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Vladimir Yaglych: "If you treat everything with humor, the stress can be forgotten»

To reincarnate in different images of the actor likes more than to talk about themselves. But one of the presentations still got answers to a few questions

— According to the sun, you were able to relax. You often does that happen?

— No more frequently. The trip — probably the only time of the year when I was able to relax. In the winter it is easier to do, because our work is closely related to autumn and spring-summer season. We don't often shoot nature in winter. I would like to relax more, but, unfortunately, still does not work.

When you appear at social events, you can assess your style. Who's watching your image?

— I dress up. I bought glasses here in Bangkok, where I was passing through on a connecting flight, for 300 baht — 600 rubles. Chic, I think, came in handy today. Where there is a sense of style? Never know. Perhaps childhood, perhaps, great lessons of art. You show up at the party, thus creating some image. Well, I think, no need to overdo it. Sometimes at festivals you see some kind of embarrassing costume out of curtains, just a parade of freaks. That is so wrong in the end! Of course, to show off is not necessary, just come to the right place in the right clothes.

Владимир Яглыч: «Если ко всему относиться с юмором, о стрессах можно забыть»

Motorcycles — long hobby which the actor is not izmenyayut:

— In the new series you played the pilot, which among other things has a good sense of humor. How you do this?

— Sense of humor leads me in my life. Often modern society him in me, unfortunately, dampens, but I still come back to this, I believe that if you treat everything with humor, then in principle the stresses can be forgotten.

— It is no secret that you were fond of motorcycles. Not abandoned this hobby?

No, of course I continue, this part of my life. Just at some point the talking about it got me more tired and I'm just tired of talking about motorcycles. Yes, I have several of them, I love them, they love me. But now, in winter, of course, I don't ride them.

— You consider yourself a person who have much luck?

— It depends what you consider luck. The lottery I never won even once.


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