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Oded Fehr: "I think of myself as a good guy, but look in the mirror and scared"

The owner of a demonic appearance, the actor was a sensitive and delicate person

Oded Fehr is an American actor, whose life is closely connected with Europe and Israel. He became famous for his roles in such cult films as "the Mummy" and "Resident evil." The owner of a demonic appearance, fer plays villains and a mysterious foreign Prince, but may be one of the most sensitive and thin people you will ever meet.

— Oded, not so long ago, flew to Moscow. Before you travel have you had some expectations associated with Russia and Russian people?

— I think the expectations I had are the same as most Russians of my age, traveling to America. You hear everywhere about the "cold war," spies, wiretaps. When an American goes to Russia, it is already configured that Americans here don't like. But I assumed it was all myths and so it proved. Architecture and local way of life seem to me something very close, familiar. I grew up in Israel, worked in Budapest, Turkey, Morocco, so I have been to more exotic places. Moscow is just a beautiful European city with a splash of Soviet culture.

— You encounter our "brand" of Russian gloom, what it shows in Western movies?

— I think the Russians a lot of smiling! I lived in Germany the Germans seem strict at first, but should get to know them better and realize they are much nicer inside. I grew up in Israel, and the Jews is also complicated. They may seem rude, but it's all in the translation difficulties. In Hebrew, you just say, "I want water" or "I want coffee". In English it is common to say: "what do you think, can I have a glass of water?" In the restaurant of Israel, if you turn in a similar manner to the waiter, he replied: "You want a glass of water or not?! What do you care what I think?" (Laughs.)

— Russian audience you are primarily known for the films "Resident evil" and "the Mummy", the latter was literally a cult. What roles do you consider to be the most emotionally important and significant in your career?

— Role in "the Mummy" was my first work and laid the Foundation for my future acting career. I will never forget that period of life. His greatest achievement in the drama genre, I think the role in the television movie "get to Know the enemy." I was delighted with the script of this series, we today cooperate with the authors. Work on "Secret connections" was incredibly fun and exciting on set I felt very comfortable, just like home.

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

The picture "Resident evil: Apocalypse" – one of the star roles Terakado from the movie "Resident evil: Apocalypse"

— Is there a role You always wanted to play?

— I write a lot, so I rather would like to create a number of characters and roles. In terms of acting it was always my dream to play Shakespeare on the stage and to return to the theater. Immediately after Moscow I went to Colombia, where he participated in the first in my life a TV show in Hebrew. I've never done anything like this. It was very new and inspiring.

You said would like to return to the theatre?

— Would like. But the theatre brings a lot of money and takes a very long time. If I tell my wife that for six months leave with a theatrical troupe, she'll kill me! In addition, I am a very responsible father and he can't leave for long.

— Responsible, attentive father is a great find! If you could teach your children only one lesson, what would you have taught them?

I want them to grow into good people, give others chances and tried to treat everyone fairly.

— You have noticed them those or other talents? I can assume their future profession?

The eldest son was present on all of my shots since childhood. He has no interest in acting, but he loves everything related to technology. From an early age he creates music videos, loves special effects. He also writes beautifully, but he's only fourteen, so I don't know yet, will he have enough perseverance to develop that talent. My middle daughter is definitely an artist. She constantly draws, sews, makes something with their hands. For example, she creates miniature paper the layout of the farm beds to grow cabbage leaves, and nearby there are small shops, table. Who will be the youngest? We don't know yet. Perhaps a thief? She likes to steal things. (Laughs.)

— The theme of strong families — a sure way to the heart of a Russian woman. We are not so emancipirana as, for example, Germans or Americans... we Have a strong tradition, so you are definitely our hero. How do you keep strong and warm relationship in marriage in spite of your popularity?

— First of all we are always open to ideas and opinion of each other. It is also important that we met in the age, it was about thirty years old. We already knew what we want to avoid. When I first met my future wife was a famous producer, partner of Sean Connery. All went to the fact that the role of housewife in the family I'm. But then she got pregnant, and everything turned upside down. Wife decided that she wanted to stay home and raise children. A happy marriage is not only work. We want to support each other. And no matter what we do, we do this idea of partner. Relationships do not work if one puts himself above the other.

