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Alexander Yatsenko: "stage of apathy is replaced by my aggressive loose"

The actor does not hesitate to admit their vices. Details — in interview

Alexander Yatsenko today on the crest of success. Critics and filmmakers and colleagues rave about the work of the actor and call him a genius. But he really probably a genius — because little is not of this world. With him easy and difficult. It is difficult because unpredictable and easily — because warm and sincere, not shy even of his tears and not afraid to admit flaws.

— Sasha, can we congratulate you on "coming of age" — you're forty years old. Something inside trembled?

— A little bit. Sometimes there is a feeling that I'm an old, old man. (Laughs.) Think: "Ah, before everything was easier, simpler." Forty do not feel, but can you imagine what it is in the books. In General, I really miss childhood. Understand that now not all can afford, because I'm a father, a husband, I have some obligations. But I still don't believe that the good life is over, everything continues just I'm not a kid. (Smiles.)

— Maybe it's just a midlife crisis?

— Probably, it is. At some point, all otherteam so, what do you think: "Why go at all?!", and there comes a melancholy, I can't help myself. And I have been in different stages, from apathetic to aggressive lying spree with a hard exit. (Smiles.) I am ashamed of my behavior, but it happens.

— As this is the wife Maroussia?

The wife, of course, worried, but once I "let go", thinks I can handle myself.

— Absolutely no pressure on you?

— Well no pressure? We fight, we solve these problems. Most likely, I'm wrong, but when I get that inner state, I find it hard to cope with it. Marusya — wise, it may at this time a moment to the side to wait. At some point, I still feel sad and lonely, and I understand that in the wrong direction looking for the exit. And usually it all happens for a triumphant (smiles), with drooping head, I return home. On the other hand, if Mary sees that I get depressed or too melancholic state where you feel absolutely comfortable, she knows me to shake, to stir, for which I am grateful.

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

Maroussia by education advertiser, but understands the creative husband with palosaarentie Avramenko

— And who are in the profession of Marusya?

— She's an advertiser on education. But from the moment we met, Marusya already had. She is a talented artist.

— And loss of normal life usually occur in the intervals between work?

— Yes, this is just from lack of work. When I have a life plan for a period (laughs), it stabilizes. This year I rested, visited India. In total I lived there for two months. But this time I had a strange situation with work, I was twitching: I have to come to Moscow, no. As a result, when I arrived, it turned out that the shoot was canceled and I came back.

Alone was sitting in India?

— No, there I was with my wife and child, mother-in-law was periodically visited and brother. And here I didn't know what to do because I was supposed to do, and the result was nothing to do. And could not go, because the tickets must be ordered in advance. Now I have come to the state. In the meantime, another tragic event. Dad had a third stroke, and I went to see him in Volgograd. My sister and I spent two weeks in the hospital. Then dad was discharged, I went to Moscow began to appear, and fourth of April, the house he died. After mom died he was much missed. At some point in the hospital I told him hugging: "dad, hold on!", and he grabbed me by the hand, moved to his ear and said, "I don't want" — with the accent on the first syllable. For some reason, at the end of his life he began to speak as the grandmother with the grandfather with the Kuban Cossack dialect.

— Despite the fact that you have a sister, grandchildren, it is still not holding...

— Yes, I have two beautiful nephews and niece, and godchildren, but it is not saved. Last summer went Marusin dad, having to tend my Miroslav and my and him were only three days when we arrived in Volgograd. The boy came, and the two men left. That's strange... Well, I have a sister there, she took over. Together we organized the funeral and the Wake. Inevitably be different, because no one can say "Papa", "Mama".

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

Son Miroslav for two and a half, godatta: personal archive of Alexander Yatsenko

It is very sad and hard. But you are the father for almost two and a half years. I think it still helps to survive these terrible losses.

