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Victoria Poltorak: "After the divorce with Maxim Drozd I'm two years immersed in seclusion"

The star of the show "Trotsky" never regret the past. Details — in interview

Victoria Poltorak calls his life quest: she likes to overcome the challenges step by step. Immediately, she captivated Moscow, and immediately she got the role of bright. But now the actress has a lot of fans. She created the image of Frida Kahlo in the acclaimed series "the Trotsky" — one hundred percent hit. Maybe it was the fact that between her and the Mexican artist has a lot in common: a burning temperament, sincere attitude to love, sacrifice. And just as she, Victoria, in moments of emotional anguish finds solace in painting. About this star told the February issue of the journal "Atmosphere".

Victoria, you just a traditional story of a girl from a provincial Russian city, came to conquer the capital...

On this step I decided not immediately. I was born in the Amur region in the far East, and then my family settled in the BAM, where the father-installer built bridges, and his mother worked as a kindergarten teacher. Later, we, together with my younger sister Olesya, moved to Ulyanovsk, where, in fact, was a big part of our childhood and adolescence. As you know, the family was not creative, but I stood out activity, go to the theatre and participated in all school productions.

— So I was already a liberated person?

— Not so! I was closed, introverted girl with a huge amount of complexes. The boys paid no attention to me, even called ugly and I felt ugly. Perhaps, in this respect, with perseverance learned that I was later able to apply in adult life: she picked up melodies on musical instruments, good dancing, horseback riding, athletics. In addition, he was fond of ornithology, had gone into the woods with a tent for two weeks, and there, in silence, recording their observations, used to catch birds in the network, ringed, released and sent this information to Moscow, in a specialized center. The love birds I was fanatical. Don't know how my mom suffered, but the house we lived pigeons, rooks, starlings, Canaries,... of Their eternal cries was not like the garden of Eden. Also, the acquisition of spiritual harmony, helped me with the painting. If things got really bad, and I wanted to Express certain emotions, just sat down with pencil in album. And when I was sent from school for competitions of readers of the speech to me was given with huge work. I literally was able to overcome this. So nervous I was shaking before and after. Although I usually read poems by their favorite poets — Lermontov, Yevtushenko.

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

Played Frida Kahlo in the movie "the Trotsky", Victoria found considerable similarity with his hereinafte: materials of press-services

And in fact my whole professional career so far — is a continuous series of obstacles, a challenge to myself. I'm definitely not of the category of lucky ones who everything is easy. Mother to help, gave me fourteen years in modeling school, so I learned myself something to hold, to move elegantly. There I really found my feet, there was an inner confidence. I even got an offer to work in Moscow from the then famous magazine "Burda moden", but rejected it: believed that should start to get a higher education. Yes, this was at odds with public opinion, but he is never focused.

Among peers you kept apart?

— I was on my own. But nobody offended me, because, despite the apparent fragility, I fought and defended all "humiliated and offended". I was known as a staunch fighter for justice, and gained fame as "the daughter of van Damme". (Smiles.)

— But were you an obedient child?

— Concerning. Mom instilled in me that a close relationship with a man is permissible only after eighteen years. When in adolescence I began to be overcome by the increased sexuality (especially given my Gypsy roots, along with Moldavian and Ukrainian blood), I have this gigantic energy was vented in the winter in the gym, where he lifted a heavy barbell, and in the summer go to the forest, where he read books and starved for two weeks.

— And at nineteen had married...

— Yes, and because of that marriage I had a daughter, Valeria. Ex husband still calls me from Ulyanovsk to our wedding day, but, unfortunately, not actively involved in the life of fifteen-year-old child. Today, I realize that marriage is hastened. The fact that the Soviet Union was tenacious stereotype: in twenty years, a normal girl should be family, child, College, and I succumbed to the General trend.

If to talk about my personal life, in General, I have had two official and two civil marriage, and always I was the initiator of parting. And I've never gone to someone- invariably from someone, as it could no longer be there. Alas, the model of the relationship between men and women in my family were far from ideal, that little blissful contributed to the development of my own unions. But I, thank God, no one learned not to blame, draw conclusions from their mistakes, and analyze a lesson with a particular person fate brought me. I am grateful to my men and try to be friends with them. And, you know, have a lucky feature: leaving a relationship, never dragged their plume in the following. On the contrary, is not completely obsolete from previous feelings, don't let new.

