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Julia Margulis: "the Offer Igor did to me in the mountains"

The star of the show "Junior" secretly married details — in an exclusive interview

All the delights of the national popularity of the actress Julia Margulies felt after the release of the series "Junior". Julia and her partner on the film Alexander Sokolovsky so convincingly played the lovers that journalists began to ask the question, and not a couple they are in real life? In fact, the actress all the while Dating another young man named Igor, whom he secretly married in April last year. As he told the magazine "Vibe" in an exclusive interview.

Julia, as a child you dreamed of becoming a lawyer or astrologer. What is the reason such a wide professional range?

— I actually loved Comedy "Curly sue." I conquered created in this film the image of women: strong, knows what she wants, but at the same time give the best female qualities such as kindness, care. And become an astrologer I wanted because I liked girls in beautiful costumes that were forecast. Obviously, visually attracted to the picture, and that's what eventually brought me to the movies.

— How did your parents react to your idea of becoming an actress, because they are far from this sphere?

In this respect I was very lucky: they have always provided freedom of choice. Creativity in me, apparently from my mother. Despite the fact that at the time she also urged practical route, she lay to the stage, she danced well. Unfortunately, mom left early from life. My brother brought dad. So to some extent I realize her dreams. While I'm the only one in the family so went to the actress. Although my dad sings, plays several musical instruments. My grandfather was an incredibly beautiful voice — bass. So that genes played a role.

— Can you easily go to Moscow?

He let her go easily. But I went not one. The Pope at that time already a woman, we had developed a great relationship. She supported me in my many endeavors, gave advice, helped in every way. Became my good friend. So to conquer the capital, I went, accompanied by her stepmother.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

While in the press talking about "the novel" with Alexander Sokolovsky, the actress secretly married another, chelovekopotok: personal archive of Julia Margulis

And why are you here?

— Yeah OK! (Laughs.) Nothing terrible, quietly living in the student hostel of the University for four years, it was a very interesting experience. I will say more: to study at the theatrical Institute and to rent somewhere apartment one — not interested. Still remember with a smile our gatherings, playing guitar in the hallway. And I don't suffer from a lack of roles. I knew that my not getting away from me.

— That is the work you philosophically?

— No, I can't say that going with the flow. I understood that in Moscow nobody waits, it is necessary to break itself. While my fellow students sat in pairs at the Institute, I went on "Mosfilm" and knocked with his portfolio in each door. Somewhere just said: go away, little girl, where it was proposed to leave the contacts, then, they say, call. And in the end it all came together. First, classmates condemned me for what I was missing classes, but then said, well we with you did not go! Probably because of all of our course only five or six people doing the job: serve in the theater or in the movies.

Why is musical Theatre you have not developed?

I was in musical Theatre Mikhail Shvydkoi. But when there is a dilemma: the stage or filming a movie, chose the latter. I wanted to make money, to gain a foothold in Moscow. Thought: will have time to work in the theater, and even honored artist of get. (Smiles.) Perhaps then I have been a bit infantile. Now I regret, would like to return. The stage is good training for an actor. But to serve in a repertory theater complicated, as you linked time for shooting. I think the enterprise is ideal.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

Before the wedding, Julia and Igor met about two levoto: personal archive of Julia Margulis

— Considerations of the media played a role?

Yes. Although I don't know more positive or negative. Of course, such a popular project, as the Team at the CTC, brought us fame, but I understand that it's not for long. How many of these TV shows that were shooting, and then about the actors who starred there, forgotten. Therefore, it is necessary to seize the opportunity, not to become a hostage of the image, look for something else.

— When the series began to gain momentum, felt like something changed in your life?

— Yes, I began to learn. Mostly people say good things about our work. Frustrating when on the street come up to me and familiarly pointing a finger, "Is that you, Marina of "Youth"!" Recently I was in Kazan, in the family, and one girl turned me to himself, looked in the face and said "is This you? No, not you". And left. (Laughs.) I changed the image and was without makeup. Apparently, she decided she was mistaken.

