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Elena-Cristina Swan: "For the truth I can fight can»

The presenter told about women's power, the weakness of scams and garbage as a weapon

In the TV show "Scam in Networks," fragile girl named Elena-Cristina is going through an incredible adventure. Fans sometimes seriously fear for her health, but the presenter does not think to stop.

— Probably, many noted your unusual double name. It's real, or a pseudonym?

— No, it's on the passport, my real name.

— A character? I can imagine that in a TV show dedicated to exposing scams, a very perky character. Behind the scenes it is the same?

— My character is like that since childhood. That's why parents, realizing that they received the "gift", did not want to have a second child. (Smiles.) It was necessary to understand application instructions with it. And fighters for the truth we are all just someone that keeps to himself and can't throw out, but I can. And to throw out, and can fight for the truth if necessary. Quite successfully I did it last winter, mentally navales in the Parking lot the guy pushed the woman with a stroller. Beat up trash can is a small but perfectly functional for custom applications.

— You are with the scammers were faced before the creation of the project?

— Not experienced, but I faced my friends, friends who now also enjoys looking at our program.

Елена-Кристина Лебедь: «За правду я и навалять могу»

On the set of Elena-Cristina handy. Sometimes it seems that this girl can setto: materials of press-services

— Before you start to get involved in the dangerous stories have you been training, maybe self-defense courses finished?

— Not pass. Because she understand the psychology of the characters body and facial expressions. It helps to read the con man in situations where he does not even know. But I can fight back man, if I expect an attack. If not — I'm easy to twist with one hand. Mama's meatballs still can not bring me extra pounds to give back at least mass. (Smiles.)

— There are times when you it is very scary on the set?

— Always! But more afraid of people, and that fill up the Scam. And this it is team work, and I have no right to puncture. For example, a fool can't suddenly start talking about quantum physics!

— Remember impressions from the first editions of the program? Then what surprised you the most?

— What fun — suckers. Because you fail at very simple things. And the victims usually don't notice. Because I'm meeting with the swindler, to analyze, to observe, to think, to calculate, and girls to swim in the compliments, feel like a goddess, to melt and lose their heads. As a result, I notice that the so-called influential lawyer (this is a legend of a gambler) cut off the heel in the Shoe. But how can that be, especially if he came out? That is, he so wanted to impress? And the girl was a victim sees only as he shakes in front of the nose of a bundle of bucks, saying how awesome it is. The heel already broke the whole legend.

— Where do you get the crooks to check?

We're on the hunt for scams on Dating sites. And catch them on my profile in different ways — student, on the glamorous FIFA, the girl from the village, and so on. For each bait, a con man. Of course, at the meeting with rascal I'm not alone. Filming is usually at least fifteen people. Certainly among them four professional bodyguard. After all, there are indeed a serious situation. For example, I almost crapped my pants in the investigation with the biker when he waved a knife right in the face. And who has cut his cheek. But I'm all heals as on a dog.

Елена-Кристина Лебедь: «За правду я и навалять могу»

Persons Delek's not all the show can show. The presenter is well aware that he was dealing with a cunning, dishonest people, and therefore carefully prepared for schemkamper: materials of press-services

— How to avoid becoming a victim of a love swindler? What you need to pay attention to when meeting?

— On the veracity of his legend. Because the legend is a lie, inconsistencies can be mass. As in my example with "croaking" heel shoes have a supposedly influential lawyer. And again, the speculators always play by the rules. That is suggest the time and place of the meeting, where the lead, who will drive back. Your audit can be simple: choose your place, time, convenient to you, not him! Come with a friend, brother or thirty-three heroes, even if he insisted to come alone. And that's all! He soskochit. They don't like it when they break the scheme.

— I want to learn how to all this your significant other? After all, not every man will take it and let go, for example, a favorite in the forest with the bandits!

My man refers to this as the job and completely trusts me and my team: again already went to the forest, then, there is all proteins are recruited and all the stumps in the wiretaps. (Smiles.) But even if not, at least next to the bodyguards, who are not stumps, and live oaks. (Laughs.)

— Tell us about your life outside work. What are your favorite Hobbies?

I love all active forms of rest: to drive fast, loudly singing, energetic dancing. Sports as such are not engaged — no time. Although temperament makes me live sports. I don't go — I fly, I don't take the Elevator — I run the stairs to the seventh floor faster Elevator, I'm standing in line at the supermarket — I dance.


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