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Elena Proklova: "is It not happiness to be needed"

The famous actress, sex symbol of Soviet cinema was not afraid to play the wretched and the poor woman in the play "Pool of love". met with Helen and discussed the cult of youth in the movie, the key to good health and ways to spend earned

— One of your new works — role in the play "Pool of love" by the product of Kuprin "the Pit". What attracted you to this production?

— First of all, it's a classic. One of the favorite authors of Russian literature. I love Kuprin. Was reading them in my youth. Even then the product of "the Pit" made me a very strong impression. And I am very glad that in today's world are turning to the classics. Moreover, this unusual and unusual theatre setting, which combines several genres. And choreography, and vocal folk, and dramatic art. I think this is a very interesting format because, on the one hand, a huge event: there are what to follow, what to admire, what to see, on the other — have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the material, which stirs feelings, emotions, thoughts... And then, I've never played a role of such a plan. Forever heroine-beauty. And here I'm miserable, miserable, sickly woman, which I hope by the end will cause sympathy. It's a big thing to awaken in the viewer a chance to even sympathize with such people. Therein lies probably the great love. Because good is easy to love. But love and sympathize with not very good people — this is a test. If the viewer will be able to experience these feelings towards my character, I will fulfill your most important task.

— At the moment you prefer — the theatre or cinema?

— Of course, theatre. It is an old passion of mine, love. Since seventeen years I worked in the theater: in the Theater, twenty years, then a repertory theatre company, now in the theatre Babkina. I love the theatre because it's a process. Cinema is still work on the result. And then you to him have no relationship. Especially now in the movie, I have no interesting offers. I guess my age is female of no interest from filmmakers. But, I think life does not end. All ahead. (Laughs.)

Елена Проклова: «Это ли не счастье — быть нужным»

Elena Proklova in the film "Mimino"from the film "Mimino"

— Perhaps the filmmakers you have not seen. You look wonderful...

— My age is not very interesting for research. More interested, of course, young fate, passion, love, and everything else is little demand. And the glory of God. That's an uplifting moment that all young. I welcome it. Just like any actress, there is hope that sometime in the future will fly the role that will be meaningful for me and for the audience and for the Director. So we'll see. (Smiles.)

— You twenty years served in the Moscow art Theater. Why in the early 90's you left it?

— I don't remember what year. When Oleg Nikolaevich has retired. More engaged in health. And I just became interested in the theater.

— May be in some kind of backroom squabbles?

— It was timelessness. I'm one of those people who likes to move forward, not sit to wait for something quiet to exist. No. I had a great time. I built a country house, gave birth to another daughter, began to work in the entreprise. So I can't complain. (Laughs.) I think did everything correctly.

Елена Проклова: «Это ли не счастье — быть нужным»

Participation in the show "the Last hero" was for Helen (ninth from left) challenge, which she is perfectly servicesphoto: press service of JSC "First channel"

— In eleven years you become a master of sports in gymnastics. Never regretted that path. Not thinking on the subject of what could happen in your life, you go race track?

— I am one of those people who generally don't have any regrets. I believe that any experience, even negative, is always a plus. Unless, of course, know how to do from this conclusions. And what is there to regret? I am quite a successful actress. I have a lot of work, I demand, I love this profession, I love the audience. Moreover, the fate of athletes often tragic and health, and demand. So everything has to be so, so, beautiful.

Sports helped you in life?

— Yes, of course. I am 64 years old and I do not feel any problems with age or health or flexibility or endurance. FIE-FIE-FIE, not to jinx it. I think it's very serious training, the habit of labor. And it is very useful. Before the release of the play "Pool of love" we have been rehearsing around the clock, but I am not tired. This, of course, training activities.

— You openly talk about your age, but many hide it.

It all depends on the person's character. I know a lot of people who have nothing to hide. Probably need at this age to be proud of what you have. And I can be proud of. Most importantly — I'm saving your health, take care of him.

Елена Проклова: «Это ли не счастье — быть нужным»

The actress has managed to become a good presenter. For five years Helen kept the show on health, together with Gennady Chistyakov Mulahalilovic

— How care?

— A healthy lifestyle, exercise. Swimming, exercise, proper diet, life in the fresh air... And most importantly — a good mood. When every day is perceived as happiness. As a gift. All simple recipes. Well, the Lord God has given good health, thank you mom and dad. The creators of the...

— Are you a believer?

Depends what you mean. If religious — no. But if a believer — Yes, very.

— In the temple not to go?

— Sometimes, once in a while. But I respect any Church, any faith.

Once you were not afraid to participate in the show "the Last hero". Many then were perplexed: why did you do it?..

— It's not love to the extreme — I'm really saving my life. But it is the love of knowledge itself. And the project gave me a chance (and I was forty-five or fifty) to understand that I am in great shape that can compete with the young. And most of all — to win the competition. It was not easy. But I love it when hard. I love the overcoming, the knowledge of their forces and possibilities. They are almost limitless.

Елена Проклова: «Это ли не счастье — быть нужным»

Elena Proklova was married three times. Prodolzhitelnym was her third marriage. For Andrew Trishina Elena got married in 1985. The couple had lived together for thirty years, but in 2015, Elena and Andrey rasslyshat: personal archive Elena Proklova

In his time away on television. How dare, it's a completely different world.

— I never was the presenter — and I got offered to try. Began to turn. Aroused interest. Plus a good financial help that is important. So almost five years I worked with Gennady Petrovich Malakhov. Still ask me why the end of the program. So loved was she by the people. We help ordinary people who do not have enough money for expensive doctors. I'm proud of it. Is it not happiness — to be need?..

— You brought up the topic of money. Many now believe that they solve all...

— They solve a lot. I don't think all. Because if an interesting job, you can work and free. But if you have a family, house and responsibility, you have to earn all contain. This is a serious moment in life. I like the comfort. Love to redecorate your house to do the construction... That inspires me.


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