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Kirill kyaro: "I think that Julia is not for me to live long"

The star of the series "Sniffer" on the work of a janitor, crises, inspiration, and favorite girl

Kirill kyaro long way to success. And accept the fact that things will happen soon. But doing things you love during the most difficult times of the actors, changed the place of residence and work, and finally was in the right place at the right time: the country learned and received him the Sniffer. Then followed a series of interesting roles in good projects. And in my personal life, probably since he is doing well: have a favorite girl Julia Duz, whom he also met through work. Details — in interview for the February issue of the journal "Atmosphere".

— Kirill, where are you now permanently live in Moscow or Tallinn?

More here, but in Tallinn too often. It's not that far. On the train to go to the plane — an hour, almost like in Peter.

To Petersburg by "Sapsan" — for about four hours...

— There and I love to ride the night train: there is some kind of atmosphere, romance. — Convenient train, but I'm not going to have fun though and the views are great and fast, and even food. But somehow, after this trip, I'm always tired. Before, remember, had no money, and I went in a sitting car in Tallinn — it was very exciting and interesting. At some point moved into the compartment, and it became harder because it's a coach you are on your own, even a neighbor, sitting beside him, not looking at you. This was a great moments when I was able to study something, read something, do not have time in daily life because of some cases of shooting... and I fell asleep very easily in them, would be turned off instantly. On the way to Estonia through two borders, you are constantly awake. Remember, one man all the time toiled and I just sat down in Tallinn, and fell asleep, and then two borders, I gave the passport, customs didn't touch me, and I slept on. When we drove to Moscow, a neighbor asked me: "How so quickly you can sleep?" — I replied that I was just very tired.

— If you have a short break between projects, the rest should be energy or relaxation?

— It depends on the degree of fatigue and what you were doing before. I used to like active rest, I like to take a car and thus travel. Where the car won't pass, you can climb with their feet to dive. (Laughs.) And yet surfing is not my thing. Maxim Drozd involved, and I am very jealous, he leaves for a month and a half to go far, I unfortunately, such a luxury can't afford.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

Benjamin Terrier is a very sociable guy, accompanied by hosts not only walking, but also on Ristorante: personal archive Kirill Kyaro

— Downhill skiing on a beautiful resort?..

Is, unfortunately, didn't work for me. All these marks of a successful life, I started later. On skis I tried to get up only last year, but still difficult. (Smiles.) Julia also rides and develops much faster than me. She feels a slide...

— You are not fond of any yoga or meditation?

Good idea, but I didn't come to that.

— Do you think that these interests are compatible with the actor thing?

— Of course. I'll tell you a story. By chance me and one actor from Tallinn was invited to play in Austria full meter. This happened in the summer of 2010, when around Moscow burned forests, and a gift of fate! I was walking my dog and suddenly got a call and was invited to Austria to the mountains, where clean air, beauty plus still shooting... Joy and happiness. And my colleague was doing martial arts, yoga — I was looking at him with respect! (Laughs.) We have had disagreements in the period, we realized that the situation was, because I do not have time to remove in time, and under the contract we can not pay the fee entirely. Eventually he began to fall, one of these days I barely persuaded him to go to the Playground. If he had not engaged in these practices would be smashed, probably all of Austria. (Smiles.) So you have nothing to lose, but learn to focus.

— You mentioned the dog. You with a charming Terrier can be seen on walks and in the car and in the restaurant — you just inseparable...

— Yes, it's our favorite Benjamin, wheat Irish shorthaired Terrier. He was seven years old. We are with him and to restaurants together. (Laughs.) He is now in Tallinn. There was a period when I worked as a nanny here in Kiev was shot in Moscow was in Tallinn, he went with me, and then Julia drove him to his parents, not to take constantly. This herding breed. And it is good that the dog will never run away, not because you are her guard, and she "grazes". And the more people, so it is better. Benjamin very sociable. We are always with Julia watched him and thought: "Who is for him the main host?" and in the end, I realized that he has no such. When Julia and two, it's best for him, and when one of us is, he will wait to worry. He is now with his parents, and he was good, because we've got a huge family, all communicate with him. But, of course, when we arrive, he immediately reaches out to us. And he sleeps only in his feet, always climbing on the bed...

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

The actor loves puteshestvovat: personal archive Kirill Kyaro

— You became popular, when on the screens out "the Sniffer". What did you feel when suddenly there came a recognition?

— It came so smoothly. And came?.. (Laughs.) Although... you know, it often happens that the Director wants to shoot the actor, but says that the channel does not approve, because it is not a media person. And now sometimes even the channel offers me the Director. (Smiles.) So really something has shifted. But now scary another — I want to say: "And again the same shoot!" (Smiles.) This is a very dangerous moment.

