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Fedor Lavrov: "I do not deny nor ex-wives, no girls"

The actor admits that now happily married

Fedor Lavrov was born in the family of the St. Petersburg theatre of actors, but it's not strewn his way with roses and even had me worried when choosing a career. He admits that because of their obsession with work have lost two families, but now, despite the dedication, priorities changed. Having moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the actor changed his place of service with BDT on the Mat and got a new family, where he had two children, daughter Martha and son Frol.

— Fyodor, about you can say that I grew up behind the scenes?

— Of course! I spent my childhood and adolescence in the youth Theatre where my mother worked, and at the Maly drama with dad. (Father — people's artist Nikolai Lavrov. — Approx. ed.). But by and large grew up on the streets, among the youths and rascals. (Smiles.) In the nineties it was full of thieves and bandits, and many of them were once my friends, with whom I went to school and lived in the same house on moss. So the street was largely raised by my mom and dad were gone at work from morning till night. And if at a younger age main free life was behind the scenes, in the conscious more interesting was the port wine to drink, than to be stuck in the theater or sit at the piano and peck studies. I was closer to the subcultures — rock musicians, punks. Existed in Peter such places of worship as the transition of "pipe", where they sang songs, hung out, smoked weed, and I smoked. Years was hungry, entertainment from youth, not too a lot of money but less. So someone earning songs in the transitions, and someone gloves on the market steal.

— Mom and dad paid attention to the fact that you smelled of alcohol, and how to treat your late coming home?

— I became an adult quite early. Sixteen have entered the Institute, and is a completely different life. Schoolboy nominally was considered to be a home person, although it came and went when they wanted and could stay anywhere. Neither the Pope nor the mother did not prevent this. Although, of course, if I came home with the smell of wine, the cuffs I got it. From the grandmother to the high school was Hyper. It makes me very scared and made again with two thick lines to emphasize their personal space, to which entrance was forbidden.

— I know that your interests included medicine. How and where it started and how combined with other interests?

— Not a hindrance. It's a question of desire and passion. Subculture, pipe, rock sessions and interviews with the punks — it's still a bit of a secret life in which I could devote quite a few. But the medicine was quite formal, which is not that welcomed, but accepted. In General, I could one day have time to visit and there and there and there. As for medicine, I have always had an interest in the human body and with a deep childhood, I madly respect this noble profession. In school I always loved biology, botany. What gave the impulse, I do not know.

— In any studios and theatrical circles you do?

I was briefly in Theatre of youth creativity and can't say I'm fascinated, I was much more interesting to watch the actors at rehearsals dad or mom. Adults something seriously engaged, and you, kid, watch and think, "Here it is, now!"

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

Little Fyodor was an independent person and safeguarding personal postranstvovat: personal archive of Fedor Lavrov

— But then you're not going to become an actor.

— Yes, but apparently inside still sat. And I wanted to be someone appreciable. Even now, when I see a passionate, artist of his craft, take off my hat, even if he is a janitor. And among doctors and artists I came across such people.

— And at you houses was mainly actors, Directors, or people from other areas?

— In the parental home were artists and linguists, and physics... All this environment — grandma's and grandpa's, dad's and mom's friends and acquaintances, what is called in the good sense of the "white bone", was my habitat. And, of course, I was soaked.

— With whom of your friends you're at home in childhood or adolescence communicated mentally?

— Uncle Sasha Alexander. And I remember at the cottage we Lev Abramovich Dodin in the hammock rolled. Zinovy ya Korogodsky visited our house, a lot of great St. Petersburg artists and those who painted the scenery and designed books. Our family was friends with a great theoretical physicist, God rest his soul, uncle Mitya by Diakonov. Especially companionable person was the Pope, my current circle of friends is smaller than then it. Of course, Peter more settled life than in Moscow, and a dacha was where everyone came, ate meat, drank wine, sang songs and talked, joked...

— You must be enjoying it? Feels like you now nostalgically remember about it.

