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Ani Lorak: "My talents are revealed really only when I became a mother"

In an interview with the singer speculate on ways to deal with depression, children's self-reliance and a sea of flowers

Ani, as it turns out, during the holidays you actively worked. Here recently released a clip in which you take in several persons...

— Yes, this video is for the song "New former", the clip was directed by Alan Badoev, to whom belongs the idea of multiple female characters that I transform. These heroines, like the many thoughts that live in the mind of every woman when she makes the decision. In this case, the character need make only one decision- to stop the game, which is meaningless and which has lost its former appeal. We have to end the relationship and stop their own internal anxiety and doubt. We filmed a very long scene — just clip the five scenes, and each of them has ten characters. Almost every one of them I play! I think for the audience I appeared in a completely new role.

— In the video your character forgets your ex, you can say through the force, realizing that we need to go further. In your life been in a similar situation?

— Yes, I had to say goodbye, although feelings have not died away and still had their "taste."

— It was probably the best time in your life. How do you cope with the Blues? You have your recipes from the depression?

— I am the same person, like everyone else, and, of course, I get in a bad mood. In order to cope with it, I eat chocolate, take a hot bath, buy myself something and of course listening to music. Music is what helps me in joy and in sorrow. Music is able to be transferred from reality into another world, where the sounds of the velvet voice of Barry white, for example. Or you treats the voice of Amy Winehouse. It's like they become your friends, listen to all this and would even understand you. They sing about what you feel. Listen to music, because music is medicine for the soul.

Ани Лорак: «Мои таланты раскрылись по-настоящему, только когда я стала мамой»

Concerts Ani Lorak absolutely fair called the big show, which boil music stractivate: materials of press-services

— Ani, you're not only a singer but also a mother. Many young girls are afraid to have children, I think they hurt his career. What is your experience?

— A great delusion to think that the child hurt his career. If you are confident, nothing can stop it. For example, I worked until the seventh month, then three months after birth, already came out of the decree. I think when you embody what you know and can work, then the child is not just learning hard work, but proud of you. He gets used to this rhythm, he knows that mommy needs to work. And thereby begins to realize that soon he will go to school and then to University or employment. That is the example you instill a love of discipline. But the main thing is to be happy. Because happy mom, happy child. And poor mom is unhappy children. And to devote themselves only to, say, work properly. But motherhood because it helps in my career!

— I wonder how?

— My talents are revealed really only when I became a mother. Women have hidden potential, which, unfortunately, are asleep until the moment before she has the baby. And when the light appears boy, the girl becomes a real woman, she becomes even more beautiful and talented. As if nature herself wrote the script that reveal all the woman when becomes a mother.

— How you and your husband share the responsibilities of parenting?

— I think I'm responsible for the fun and, of course, spoil the child, what to say. And dad have strict. It is a discipline and it allows the child to understand what "no." Although it is harder and harder it is for the daughter to be the smart, is growing rapidly and has already "figured out" dad. Sonia knows how to cheat, like all children, to come up with some scheme to get what they want. (Smiles.)

— You give the child freedom?

— Of course! Since childhood the daughter herself decides what her dress to wear or what she will eat for lunch. The main task of parents is to raise independent, self-personality, not tie the child to her. When parents tie their children to them, we see a certain result — men for forty years live with their mothers, are unable to marry. And it says that the mother is not helped and hurt the child. And help, this is when parents ask: "Daughter, what you want? Suit yourself."

— Is it easy daughter let you go out on tour?

— I explain to her where it was going, how my day, never keep secrets from her. Some rehearsals take it with you, and if you can't, then explain why.

Ани Лорак: «Мои таланты раскрылись по-настоящему, только когда я стала мамой»

Busy touring schedule does not interfere with Ani and Murat to travel. Recently the couple visited Berlinetta: materials of press-services

— Have you found Sofia school? As far as I know, she's about to go to first class...

— We do select school. There are options, but yet we are not completely determined. Well, there are choice and time.

— With the godfather of your daughter Philip Kirkorov often seen?

— Perhaps not as often as I would like. Godfather and mother Sofia a lot of work, so we most often meet at children's parties, to each other, visit each other, send each other video messages. Try our active work to find time for each other.

If free time is still, what do you prefer doing?

— When I have a day off, I love spending time with my family: cooking Breakfast, playing with my daughter, meet up with friends. I love to watch movies with my husband, sitting on the couch with a Cup of tea. But now in full swing preparing for my new show, and nearly all are free of touring, the time I spend at rehearsals.

Ани Лорак: «Мои таланты раскрылись по-настоящему, только когда я стала мамой»

Sofia, the six year old daughter Ani and Murat, growing samostalni child and was sympathetic to the work of mamatoto: materials of press-services

Ani, your fine figure is all genes or all the same sports and proper nutrition?

— I think that in twenty years are genes, but then to remain in good shape, you need to do. It is impossible to maintain the shape, if you don't take care of yourself. Of course, it is a sport, a moderate healthy eating and self-care. Beautiful woman is well-groomed woman.

— It's no secret that popular artists after concerts take a huge number of colors. After a recent concert in Israel you are even carts for the colors needed. And afterwards you keep the flowers?

— Indeed, in Israel, was given, as the organizers say a record number of colors. I was happy to hear that. We worked as a team, gave love and received applause, lots of flowers, gifts. However, sometimes the flowers do not reach the number because I give them out to employees of theaters, stadiums, hotel leave. Unfortunately, you can't move to another city.


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