— Your heroes in the "Sniffer", "Consultant", "Teach me to live" one way or another are connected with criminal psychology. Are you a good psychologist? In one interview you said you "read" people...

— Perhaps I flaunted, deceived. (Smiles.) I don't know how it helps me in my life that I played these roles. During operation, when you study all the techniques, it is possible. And when the project ends and the new begins, you realize that in this field you are an Amateur. The only thing not to bring is intuition, and then, maybe, I think so. To control themselves, their Psychophysics, especially for men, is very important.

— Not to be broken?

To fall, the winds are always possible. But to be able to restrain myself... it seems to Me, in cinema, in theatre, outdoor temperament now is not so interesting in internal, discreet, overcoming yourself.

— And you've been through crises?

— Of course, there were crises at different times. Adolescence is a very difficult when you're trying to say that you're a man, standing on two legs. And already pondering which way to go. And to go I wouldn't have wanted. (Laughs.) I felt a strange apathy. Although I have five or six years engaged in martial arts, and it inspired me. In addition, there is and its the company was. And parallel to ninth grade, appeared theatre Studio.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

Kirill and his girlfriend Julia prefer active otdihat: personal archive Kirill Kyaro

— What brought you there?

— Gone was the apathy, and I went to drama school, not intending to devote his life to art. I wanted to do speaking on stage, and most importantly — to become more communicative, sociable.

— You had problems with communication?

— It seemed to me that I'm not as contact as I would like. Although in principle I normally communicated with my classmates. But in the Studio it was different. First I was in shock: all so interesting and talented! (Laughs.) Didn't understand what I'm doing here. But in two weeks I saw that I perceive as interesting and talented, which means we can be a team. By the way, this is a very interesting point of identity, because you denigrate yourself, and then suddenly wonder what you perceive as your.

— And this time it was with youthful loves?

— Of course, it was. Love is still what is the incentive to Excel! In the Studio I fell in love, and in school I have been in love with since the third grade and until graduation. Undivided.Maybe because it was so long. (Smiles.) However, I called it "love", but in fact all was not serious.

— When you entered the Shchukin drama school, the identity crisis is over?

— Began a new story. With the receipt there were other difficulties. Of course, we were all happy that he survived the huge selection, a hundred or two hundred people in the place. But, as we said, is only the first step, it is necessary to work hard, and who knows who will reach the end. And after the first semester was expelled five people. We had a gorgeous course, Marina Alexandrovna Panteleeva. And even those who were expelled, became good performers.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

In the popular TV series "Treason," Cyril plays cheated megafoto: materials of press-services

— How did you manage to combine study with part-time work?

— Wanted to be a gentleman, be able to reduce the girl in restaurant... I remember that were told about Alexander Abdulov: he was unloading the cars at night, and then drove the ladies to the restaurant. This is a nice, romantic example. And I did, so where did not work...

— Which of these works was you prefer, and what you had to overcome yourself?

— In the first year I worked as a janitor, and a second realized that you can't do that, because what was covered in class. Sleep generally been a problem, because I had to get up at six in the morning, and what is the hostel to go to bed on time?.. (Laughs.) At some point I looked at myself and saw the angry young man who takes a shovel removes snow and angry because he was not allowed to sleep. And finished with this — worked only in the summer, on vacation. And then, after graduation, who was not only! Said to myself: "Good profession I chose, a favorite artist, but the money she brings!" So I had to do unloved work. But to do so they become your favorite, or not.

And what kind of work was?

— The waiter in the restaurant, travel agent, tour guide, a La the bodyguard... I'm kidding, but we had a beautiful artist from South Korea — Pak Shin Yang, he is now their Jack Nicholson, and in the summer he found us hack. He studied we have only two courses, then went home because he was called in Korea in the movie. After him I worked the same: was the guide for the Korean Conservatory. Came fifteen beauties Koreans, which I have kept, dealt with all issues with the hotels, they drove from Moscow to St. Petersburg. No abilities to do this, I was not — had to learn from their mistakes. Once ordered the bus to move from the "Sheremetyevo-2" to "Sheremetyevo 1", and it was the nineties, we gave the money, and the driver threw us... had to find a way out of difficult situations.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

In the drama Thriller "homeland" by Pyotr Buslov from Kyaro one of the main Rolette: materials of press-services

— Why have you returned to Tallinn?