— Of course. It was very interesting to be at the table. I was a kid, but "warmed the ears", that is, I liked the stories they told. But mostly my father's friend was uncle Vladimir Menshov, beautiful Vladimir Valentinovich. January 1, we always began with the fact that either he called us from Moscow or dad to him. At eight in the morning on 1 January. Uncle Volodya put something in the youth Theatre when both were very young, and there became friends. And the first person I told about the death of his father, too, was uncle Volodya. And not so long ago we played two main roles in the film "Ivanov", the father and the son. And it was so wonderful to work with him, to be in the same boat. And we were shooting in St. Petersburg, I arranged a family meeting, called Mama, in General, everything was fine. I had a lot of questions for him. After his father died, I met with Vladimir V. once we have interviewed for some reason, and here we have a good long talk enough, and shared experiences, and discussed many things.

— Dad died when you were twenty-five years. This event has divided life into before and after?

— Of course, it is a watershed, a rupture of the umbilical cord, rethinking everything. We mother each other support. I then was still fragile, because I haven't achieved anything significant in the profession. It is now starting to calm down and deal with the case, and not the legwork and find it.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

With his wife Helen and youngest children Martha and Roomphoto: Victor Goryachev

— You knew in childhood and adolescence, my dad things are going better than mom's? People's artist, he go to the theater, he starred in the movie...

— In principle, understood, but the family was not doing an accent. Any negativity did not exist. Mom worked, dad worked, they respected the work of each other, went to each other plays, discussed them. And they were both workaholics. Mum's still a workaholic.

— As you would do with a name?

I tried to hide, whose son am I, but it is clear that round on the second or third everyone understood. I had already graduated from the Institute, and around still say: "Oh, it Colicin son." I also wanted to be myself.

— Peter was two Laurels. Asked, not relative, if you Kirill Lavrov?

— Asked, of course. In BDT it I just took. But we are not relatives, but with Masha, his daughter, we are in "Vassa Zheleznova" played brother and sister. When I was on tour, stood in the vestibule Smoking and agreed that we were related. Kirill met me funny, said "Well Hello there, namesake!" Surprisingly interesting was the guy. For the BDT has done a lot: if not him, it would have fallen apart after Tovstonogov. Now there's artistic Director, Andrey Moguchy, a close friend of mine. I staged in St. Petersburg, and now we are with him all the time got a job where he directed, and I'm an artist. And it's possible that next season it will be held. And my oldest daughter Glasha plays him in "the Storm" and learn from him on directing. When I am in St. Petersburg, I always come to Andrew for a coffee.

— In LGITMiK immediately had the feeling that you are in his place?

— No, first year was just hell, I didn't know what I want and what I'm doing here. It was scary to go to the site, in General, drawn not bright prospects. Then gradually something happened. In parallel, I played music, I had my own group. I searched here and there, because then the movie almost didn't, it was the nineties.

— And in the MDT, where he worked for daddy, didn't call?

— No. I have with this theater is not on good terms, although I have great respect for Lev Abramovich. I've seen in MDT immediately after graduation, but I found unready for them. And I went your way.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

A daughter from his first marriage Glafira followed in the footsteps of occupato: personal archive of Fedor Lavrov

— Dodin in the hammock rolled, and the theater did not take. Kidding.

— Well, that's fine. He is a realist and did the right thing for me. Then, when dad did not, my name was there, but I refused. And then, of course, was hurt, painful, unpleasant. But it became a serious lesson: we need to move on and not to die.

— Some of the actors are other outs of such situations...

— Yes! Peter do these famous. I have a lot of friends, most talented guys were there and very people do not like. When I was waiting for the movie for months, too, of course, started drinking. We needed to act, time was running out, youth is when you need to invest, to work. But still I from movie lucky, because in St. Petersburg, I got to such Directors as Alexander Sokurov, Alexey Herman, Alexei German Jr., Irakli Kvirikadze. I was lucky to touch and participate in the movie a global scale. So I'm spoiled in that sense. And dad starred in a decent film Directors, although names from the Pantheon.

— Have you been with him?