— Yes, to Miroslav for two and a half years. He is amazing. I see that every day he discovers something new. And for me incredible fun to watch as he was busy with something, how it responds to some simple things. By the way, I am "lark", and when you used to Wake up at five or six in the morning, didn't know what to do. Sometimes just staring at the ceiling. And now it all came together. Miroslav also wakes up at this time, and we, now mum's asleep, having a wonderful time — playing, chatting. He likes to check that everything is all right at home. In General, we immediately began a very active life. And I like it, I'm not tired, but rather because the son felt a surge of strength. We do not have direct contact happened. When he was very young, I was not able to calm him down, he in my arms crying and the mother asks. And I confess that I was worried about that. (Smiles.)

Miroslav talks?

— Almost no. He says "Mama", but "daddy" is rare. Moreover, when it I beg to say "daddy", put pressure on him, he'll never tell.

— All in the Pope, then...

— Probably, Yes. But I think it's good.

— You often travel together, even on long journeys. The risk-takers...

— Yes, and it's great! Afraid of what? Now we all went to Sakhalin film festival. And it was perfect!

— By the way, "Arrhythmia" and received prizes and you was named best actor. It is a pity that dad didn't see it. But well, the parents still have time to catch your progress...

— Yes, mom was very happy for me. She attended every premiere. Boris Khlebnikov, we celebrated whether "cap", whether it was a Banquet after the filming of the picture, and mom was there, and was just happy. All she said good toast about me and Bob, and Proshkin, and Eugene Smirnov and Pavel Derevyanko. She then told me that she felt just like a dream.

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

Popularity came to an actor after painting "I'm not in pain"Photo: materials of press-services

So which parent is more character like and who were closer?

— My dad once and told almost all his life he was very silent. Like a son I talked more with my mom. She told me and poems opened. In her notebook was written a lot of poetry, beautiful penmanship. At home, I think we only read from it. Collected waste paper and then bought coupons on books. But first I got to the Luggage, where lay the magazine "Around the world" for many years. Then I wrote out "the Young technician", "Young naturalist", "Pioneer truth". And dad only read the newspaper, more sports. And the hardest fight we had, when dad was on TV football. At this time, it was nothing else to watch. For mom, I even like the fact that not really to save. Funny, but I like it everywhere turn on the light. Mother is an economist by training, liked to throughout the apartment the lights were on, and dad followed her through the rooms, turning off and saying: "why don't you save, economist!" (Laughs.) I have an analytical mind and intuition, and from the Pope — some foolishness, recklessness, carelessness, he is such a... pirate. Dad was a captain, went to different trucks, the last ten years on passenger ships. Remember we have the whole family sailed from Volgograd to Astrakhan, it was a happy time. I wanted on the boat with someone to meet you, but was a little unclear age, seniors are already slightly separated, and with the change I was not interested. I remember that even suffered (laughs), contemplating all alone. I'm kind of shy, though you do not say, I guess. So come up and say: "Hello, I'm Sasha, let's be friends!", for me this spirit is not enough. When it will enchant anything, then you can do so.

— When you feel the first success that could charm someone?

— In the school drama Studio, or rather, the club of seniors. I played the main role of Pinocchio and then realized that half of students looking at me differently. Then I felt something similar when played in the Center of drama and directing at Michael Pokrass in the play "Not about to speak". He was seven years old. There was a great atmosphere — light and serious at the same time. Then I met with the Mindaugas Karbauskis. And I was too subdued. It seemed to me that these two people are similar in their energy and approach to business. I learned a lot about the profession and learn from Mindaugas. Played in his performance of "Snuff" "the Story about happy Moscow". But then, it happened, I left the theater. The theater is a completely different story. Probably, it must be earned.

— What movie do you react?

— A movie I loved and tried to spend time at the TV. Thank God, my parents for it did not reproach. Watched a thousand times by many films. And in the tenth grade, I immediately classmates dragged to the club high school students, which was led by Larisa, Larisa, who later became the wife of my classmate Sasha Fedotov. We had a very interesting class. We were going after school, cooking holidays and skits, and later the plays were set. And I suddenly got into it, I was wondering... antics. And then I tried to enter the Studio in Experimental theatre and did not pass, because then was not at all ready for it.

