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Irina Bezrukova: "Worthy candidate for the role his men do not see"

"Miracles happen": the actress shares her life hack with all readers

Irina Bezrukovoj lately on unexpected roles. Recently issued a series of "Ray", where she played the sexless "creature" without a purpose in life and desire a change. And last week voiced his character in "the Mentalist". discussed with the actress, the scenario, the perfect holiday and Olivier.

— Irina, how do you choose "your" scenario? Once you see that the role is definitely yours?

— This is an important issue, and I approach it with all seriousness and never in a hurry. The quality of the script varies a lot. Enough offers, and I choose the best or refuse. I can afford it as we don't want to waste time on uninteresting to me personally projects.

But yet ahead of long holidays. What thoughts welcome in the New year?

— With harmonious. (Laughs.) In fact, I try to think positive every day no matter holiday it is the day or not. Everything we think, materializes — visualize what you want to achieve, and this is necessarily true, if you apply enough pressure.

— And you believe in all these rituals: the dress must be of a certain color, and on the table there has to be something that will appease the "owner" of the coming year?

— I suppose this is all just a game. For me is more important the atmosphere is festive, and what color outfit and what a year for one of the many calendars for me practically is not important.

But some dishes on the table there? You do a good cook?

— Signature dish — Yes! The daily cooking. If I'm waiting for to visit friends, we always try to treat them with something tasty that is cooked with his own hands.

— You repeatedly said that adhere to the principle of separation of power. Does this mean that the traditional Olivier and herring under a fur coat on your Christmas table are not present?

— Present, but rather as a pleasant and delicious exception to the rule.

Ирина Безрукова: «Достойной кандидатуры на роль своего мужчины пока не наблюдаю»

Irina is a passionate traveler. Among the favourite routes of the actress is as close to Europe and other exotic napravleniyami:

— Make a wish under the chiming clock?

— It happens. The universe hears everything, just need a very detailed visualization of your desire — it's my life hack for all the readers You know — miracles happen, not only in new year's eve.

— What you wish for yourself in the coming year?

— It's a big secret. You know — if you tell, it won't come true. (Laughs.)

— A year ago in an interview you said that men show you attention, but yet you laugh off. As it is now? Ready for a new relationship?

— Yes, perhaps. Only worthy candidate for the role of his men, is not observed.

In Instagram you said that before NG is going to undergo a colonoscopy. Why? Is it really so important?

— I believe that it is important to know the condition of the body. It seems to me that any sane person understands this, but someone has no time to go to the doctor, and some are just afraid of doctors. Sometimes grown men are terribly afraid of going to dentists, like small children. Among my friends there are. (Laughs.) And in the case of colon cancer, the second most common in Russia, a timely diagnosis is important. It colonoscopy allows time to identify potentially dangerous education. Already in forty years, the risks of this cancer are increasing, especially in women, so it is important to be screened in a timely manner.

— You also said that I try once or twice a year to take the examination of the body. You are so serious approach to their health?

— I'm from a family doctor and a musician and know that prevention is always easier and cheaper than cure. It is easier to adjust something until it is only in the initial stage. I have a lot of work, long hours, travel on huge distances, and why I'm so careful about your health.

— The body responds to you mutual love and respect?

Yes. He endured all the load this year, and they were serious — for example, more than 150 hours of flight in the framework of the tour in Russia this summer.

— Just all celebrate how wonderful you look. How to care for yourself? Do you have any traditional beauty rituals?

— My biggest secret — I keep my promises. Data others and myself. This provides balance and harmony inside me. As far as looks go — I maintain and support that gave me the nature. Regularly visit a beautician, drink plenty of pure water, if possible try to get some sleep.

— You are quite active user of social networks. For you that need some self-expression, an attempt to tell the world what you really are, or just the opportunity to do good deeds and help people?

— You have correctly noticed — all in a complex. And, of course, very important for me the feedback from my subscribers. It so happened that my audience tuned me very positive. Many users regularly write me comments, and this often develops into a dialogue. Someone shares his experience, someone asks for advice. I am pleased, if I mention in their posts of topics that are of concern to my followers too.

Ирина Безрукова: «Достойной кандидатуры на роль своего мужчины пока не наблюдаю»

The actress is also an active user of social seaphoto:

— Usually after a series of Christmas trees all artists in the beginning of January are away on vacation. Where are you planning to go?

Is the burning question every person in the eve of 31 December. (Laughs.) Until they resolve. Now there are several options, interesting content.

— You have an interesting geography field trips. What you imagine your trip?

— There are work trips, and there are for the soul. I like to get in ancient cultures and civilizations of our planet, to touch the oldest buildings on earth. Hence the choice of direction to travel: in Peru, Mexico, China, Japan, India and Hawaii.

— Are there countries which are willing to come back again and again?

— Yes, of course. There are parts in old Europe, where I will be coming back again and again. For example, in the Czech Republic, France and Italy.

— You once called himself a "gastronomic tourist". What impressed you most in this or that trip?

Different country — different culture, including gastronomy. I love exotic fruits — try yourself with them spoiling. It is delicious and not dangerous for the figure. But insects have never dare to try, although many of my pals in the Asian countries themselves to test the courage of such "delicacies".

— What meetings remember?

— Not possible to enumerate them. On tour in Russia met a great number of citizens of our vast country, of different age, ethnicity and religion. On the events in Moscow, met with colleagues and partners in the shootings. In my spare time I tried to meet up with friends.

— What is your journey: to rest from everyone and everything or to see something new?

Depends on the purpose of travel, travel direction, and which company is next. Sometimes the journey is a wonderful opportunity for one to drink tea and look out the window of the coffee shop, for example in Paris or Rome, and to understand that our world is beautiful. And next time we will return to this same cafe, but in a pleasant company of friends and girlfriends.


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