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Maxim Averin: "All my work I try to spend on travel» met the actor and discussed the doctors in the frame and behind the scenes, a perfect rest and a hearty dinner after six in the evening

One of the most popular actors in the country oozes charisma and wide smile and non-local tan. It is immediately evident that the new year holidays Maxim spent the way I wanted. And in the new season of the series "Sklifosovsky" actor — such as it wants to see fans. Energetic, ironic and, of course, talented.

— Maxim, according to tan, you had a great vacation. Where have you been?

— Since I'm a free artist, I have this setup in January, trying to afford the holidays and a little travel. Travel is my passion. This year I visited the Seychelles. This is very interesting, where I've never been. In General, I want to open every time a new country because the world is so huge! And I, in General, all their earnings trying to spend on travel. Well, take it with you, but impressions? Not furniture?..

— How do you relax away from the homeland: relaxed or active?

— I during the holidays try not only to lie on the beach, but also to see the world, which is huge in different manifestations. For example, the Seychelles is one hundred and fifty Islands I during the guests visited three. I wanted to Madagascar, but there can not be, because there are now cholera.

Максим Аверин: «Все свои заработки я стараюсь тратить на путешествия»

Serial family Maxim Averin. The role of the wife of Dr. Bragin Maria Kulikova, and daughter of the hero Averin played Veronica Walajapet: materials of press-services

— You definitely deserve a vacation, because did a good job. On the screen the next season of the series "Sklifosovsky". What was the most difficult in the film?

Now in film and in theatre, and in the song the hardest to be convincing. Because every day, including TV, we see a cardboard image cardboard artists. And if people play this exact profession, like a doctor, then, sorry, you need to meet. It is clear that this is a Convention, we don't really cut people, but, sorry, when the frame say that now we will cut out the Appendix, and for some reason he is in the area of gland, it's ridiculous. But such absurdities, unfortunately, sin many movies, especially about medicine. For us it was most important that the site was acting surgeon, who taught how to hold the instrument, to pronounce complex medical terms, the right to exist... that is the most difficult thing is to show the life for real, so she was convincing.

— How do you to the doctors? Not afraid to go to them?

— I'm at that age that you simply undergo a medical examination. I'm still not sixteen years old, have to worry about health, but I have no other choice. This is also the attitude to the profession. Because if you get sick, producers, film set tour, which is scheduled for the year ahead — all will fall! I can't let people down — this is professionalism. God has given me, thank God, health, stamina: I rarely get sick. But you still need to harden, takes care of himself.

— It turns out that you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle?

— God forbid! At the time my father and I together ran, I walked barefoot in the snow — it gave me a good workout, and now I wear sneakers without socks. But I am one of those times where it could sit until morning, chatting with friends and drinking something. Is it bad? On the other hand, you have to understand: if the rehearsal is tomorrow, at one-thirty you have to finish the gatherings. And then, the artist "photo album" flipping faster than the average person. The artist everyone is watching: "Oh! Is not the same! Look what was Averin twenty years ago — and what now?!"This is an important consideration.

Максим Аверин: «Все свои заработки я стараюсь тратить на путешествия»

Maxim refers to those travelers who are referred to as seadmete:

Despite hints of age, not to mention that you look great. How do you do it?

— You just need to love life, because life is a miracle. And will not have anything to pull up on the face, to swallow pills and think about what you ate after six. Believe me: I eat grass, and even at night. Yesterday I came, ate the fish, drank vodka. Or now I come to Georgia — how can you not fall in love with this tasty food? And what kind of diet can be discussed in Italy?..

— You like to cook?

— Certainly! I do believe that culinary business is a purely male activities. Moreover, I have a dream to open a restaurant. I love to feed people, I like to watch as they eat my food…

Say, you are addicted to design. And even made the design of the house, which is now live…

Just had a goal: to build a house. As designers I don't need. I'm not building for show did, but for life! Want to photos and paintings on the walls have healed. A designer will come in and create a kind of fashion trend, impose your taste. The most important thing for me was the construction of the library, which could fit all my books. In my childhood I lived in a small Studio apartment, but everywhere there were books. I had started to read at the time was a cult of books, so my gadgets are not stuck. For example, I'm working on a book — I have it hand-written. Role sometimes I write by hand, poems for solo play — I feel so comfortable, this is work.

Максим Аверин: «Все свои заработки я стараюсь тратить на путешествия»

The actor enjoys spending money on trips to a European capital or on an exotic vacation, astrophoto:

— I heard that your beautiful house is now closed for journalists. Is this true?

Earlier I said come take a picture: here I am on the couch and so on... Now don't do it — I had such things when you were ready to open completely, to let strangers in the house... My favorite phrase of Paul McCartney — when asked: "Tell us something about yourself," he replied, "All I want to tell you about myself in my songs. If I want something else to say, I will write one more song". So when all show tubs and toilets, I don't want it. I don't like to ask questions about the money that I earn. I'm embarrassed because for some it would be an insult. Someone to be envied. What for?

— How do you feel about the not good comments in your address, if you suddenly see them online?

— The first series "Sklifosovsky" — writing: saying thank you, great. And suddenly someone says: "Yes it is...!"At this point, I want to ask: for what?! But I have trained myself not to pay attention to it. I don't want someone even questioned my existence, but there are people who do: fuck it, this Averin!

— You seem very self-critical person. You probably know your strengths and weaknesses…

— If to speak about the shortcomings, I think there is some coquetry. Of course, I don't want to talk right now, what I am a bastard, not only what people say about this. But, on the other hand, it's embarrassing to say what I am positive. I can only say that if I gave the word, will keep it. And I am a responsible person and very much value what you are doing.


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