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

In the Comedy "deuce bigalow" family-oriented reincarnated as a gigolo Antoinet from the movie "deuce bigalow"

— What do you particularly like about your wife?

— It makes no distinction between people. When we met, she was a successful producer, revolved in the highest circles. Her father was a Bank Vice President. However, when I first came to their house, we ate cheap pizza with cardboard plates and a disgusting salad from the corner store. I felt no embarrassment or awkwardness for itself in a circle of this very rich family. They behaved just like were gardeners or farmers. The front door of their house is equally open to all. At that moment I realized: this woman is very real, which is rare in Los Angeles. It's a hard city to love.

— You came to Russia for the filming of the political Thriller "the Oracle: the game face-down." What attracted you to this project?

— I'm curious to take part in the movie where the Russians are playing the good guys, not the bad, as is often the case in American cinema. It'll be fun. Also I have long wanted to visit Russia.

— Do you play in the film?

The ringleader of the protests, which is used in order to overthrow the government. The film also stars Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Aleksey Chadov, Marat Basharov. It will be an interesting experience.

— When you made the decision to participate in the Russian film, did you consider the tensions between Russia and the United States? Have you thought at all about this?

— I didn't. Was really easy for me to make that decision, since I'm constantly traveling all over the planet. Moreover, as a person who speaks Hebrew to me to be problematic in Arabic-speaking countries than in Russia. However my wife, who grew up in America during the "cold war" was not that scared, but, you see, take a trip to Hawaii she would be familiar. (Laughs.) Then we came here, everything here was just perfect, and I have no reason to believe that my impression will change. I will give an example with the Canadians. These are the nicest people on Earth, they are so friendly that in some point you starting to think: these guys have something to hide. But I have lived in Canada for a long time and I can assure you, Canadians really are very nice. Same thing with the Russians is good people, and I don't expect no second bottom.

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

In the Mummy Oded played the leader of the descendants of the guards of Pharaoh. This role brought him international izvestnosti from the movie "the Mummy"

— Do you like something from Russian art?

— Chekhov, Stanislavsky huge in its effect, I learned in acting school. I grew up in Israel, where the most famous actors of theatre and cinema had Russian roots. In the nineties, during mass Russian migration to Israel was the most popular theatre in the country — and it was Russian theatre. So my feeling of culture of Russia is largely associated with life in Israel.

— What country would you prefer to live if I were not tied to work?

— My wife and I really love Europe and often discussed the possibility of moving. We like the sense of history that prevails in England, France, Spain... We love Italy.

— You have the appearance of a negative character, and although this type is usually very attractive to women, how do you feel about frequent offers to play the villain and a villain?

Personally, I think of myself as a good guy, but sometimes I look in the mirror and get scared. (Laughs.) It would be boring to play a character who is bad only for it to be bad. I look at the situation differently: the bad guys are actually good guys with a different agenda. They just do what you believe in, and aspire to what you think is right. To themselves they seem good! Every evil, vile man can at the same time to be loving and happy. We all like al Pacino in "the Godfather", although, in fact, he plays a terrible person. I tried to do something similar in the TV series "Know the enemy": to make the audience to love the hero and at the same time ashamed of their sympathy.

Even the terrorists you seek to show is ambiguous, having your truth...

— The creators of the series "Know the enemy" tried to examine the motives and goals of jihadists. This is not a one-sided film, it shows different points of view. But I personally do not believe in the efficacy of violence, in whatever form it is expressed. I don't understand the phenomenon of terrorism. When I was younger, I believed that people stopped killing each other, you just give them a chance to show the life without hunger, poverty, implement them in a society where there are roads, food, work, education. It was my theory. September 11 changed everything. A poor man does not take flying lessons. Those terrorists had money, but they still did what they did, did not give up hatred and "mission." However, it is our responsibility as people leading a blessed life, which has affordable food, housing, work, is to give others a chance and show them a different side of things. Instead of hate and fear, we must demonstrate the desire of the world.

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

In the role of demon Zanko in the TV series "Charmed"scene from the series "Charmed"

— Let's assume that Russian actor, following your example, goes to the shooting in the United States. What advice would you give him?

