eight years, rides much better than my mom and dad at her age. It's so happy!

— Does the child have time to focus on something else besides sports?

Maria: She is additionally engaged in English and painting. Three years engaged in dance studios, even played at different competitions. But this year, due to the fact that her daughter went to school, the time to dance is not enough. And now we take once a week private lesson — dancing Pauline did not want to throw and committed to a dance competition.

Alex: we Have a cottage next to the little stable where we just go and feed the horses. So when we get out to the country, Pauline even takes riding lessons.

— About New year remains very little time. You already know where will you celebrate it?

Alex: Ilya Averbukh gave us the opportunity to relax for two days:
31 December and 1 January. It's fantastic. We'll be home with my daughter, parents will drive.

Maria: a Christmas Tree decorated in advance, with the whole family. This is our tradition! Dad sets up a live tree and we decorate with Fields then. Decorating the Christmas tree is serious business, but very fun! Under the guidance of Alex, our Christmas tree becomes a holiday in beauty, under which a New year is always displayed gifts from Santa Claus!


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