— Afraid?

— Very! Remember, drank a few pills of Valerian, thought I would help. Went with me to the theater Sasha Fedotov, he was waiting for me, I was shaking, Valerian did not help. I have read it, probably awful, and I was immediately eliminated. And then I went to Tambov.

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

The film "Arrhythmia" has already collected several nakedphoto: materials of press-services

— It chose the Tambov? In Moscow or in Peter to not seem like a dare?

— There was very kind. I phoned, but about Moscow and St. Petersburg didn't even think, could not imagine that this is possible. Or was afraid. In General, looking for something closer to Volgograd. To Tambov was five hundred kilometers, half the distance from Volgograd to Moscow. Mom and dad supported me, said, "Sure, try it!" She helped to leave, her friend worked at the Volgograd bus station. Somehow she cried when I was sitting on the bus, and I was so uncomfortable! She tried to hide it, but cried even harder. I felt it all through the glass... then I knew very little about the theatre. Remember the first time I played the Diogenes, and Natalia Vitalievna, my teacher, said, "Oh, you ain't so kisser?!", then came on stage and said, "What are you watching? Kiss me!" I was in complete daze. In General, the first course was filled with emotion. Then do a lot of personal events going on, I was growing up. I remember once we got back to the Dorm and found our friend who decided to commit suicide and cut myself. And we saved him. In the first year there were constant battles with the locals. It is also a serious school.

— But you've just arrived on Director's faculty, and graduated as a teacher...

— Yes, it was the first cultural Institute, the second year he joined a teacher's College, and he became Tambov state University named Derzhavin, which was not very good for universities. At some point I felt like I studied, but in the end I have a diploma snooze. I graduated not a Director and teacher, head of the art team. And it plunged me into depression. What to do? To go to the theater Lunacharsky in Tambov or to go back to Volgograd and get there? And then there were people who said, "Sanya, you have to go to Moscow."

— What kind of people?

— For the fifth year in Tambov there has arrived on tour course Mark Zakharov, where he studied Olesya Zheleznyak, Sergei Frolov, Dmitry Dyuzhev. Dima was an unknown, but very awesome actor. I saw them play "the Morning bride", where he experienced the shock. It was the oxygen splash, and our course decided to organize a meeting with them. We brought pickles, boiled potatoes, moonshine got it. And when the guys came to us, we were stunned by our generosity, and we began the skits show. And here they me and asked: "what are you going to do next?" I said, "don't know". They said, "Come, this year we produced, Zakharov rate gains". Perhaps then they threw me in this grain. Then he returned from Moscow, my friend, is a very interesting actor Igor Miloserdov. We drank in our kitchen, and he also said that it is necessary to try.

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

In the TV series "Ekaterina" Yatsenko plays Peter Foo: materials of press-services

— You've completed all the tours in GITIS at Zakharova, then at the contest you were suddenly off...

— Yes, and it was also a good boost. At first I was thrown into some abyss, and then pushed, like a lifeline. And I was asked to go as a volunteer. The whole first month I felt a boost of energy that I thought possible. I also had two beautiful girlfriend, I read poetry and was in love with one of them in Maya... And September was nahorodny and negodoval, so I occasionally on the street fell asleep. Romantic time!

— A Dorm you had not given us?

— No, I was a free listener. The hostel I was given only in December. In late September I was approached by a Victor in a press conference and without any emotion said, "Yatsenko, go to the Dean's office". But I felt that it was good. But I nothing worked, I felt instinctively but could not understand what to do. Thank God that at some point I started to move in the right direction, Zakharov became me to say, and I exhaled.

— I know that she loved your sketches, but he recommended you to the analyst to apply...

— Yes! He always talked with very significant face and once asked me: "Alexander, what's your patronymic?", I said, "Viktorovich". "Alexander, you need to see a shrink". "Yes?!" And he so seriously said, "Yes. Ask him for pills, and that all the parameters will soon go mad". And he's right, because that little demon is always there.