— I would advise not to surround themselves Russian, to communicate with the locals and thus to study culture from the inside. Moving to another country, people often strive to create a comfortable circle of compatriots, continue to eat familiar foods, live in neighbourhoods dominated by immigrants from their countries. When I was in acting school in England, I tried to communicate not only with the Israelis. Much more interesting to dive into a foreign culture, to do what in the daily life of the locals do. It is important to get rid of my accent, so as not to limit their roles only Russian characters. The advice is: work hard, be friendly and don't consider myself a star.

— At what age and why did you decide to become an actor?

— I was about twenty-three years old at the time I lived in Germany. I'm the third child in the family and always felt like a black sheep: my sister was a Professor, brother — genius of information technology. I could never boast of good performance, suffered from dyslexia. But once I graduated the short course of acting in Frankfurt and got a role in "Chicago Hope." And all of a sudden fell in love with the profession.

— Despite the fact that you are from an acting family...

Yeah, but my mom taught acting to children with disabilities. When she was in University, I learned of the role with her.

Who else could you be if not an actor?

— Anyone. I love to write, but suffer from dyslexia, and it is not easy. I was attached to the house bedroom and two bathrooms, so in my free time I work as a plumber. I could really do anything, like most people. The art and Zen can be found in any area.

— Is there such a book which changed your life?

— My favorite book of all time — "to Kill a Mockingbird". When I was a teenager, I dreamed of becoming. I wanted to create a family, strong relationship with his wife and children. And, I feel that I have achieved this goal. "To kill a Mockingbird" is an amazing story about justice, but above all it is the story of father and children. I actually named her son Atticus in honor of the hero of the book. Before, every time reading to her son, I cried. He was accustomed, he has to be very patient with these crazy parents. (Laughs.)

— And your favorite movie?

"Murder in Grosse point". John Cusack plays a Hitman who used to work for the government, and now trades the same on himself. One day he comes to the reunion and meets a girl he loved at eighteen, and suddenly left to join the army and become a contract killer. The hero has serious emotional problems due to his assassinations, but the film is very funny, and at the same time it tells a wonderful love story. I also love "Twelve angry men" is a terrific play where all the events happen in one room.

— Do you have a favorite actress?

Good Actresses many, but one of my favorites is Piper Perabo. She is an amazing person. Working on the series "Secret links" she knew by name every member of the crew. She remembered all of them. And if I forgot someone, I immediately approached, introduced and tried to know a person.

— That is, human relationship is most important to you?

— What else makes sense?

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

On the set of new movie "the Oracle: the game blindly"Photo: materials of press-services

You are very family orientated. Think it was from your childhood?

— I think I'm well educated. Of course, my childhood wasn't perfect, but I had two loving parents. It can also be associated with Jewish culture. Family is very important to Israeli men. You see children everywhere in Israel, even the most glamorous restaurant will be full of running around kids. They do not hide and do not leave the house, they are part of life.

— What you think about yourself, what is your character?

— I think I'm twenty-two years, and I was cute, but then I look in the mirror and see an old, angry man. (Laughs.) What I actually need is to ask others. But I try to be a good person, fair and open to all. It is also important to me to be a good husband and father. I often behave like a bad father and then apologize to their children for it.

— Do not give them enough time?

— The fact that I'm a pedant. German roots make themselves known. I'm obsessed with neatness and proper organization of space. I sawing children, and you know, I overreacted. By the way, your phone is not quite straight.

— How much have you changed since when you were thirty?

— I'm definitely changed. I shock people who marry in twenty years. In my twenty I was a complete idiot. I was not a bad man, but did not understand a thing about life. Fell in love with the first counter girls, lived with illusions. For such serious decisions like choosing a life partner, definitely you need to have experience behind. Do not spare time searching and error is much more dangerous to associate yourself with the wrong person and be disappointed in it.

— What are you dreaming now?

My dreams are mainly linked to family. I wouldn't want to screw up the upbringing of children. I love to joke that I envy parents whose offspring have entered into adulthood, attending College, goals. I am jealous because I also want to know that not blundered with your children! When they are small, it is still not clear. Although I certainly believe they will be fine. (Laughs.)


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