— Of course, for me, a month and a half in Berdyansk on the spit where dad worked Konstantin Raikin and other cool artists, and Evgeny Ginzburg, was a godsend. We boys rode there in a coffin as a boat. And for the filming of "the Isle of lost ships" caught up with a bunch of old ships, and children were Lafayette run on them. As we were not drowned, don't know. Especially interesting when filming stunt scenes: flames, explosions, shooting... On us, boys, it all made a great impression.

— A few years ago, you moved to Moscow and joined Moscow art theatre. No doubt with the adoption of such a serious decision?

— No. Called personally TOBACCOS. What can there be doubt?! But first, I'm a little taught on the course, Kirill Serebrennikov, then we had staged "Okolonolya" in "Snuff", and then there were the "Thugs" in the "Gogol-center". Oleg Pavlovich saw it, invited to the conversation and immediately made an offer I could not refuse. Yes, and Peter I became a bit tired, some sort of preservation began to happen.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

In "sailor's silence" the actor plays Abraham, Swarnalata: press service of the theatre p/R Oleg Tabakova

— You "Snuff" playing. Not so long ago, "sailor's silence" came out and "Bench" — in my opinion, you have beautiful work. By the way, I have something to compare, I saw the play at the Moscow art Theater with Tabakov and Doronina...

— You must not have seen the show with my dad at his theater. Many say that it was the best "Bench" in the country. Dad dragged me in rehearsals and performances, so I remember. Oleg Pavlovich laughed, told me: "So, you're still then started to rehearse the 'Bench". And Alexey Muradova on this production in "Snuff" has led me.

— The hero has a complicated history. And there's been a lot of personal vicissitudes. You once said that two families have lost work.

— Yes, because I used to work and profession put in the forefront. There is somewhere a family — well, no — not necessary. And who is that attitude like? I had quite radical views, so we did. And now, apparently, God me a little crazy spiked or experience, so I slightly changed his views.

— You married very early — at twenty years...

— I guess that I needed, but it still stood in the first place. Important to human self-realization, and for an actor with a sick pride. If you're not cut out for success, what do you do in this profession?! All going for glory. Not for the scent the scenes. Here it is: "live many lives" — nonsense, not true. At least in the beginning. Then draw, acquire tool — and then the interest you taxis. And my "tool" was lucky because in my life, as I said, a lot was going on was where to eat.

— You were talking about defending your personal space, already in adolescence. What about with Hyper-care and personal space in your family?

— Thank God, while such problems did not arise, because Lena is a very delicate person. Extra care I do not feel her. She understands where my space and my time. I gotta get to work, negotiations, and in these moments does not bother me. We do things quite openly. If you need advice, help — I give her a call. Or if I see that Lena has some problems, can you suggest something. In this sense we have an understanding.

The head of family are you?

Technically I am, but usually everything is solved in a collegial manner. However, if we are talking about something global: moving, changing apartments, repair, rest, the last word for me. (Smiles.) For example, I choose a route, and Lena is responsible for hozchast.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

"Bench" our hero began to "rehearse" in detstve. On a scene of theatre p/R O. Tabulate: press service of the theatre p/R Oleg Tabakova

— What household chores do you like to do?

— Love to cook. And I love plants, I have a lot of flowers on the window sill and on the balcony. Say: "a Samurai must be able to grow flowers, write poetry, and after thirty years to take care of their health." This is the code of Bushido. I was in my earliest youth health issues, I lay a long time in hospitals and there was a pinch cuttings of plants. Many of them I live at home still. One nibble Sokurov on the set of "Father and son". In General all my plants — significant. Something brought back from Minsk, then from Kiev, then from Ecuador. One of my friends the psychologists said: "It's you trying to piece together".

— Health problems resolved?

— Yes, all right. Although I am not a doctor, but I understand that the body is much smarter than us, he himself can adjust. You just need to hear it. If you never dream, it means that the body works properly, he plays off the subconscious and engaged. As Hippocrates said: "to cure the body, you must turn it off", as well as a broken arm is immobilized.

