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Inna Zhirkova: "Yuri'm sure it's a boy!»

The other day fans rejoiced not only sports achievements of the player. Yuri and his wife Inna celebrated the tenth anniversary of wedding. Details — in interview

— Inna, say a decade of the wedding you and Yuri celebrated very unusual?

— Everything happened spontaneously, because we didn't know that Yuri will be the weekend. We celebrated into the night because the next day Yuri had in Saint Petersburg. We came to congratulate friends, and it was especially nice that they did this, despite the routine and the strange time of the day.

— That you and your husband gave to each other?

— I handed Yuri a jacket, which is specially for him, we sewed in my Studio. And he made me the present I wanted, probably after the birth of their first child. This trip with my mom for a week, lose weight and purified. I want to lose a few kilogrammchik.

— You are the parents of three children. As passionate about your sons and daughter?

The jury instills in children a love of football — and dime, and even Dana, who is two years. He loves chess, and regularly takes part in tournaments. Milana loves to draw, sing, dance, do gymnastics. We would live in Moscow, probably, would go to the vocal Studio. But after Yuri signed a contract with Zenit, we moved to St. Petersburg. I hope we get home. But who knows where fate will bring.

Инна Жиркова: «Юрий уверен, что родится мальчик!»

Before mark ten years of married life, George and Inna spent a vacation in the Maldives. In the photo with his youngest son, Donatto: materials of press-services

— What do you think is the secret of your happiness?

— I am glad that we have no fights for a week or a month. We can argue every day, mutter to each other, and five minutes to go and not to remember what actually happened. (Smiles.) When I see that Yuri is evil, I of course will keep silent and will not say something to him, give them up. And when I got angry, he also not say anything. We understand each other — after all, eleven years together.

Children don't ask for another brother or sister?

— I beg you! The eldest son asks for a baby brother, and Milan — sister. I think when we decide the place of residence, then the issue will return. The husband said: "In any case, it's a boy!"For some reason, he was sure of it…


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