— After graduation I found myself in the Dzhigarkhanyan theater, but there's nothing interesting has happened. I worked a couple of years and moved to Tallinn. There is plunged into the work, the repertoire, it gave a good boost, but on the fourth or fifth year and stagnated. It was the season when nothing put. Thanks to the good friends we came up with a project that has been in theater work, and to leave to Russia, where I spent five years were not. We agreed to do workshops on speech in St. Petersburg spgati, and I began to go to St. Petersburg, taking lessons from Elena Igorevna Black, excellent teacher, it was very interesting. Moreover, at some point I learned that our theatre in Tallinn is closed for repairs. And then suddenly calling Anton Makarsky, my classmate, and offers to restore our graduation performance of "Arshin — Mal-Alan". He was very successful, we then spend a year playing it on stage of the Vakhtangov theatre. Anton was already known after the acclaimed musical "Notre Dame de Paris", and he said he will produce our graduation play, restoring it with classmates. But really, wasn't expecting that I would come to make the visa then was very difficult. And I told him that I have everything, and anyway, I Peter, I can though tomorrow to go on stage. It was 2005, and "Sniffer" happened in 2012. It is a whole life with its UPS and downs.

What's happened with the life back?

First time lived with friends, girlfriends, Tallinn children who studied at this time in the Shchukin school... to work at some point agreed with one apartment, and I lived in a room on the Arbat with guys from Uzbekistan. They worked in the restaurant, so I was always well-fed. (Laughs.) This period, of course, can not be called victories.

Over the years there have been many invitations to audition?

— There was a lot of trial and failures. At some point, because of the inability to find a good job I got one company selling the drives. They pester people on the street, in Parking lots, offered them to buy something... And ninety-nine percent of the cases were necessarily refused. But I stayed there because of the incredibly positive atmosphere. I was surprised the man was headed, very creative, and I was wondering how he manages to get such a challenging job. At some point I realized: no matter what you sell — good music, popular or classical, and important, in what mood do it, how easy it is to communicate with people. When you have inspiration, like on stage, you can sell anything. But most importantly, what I learned — patience. If ninety-nine people out of a hundred will refuse, so you have to take five hundred, a thousand people a day to earn. And don't be afraid of failure. This is akin to the same samples. You know how much I had samples? Millions!

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

After the release of the television series "the Sniffer", where Cyril played a genius detective, able to distinguish any smell, it became popular. This painting is compared to "Sherlock Holmes"Photo: materials of press-services

— In your personal life something happened?

— Of course, it did happen. (Smiles.) All this inspired. Something resulted in serious relationship, some don't. And, frankly, probably, the feeling disappeared before I broke a story. But sometimes you continue to live by inertia.

— When in your life had Julie? She's Tallinn?

— Yeah, we met in Tallinn. And it was a long time ago. We have about ten years together. Julia was one of those who said that I need to move to Moscow. Then she herself came here.

— Then it was still a friendly relationship?

— No, not friendly. We had different periods, we are in a water included. (Smiles.)

— Have you ever regret that you do not meet once and forever, like mom and dad?

— No, everyone is different. How to become a power over the senses? We can't predict. And over love it is necessary each time to work, no matter how scary it may sound. It all starts with love or passion, but love is a different feeling, a more gentle, respectful and calm.

— How old Julia is younger than you?

— It is impossible to talk about the woman's age. (Smiles.) She's younger, but not critical.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

On the set of the film "Better than men"Photo: materials of press-services

— Where did you meet?

— We worked together in the theater. She was there to PR and advertising, and then went in a more creative direction, I came here to study in the Academy of photography. She did a wonderful photographic shooting. I have often been in short m, in student papers, there is always Julia worked as a photographer. She also did a lot of acting photos, but when her work is turned into the pipeline, it was not very interesting and she began to look for new ways of creative realization. Now her workshop concrete design and ceramics, where they make vases and pots for cactus and other flowers.

— You said that Julia is the woman that makes you a man the man code of honor. What this concept is?

— I think it is a well known concept: a man must be honest, discreet, friendly, not grim, that is, no matter how hard, you cannot lose heart. Must be strong, but not showing it on display. Not greedy is also important. Merciful, not petty, with a sense of humor.

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

"I accosted people on the street, in Parking lots, offered to buy some discs. Ninety percent of a hundred were given up, it's taught me patience"Photo: Julia Duz

— And the girl for you what features are important?

— A lot of things. (Smiles.)

— Well, what of them has Julia?

— Tenderness, attentiveness, positivity, creativity. There are conflicts, but in the end I realize she was right. So also wisdom. (Smiles.)

— What is the theme of this?

— On the subject of her creative research. She did not long to be in the same situation — she's a Gemini. And I thought she won't be able to live with me. And I probably sometimes have to change in order to avoid routine. (Laughs.) She doesn't like to live in the same house, so we move around a lot. Sometimes, even once every three years, and if not moving — she makes the repairs or at least a complete rearrangement of furniture. Money is not worth for her in the first place, but at the same time, she doesn't want to know how I'm going to get something we need. "That's your problem, you're the man!" she says. And I'm smiling. Femininity — that is the main word!


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