Lena — international lawyer. Where did you meet?

— She went to our shows, loved my band. We cooked in one party. She was still small, we have a difference of seven years, it seemed like a lot, I did not even identified. And later in the gallery called my sister Lisa Savina on the Fontanka near the theatre where my friends and I came in, chatted, drank wine, I once met Lena. And already drew attention to it. Then we left again together and after some time realized that we were missing each other.

— And how you courted her, than he took?

Sincerity. (Smiles.) When I sincerely feel the lofty sentiments, courtship develop themselves. I do love to give gifts, and everything was going according to the dictates of the heart. And Lenk, apparently, liked that it made me happy and pleasure. We had constant empathy, we felt the same. And a lot of talking.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

In the movie "Money" Lavrov played the main role of the counterfeiter Alexey Barannikova: materials of press-services

— And now?

— And now, too, considering various situations, discuss movies, plays and all sorts of complicated things happening at work including. By the way, I do believe that all need to speak. It's like with kids when you raise them. I, of course, a matter of respect, is the man who can hold it in, but I'm not. But with family we must speak all, this is the key that must be used. (Laughs.)

— She's interested in your work?

— Of course. It is largely a partner who shares my sorrows and joys. But there is an internal actor's kitchen. Maybe she would find that interesting, but why should it be shipped? She has her own opinion on my work.

Something may totally dislike. And then what?

— Anything can happen. (Laughs.) Sometimes listen and make conclusions, and sometimes, go ahead. We both have a voice and an opinion.

— Lena is not jealous of you mates, after all she is a human from another world?

— At first it was. How?! Kissing some other woman in bed. But she knew, the man you married went. Such a profession, the rules of the game.

— You have to be Lena, it seems, relations were among the Actresses.

— It's habitat, so all natural. Of registers. But enough of that. (Smiles.)

— You're not from one of his marriage don't give up, believe that everything happened as need?

— Of course. No wives, no girls. In that sense I'm a fatalist. Remains experience you will discover with some other side. Nothing happens accidentally, I think. And relationships with the opposite sex especially.

— At what age did you get interested in male-female topic, you wanted to care?

— Quite early. Dating went to class with four. More serious — also in school, in high school. I don't know how it was at the heartstrings, but the scar still remained. At that age everything is much sharper. Therefore, the first love (and she's usually miserable) and remembered. She puts a stamp on the personality of the person.

— A marriage in the Institute was a male thing or a dashing boy?

I do not know. But I always play fair. So every time when they fell in love, believed that this is it. And then it seemed to me that it happened consciously, at least wanted to give the report, I tried. But what happened, happened.

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

In the tragicomedy "Cloth Union"Photo: materials of press-services

In any case, was a good daughter Glasha. How you were a father in his mid-twenties?

— I realized that this is my daughter. And my father Glasco just loved, they have their own life was. And though we with the wife quite sharply divided when my daughter was only three years old, but responsibility for it still remained with me. I never Glasha never parted. Now I grow two more Aryan, March, and Frol, although older Nordic temperament.

— You talk about kids that I think you can twist the rope...

— Yes and no. I can hard to be with them. If you show the firmness of their intentions, do not go back on their word, not to indulge the whims — this is the stiffness. With Glascow we periodically had a terrible fight, she is by nature more like my mom, very stubborn people. I, too, obstinacy are present, so we've had some serious hassle. I haven't talked to her for a long time.

— But with Lena, it's never happened?

— Lenka ... we have been that we for two days could remain silent. But before the disaster, these quarrels never came. Although now she tells me that for the first six months of living together we fought so often that it just exhausted the entire stock. (Laughs.) But my obstinacy is mainly concerned with the profession or the situation when you need to get results. If I'm correct goal, no matter what, ready to give everything very seriously.

— Fyodor, you've crossed the figure of forty, and you have three children. Feel that older guy?

— No, I was a teenager, and it still is! Although from that time remained a Dr Martens shoes, "twin Peaks" and the music of the band Einsturzende Neubauten.


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