Almost at the end of the school you were expelled from the Institute. How did you survive that?

— Again, thanks Zakharov because he's so strong, took and drove without talking. I could not resist and got into a fight with a teacher. I really respect Zakharova for this act. I think he and I are so very helpful. Periodically, I flirt. Once the shooting shot in the head with blank cartridge. Saved me that by some miracle the costume designers put on me stupid helmet, which I didn't really like, but I put up with it. And now this helmet is burnt through. I have it stored as a reminder. Everything was very serious, the more I got into the temple area. I think that I have slowed down time. In that second I saw gray all, especially the instructor-gunsmith, which I failed. If I had shot himself in the head, he'd go to prison.

Yeah! You should try a knife edge to walk less, while remaining a kid.

— Yes, it is necessary to keep it all in check. I have for each project something happens. I come across Directors who require from me some kind of dedication.

And Boris Khlebnikov, your friend who is not afraid for you?

— Bob too. Of course, he will not throw me into the fire. But I ready for anything. To me often come to me and say: "Sanya, what you have there is no agent? It's supposed to do a stunt". For example, Sergei Ursulyak on "Quiet flows the Don" pyrotechnics gave the instruction: "Sanya, you're going to ride a horse. Throw the torch — stay away from him. As soon as he enters the window, we are fucking. Your task is not to fall off the horse". And you think: "it may, however, call the agent?" (Smiles.) But at some point do the double, it say: "dear God, thank you." If there was a stuntman, had to cut the frame. And so it turned out very nice. But in "Quiet flows the Don" all of us periodically jumping into the water, in a trench two meters in winter. Serezha — but he loves selfless actors.

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

And in the psychological drama "insight" he has the role of slipulate: materials of press-services

Well, I have a feeling that you are the actor the psychological plan and that your role though, and require severe nervous recoil, but not as risky for life.

— This psychological role, as Sasha Kott in "Insight" — is also a joy. We Face (Agrip-pins Steklov. — Approx. ed.) worked almost in the genre of pantomime, was a little clowns. They praised me to the audition, I said I don't know how to play blind, and Sasha told me: "Calm down, you got blind sight." But the hero in "Arrhythmia" a lot from me, it was easy to play.

And that hero from you?

— I think it is not worth while to disclose. When we were sitting, happy with yourself and the process, and talked, and I said, "Bob, how nice that you found me I'm so glad he is not old." The fact that the scenario of the hero twenty-six years. And Bob looked at me and said, "San, I'm sorry, it really is all for you and write. But for some reason, then came another age, and we all tried".

— You are so intuitive in the choice of work or is it luck that you have all the projects very interesting and successful?

— I can honestly say that I'm very elect, that is. Sometimes, of course, that I chose, but most often it was unfortunate. I waited three years and then I was refused. So go with the flow of the river, sometimes somewhere approach.

— Yes, and in life in General you are all the time saved, is faced with good and interesting people...

— Yes, probably, I have some strong guardian angels, because otherwise I would never have got out of many situations. My wife calls the lucky one. It is believed that everything comes easy to me, I force not apply. But in fact the path that is behind us, passed with great effort, until the battles over friends, which harnessed only I.

— After Boris Khlebnikov also arose by chance?

— Bob is a completely different story. He appeared and became not that other, as a kind of benchmark for me. I look up to him. I think it surprisingly fits my idea of the man. I have such little people. But they are there: Yevhen Tkachuk, Sasha, PAL, Rinal Mukhametov. These are my friends. And Jack Full, so I saw him the other day and realized so much in love with him. I look at him and see that he's an amazing actor, invisible, but it makes me so happy to go, as if an additional light is turned on. You're feeling is Eugene Fed came. Yeah, Rinal, and PAL Sasha and Evgeny Tkachuk, also lanterns. I may be someone not mentioned, but I sometimes there are. Sorry, that is not always enough time for socializing. And in General, I believe in people who believe in a fairy tale.


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