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

Partner of the actress in a new TV movie, "the Fugitive" was Ivan, Okhlobystin: materials of press-services

— Once you're very serious approach to life...

When one moth flutters, he can to sixty years to come up with a disappointing outcome. I hope that by the time the "collection of stones" will not be lonely and disappointed.

You pretty reliably play bitchy ladies and I are not a predator?

— In any case. Never suffered from unrequited love, is not fond of out of reach, did not invent the idol, and showed no initiative. I'm sure that a man cannot be a victim.

— Ex-husband Maxim Drozd is love at first sight?

— I'm not familiar with these spontaneous manifestations. Maxim was first seen at the site of the series "Cursed Paradise" — he walked past me together with Evelina Bledans, and all. We did not have a joint scene, and I played a cameo role. But five years later, on the project "secret guardian", where we played lovers, the spark has already slipped. When I'm in a serious relationship, I connect energetically to the partner, because it is fraught. But at that time we were both free afford this passion. I appreciated the unusual energy maxima, his care about me, about my child moving to animals... he was very insistent: almost immediately we started Dating, three months later, he proposed to live together after eight, we got married. And after another three weeks after this event I became pregnant, and nine months later Sophie, who is now seven years old. A total of five years, we with Maxim were together.

— Thrush often play heroes-lovers. Tell me, how in life it fulfils its screen image?

Maxime is a rather complex nature, often reflecting about and no. (Smiles.) But I'm also not perfect and during this marriage still dwelt in the mistaken belief that the respect of men must be earned. That is, I wasn't expecting any miracles, that cocoon I will be surrounded by themselves. After our divorce I'm two years immersed in retreat, trying to answer the question, why constantly involved in destroying my relationship.

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

The actress wrote a part of paintings of Frida Kahlo "Viva la Viba"Photo: personal archive Victoria Poltorak

— And what kind of man you need?

Someone will be able to afford different moods, I'll be myself, without trying to adapt to the different moods. I think work has played a positive role, and today I absolutely love my life. To this state was a very long time. It helped that I never his happy attitude was not associated with a specific man. I am open minded enough adapted to the home: able to perform a number of traditionally male business, and female, like cooking and washing dishes, I even enjoy is similar to meditation.

— That is your life today you organize yourself?

— Why you so think? (Smiles.) A year and a half near me the man for this moment in time I feel good. For film he has nothing, but the man is incredibly creative, versatile and charismatic. One of his latest projects — a well-known Zaryadye Park. This man and I am eternally grateful that he allows me freedom, and secondly, does not give any chance do not respect it. I can see how he comes out of difficult situations, and learn a lot from how. Under his influence I gained confidence and changed attitude to itself. Even in small things. If earlier, for example, having a mountain of worries I had aside their own needs in second place, today do not refuse what I really want.

— How did you meet?

— He saw me in the TV series "Londongrad" and wanted to meet you. Since I'm not a girl, he has come a long way to the goal. Invented the whole drama: first persuaded his friend, Director Victor Ginzburg, invite me to audition, and when he resolutely refused such above, asked him to call me on birthday. Victor works in the American system: arranges dinner parties and watching the actors, so to speak, "in natural habitat". To me, this invitation seemed a little strange, but it came in the week when I say "Yes". (Smiles.) Gallant man helped me remove my coat, introduced himself, and after this night for almost two months trying to lure me out. Called I didn't answer, then he wrote. Once knew to call me with the children to the Dolphinarium, and then finally got to the point!

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

Victoria has varied interests: from the bike to zhivopisuet: personal archive Victoria Poltorak

— I wonder how much do you need friends?

I appreciate those friends that I have. We are not cooing for hours on the phone daily — I hate that. For conversation I need the eyes of a man across the street. But we meet every six months and can't stop talking. Leave with confidence that many do not have time to speak to each other.

— You are a bright girl, sexy and obviously adhere to the cult of the body, just refuse from meat food, follow a healthy diet and not skipping the gym...