— And how producers relate to the change of image?

— If the shooting is already completed, they are not particularly worried. We have a contract for one season, then I can do whatever I want. During the filming can not be cut, to paint, to radically change the appearance. And next season my character might become a blonde. We all are changing, evolving. And these changes are not only external. In the first series, Marina was a pretty sneaky girl. But then she realizes that he really loves Egor and ready for him at many things. As she cares for her boyfriend, when he broke his spine and was in the hospital! Someone in her place might have run away, too scared to connect my life with a cripple. And this season Marina will have its own dance history. And I'm glad now I can apply my skills. Guys grow up, fall in the higher hockey League, and the girl Marina and jumping in the stands? So I suggested: let it become the participant of dance competition.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

Igor and Yulia met in social networks, but was able to meet only through pagedate: personal archive of Julia Margulis

— Hockey you do not have an interest?

— No, I was interested to see what happens on the set, but the matches I'm not looking.

— And your favorite young man?

— Already husband. (Laughs.) Igor also doesn't watch hockey and football sometimes. We prefer feature films.

Why such an important event, like a wedding, you told on Instagram with the playful caption: "believe it or not"?

— To keep the intrigue. (Laughs.) I do, as you have noticed, do not like to discuss his personal life. Family photos in the social networks I have almost no. And Igor and we started to gently put some pictures.

— You have a very beautiful Instagram, you like to travel. The wedding was also at some exotic location?

— No, we did not organize the celebration, just married in the registry office Griboyedov Moscow. And immediately after painting, capturing the suitcases, went on a journey to Sochi. With us flew close friends and family. Husband enjoys snowboarding, mountain — this is his element. He offer me also did in the mountains. (Smiles.) And this New year we flew to France, in the Alps. Had a wonderful time.

— Are you a snowboarder?

— Husband put me on a snowboard, but most of the time I still ride my ass. (Laughs.) This year, our mini-honeymoon, I learned to handle with care — when you do rolls from the rear to the front edge. This is a traumatic sport, you need to be extremely careful. In my eyes the girl fell from the mountain: tripped on a snowboard, rolled head over heels and fell at our feet. Just lays there. The horror! Igor leaned over to her: are you alive? Then she stirred, sat up. We directly exhaled.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

In the popular series "Junior" Margulis played a cheerleader, Marinatto: materials of press-services

How long have you kept secret your romantic relationship?

Together we have two years and got married this summer.

— Where did you meet?

— I tell my husband: "let's come up with some interesting story?". (Laughs.) We are all very banal: met in social networks. And usually I don't answer messages from strangers. And then Igor came knocking at my friends, I saw that we have quite a lot of friends in common and added it. For some time he wrote nothing, and then congratulated me on my birthday. As a polite person, I replied "thank you" (laughs) and started a correspondence. We met after about six months. He's always traveling, has created his own company, which is engaged in supplying the foreign market of raw materials, equipment and goods manufactured in China.

— As it relates to your profession?

— Very proud of me. And believes that everyone around him jealous. (Laughs.) Igor wise man. I think if you're not from this profession, it is difficult to accept that your wife sometimes starred in a candid episodes, kisses, even on the screen, another man. I'd be worried, probably. Igor is not satisfied with a scene. Apparently, he believes in himself and my feelings for him. We have no conflicts for this reason. But many of my friends — Yes. Young people were forbidden them explicit scenes in the movie. In my opinion, it is wrong. My husband would never say so.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

Igor loves snowboarding and your favorite proposal is also made in garofoli: personal archive of Julia Margulis

And in real life? I'm sure many men pay attention to you.

Never in the two years of our relationship he never gave me cause to be jealous and not jealous of me. I feel beside him protected. I think a very important ratio of women to men — is she ready to give birth to his child. I'm ready.

