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Daria Ekamasova: "All the major Hollywood stars by our standards, rather ugly"

The popular actress said how to stay in shape and what style of clothes she prefers

Darya, tell me how to take care of themselves?

- I use a minimum of makeup. And in the summer because they are extremely rare. I'm really respect all natural. I want to do it. I believe that the cosmetics we just gloss over the fact that naturally looks bad. But I believe there is a way that will help to bring the natural beauty to. One time I studied the human face, what is beautiful and what is not. After all, we birth talking from all sides — this man is beautiful, he is not, and this generally "Quasimodo". So, I realized that there are no ugly persons are Just very beautiful people, in their shadow, others fade. If you watch those American movies, the screen shows every pimple, every pore. And all the main Hollywood star by our standards far from handsome, but rather ugly. We have the same in society, on the contrary, at some point, people began to strive for an artificial ideal. But these historical periods periodically arise and then pass. There are new, different standards. So this is already taking place.

Дарья Екамасова: «Все главные голливудские звезды по нашим стандартам, скорее, уроды»

The actress likes long hair, but admits: even now glad that I had to do, stigmatta:

- How to care for hair?

I'm so glad that last year I cut the hair. Previously, all my royalties went to cure them. I always wanted to have long hair. And when cut, at first I was in shock, stood for hours near the mirror, the image in my mind absolutely not mounted. And now I'm so loving this, I'm so cool. Combed my hair and went. No need to stab. It turned out to be mine. It found me. All ingenious is simple. Now, I shampoo my hair. Frankly, different companies send me a lot of different hair products. All these brands I really respect. But product builds up so much that I start handing out bubbles, bottles and jars sister, mother, friends. Anyway, I was in chocolate, constantly carried with him a fashionable care. And once I came to the shooting, and at the hotel found that I forgot at home shampoos. Had to wash my local. The result was fantastic. I began to notice that my friends are artist that don't care for the hair, allow them to curl, their hair is formed the immune system. Ironically, they become thicker. Really. Once cut the hair, I stopped using hair products. And even stopped to wipe the head, as I was told by knowledgeable people that it is harmful. And today, I think this is also reflected in the quality of the hair in a better way.

Дарья Екамасова: «Все главные голливудские звезды по нашим стандартам, скорее, уроды»

She loves comfortable clothes and Abulfat:

- What style in clothes prefer?

- Will not invent anything — casual. Comfortable shoes are very important to me. There was a time when I tried to force myself to wear dresses, but it so happened that the dress I don't like. But to look good — love. And most importantly, I like AU naturel. (Laughs.) Love playsuits, jeans. When people ask me what to give, say: "Give me a tracksuit!" This is the most comfortable thing at all times.


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