— Left to choose the time...

— Native I say, with your profession you will never have time. Over one good project, start another. So do not bother, do not wait for the right moment to give birth.

— Julia, what are you the owner?

— I think that is good. Say it without false modesty. (Laughs.) I love that my apartment was clean. If something is not in place, I will make the entire brain, because I hate clutter. And I cook delicious! Yes, say it all. My heroine Marina could not even potatoes to fry, and the most popular question I was asked: "do you know how to cook?" Confession for all of them: Yes. Me, my husband is lucky he's not picky, happy to eat chicken soup or cabbage soup. Although I turned him on to seafood, and now he sometimes asks me for shrimp under my secret special sauce.

— And you must be a foodie?

— To eat I love. Actually I'm a perfectionist in everything. This also applies to appearance. While not spread all the creams that are on my shelf in the bathroom, not go to sleep. Theatre hostel everyone was laughing at me. But see how I look and as many of my peers. I even accidentally deceived the producers of the group "Silver" about his age, when it was casting.

— Tell.

They have gone solo, and was looking for a replacement. Didn't want to announce to the whole country, how old I am, so in casting, I said twenty-something. Could not think that so far things will go and I will be in the five finalists. Then I was asked to send my passport details. And all is silence. Suddenly my fans start to write: "Julia, what happened, why you were disqualified?" I went on the website of Maxim Fadeev and see: I was really disqualified, and called a liar. So, on this occasion, I apologise to Maxim Fadeev, which was tricked in this way. We girls always want us to be eighteen. In any case, those who are interested can always read my biography on the Internet, I'm not hiding anything.

— What is your age?

— Just a number. Sometimes I meet my contemporaries and think: whether they're too old, whether I'm wrong feel and position. Still, thirty years is a grown woman and I'm in the shower and left the girl-teenager. Maybe not yet ready to become a solid aunt. I think with the advent of children that will change.

Husband older than you?

— No, he's even younger than two years. And when we met, he didn't know how old I am, I thought, twenty-two or twenty-three.

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

"My husband is proud of me and believes that everyone around him jealous. But he never arranged scenes of jealousy, apparently, sure of myself and my feelings for him," said actressphoto: personal archive of Julia Margulis

— What do you associate with adulthood?

— With the responsibility not only for themselves but also for their families, for children. I think I'm a crazy mom. When there is a child, does not clear up, though... Igor and both lungs on the rise. We will take the baby with you on trips. Now husband is in China and I couldn't go because of the samples. So jealous of him.

— I miss you when breaking up?

— Yes, it's only been four days, and seem to have not seen for a month. I want to have as soon as possible returned. Amazing feeling, we understand each other without words. Apparently, that's what happens when you meet the right guy. Igor always guesses my mood. I can smile, but he's through that smile you will feel my anger or sadness. Sometimes I say nothing out loud, and he suddenly responds in unison, continuing my thoughts.

— As a failed astrologer looked at the horoscope?

— We have good compatibility, though with some of the other characters better. Igor is a virgin, very calm and reasonable. And though I am Cancer, but the temperament I like some of the RAM. In my previous relationships, the sparks just flew. (Smiles.) I confess, I find it difficult to restrain himself, but Igor does not give scandal to flare up very well nullifies. And I'm grateful for it.

— Are you approaching your dream about sobstvennoruchno house?

— Everything has changed. My husband and I set out to live abroad. Israel is my historical Motherland, Igor loved it too. It's an incredible country, with its own characteristics, but what I love is there for all people and love children. That is why so many large families. For example, my sister has four kids, but my brother nine! And they don't feel burdened, happy to take kids to a restaurant, meet with the same friends with children.

— What about career? Going there to look for something?

In Israel, many Russian immigrants are Russian theatres, where we would like to get. But I'm always ready to fly to Moscow for a specific project. Four hours on the plane and you're there. To work in Moscow, not necessarily to live here.


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