To keep yourself in shape nicely. I blossomed only once, when a graduate of the University came to the theater, dreamed of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, and I offered to play earthworm. Naturally, despair, inner conflict, "seized" his grief and so much better. Recovering and returning to its former settings, gave myself a word that I would keep them.

— By the way, about the Institute. Initially you have applied to the local University, the faculty of culture and art, played for two years at the drama theatre of Ulyanovsk, and then went to Moscow... Why chose such a long way?

— Courage is probably not enough. I had no influential acquaintances, no support. Realize that some complicated way to the goal, but I probed. First, still seventeen, came here and spent the summer working as a waitress. Then worked as a fitness trainer. And the result was, as in his native Ulyanovsk was already frankly closely. It is important for me to go forward, to climb higher, to see the future, not to butt up against the ceiling. The idea that for even one month should come in the same place at the same time and doing something routine, boring, makes you feel sad and maddening. I need growth and development.

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

"I share the interests of their daughters, and it was my pleasure to spend time with them," said Victorette: personal archive Victoria Poltorak

In Moscow did you manage to stand out: you remember the TV series "Thirty something", "Dangerous liaisons", "Physics or chemistry", is now "Trotsky" was released...

This city took me in, I like the rhythm of it. But for now, for fourteen years, I've been here, haven't got their own living space. We have two daughters, a British cat Cougar and a dog Yumi, selected mongrel, rent an apartment. Honestly, it's hard to be the breadwinner of the family and to save up for a down payment on real estate. For this reason, I do not serve in a theatre: can't afford to "enjoy yourself in art", have to earn money and then intelligently distribute them to all need to have enough. Children should not need. And when I have what is called Finance reserve, I engaged with the teacher of vocals in order to exercise their desire to participate in the musical. I believe that this will happen.

The point is, sometimes miracles happen and coming projects they dream. What happened to Frida Kahlo. I came here for an audition and I was selected for the role. My southern character played here not last role, and that's fine, because to prove something, to impose his candidacy producers and Directors-I do not know. And the more I plunged into the life of the great artist, the more I realize that I don't have what is called a "pull" role for themselves — she lined up me organically, I have found much in common between us, not only in character and in ambiguous relation to the world. After watching chronicle, a photo shoot with Frida's husband, Diego Rivera, I found that feeling close to my man similar to mine. Personnel seen, as she needs protection. No coincidence it was called the bird, and the elephant. Frida was so unique... In memory of the shooting in Mexico, I brought home a case of the phone, with its symbolic picture of the "Live crazy life". This is my motto, by the way.

— How was your relationship with Konstantin Khabensky, who played the brilliant Leon Trotsky?

— Kostya is a brilliant partner on set! He has a wonderful sense of humor, and it is easy. Favored by all the regalia, a true professional and not allow himself to neglect the fact that he does. He's incredibly responsible! Know about this project I can talk endlessly. But I have another coming out soon the series "Girls don't give up" is a modern story, where Kirill Safonov playing spouses. And I'm glad I got certain roles.

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

"I like to invent a variety of adventures," says actressphoto: personal archive Victoria Poltorak

Girls passed humanitarian inclination?

— Partly. Valeria quit gymnastics and switched to music clock plays the guitar with a teacher. It is a little: ask the court to videotaped courses of drumming and is planning to learn the violin. And all this against the background of the fact that at the time Valerie refused from musical school and now giant strides catching up. Now she plays in a rock band. Character she's on me before I something do not want to persuade me impossible. But music is her hobby. This year daughter was admitted to the British school of design in the future sees himself as a artist of anime cartoons. Valeria — stunning, unexpected, hair in a week can repaint from pink to orange, and then purple... And we had adored at leisure to draw together. Personally, I'm currently learning to paint with oils. In General, if we ever will a country house, in it, as excesses, sure to be a art Studio with canvases, brushes and paints. (Smiles.)

Sometimes our sketches connected and younger. She's a special girl: this year entered the school of music of Schubert, and it was chosen by teachers themselves, who went on kindergartens in search of gifted children. Now Sophie is singing, dancing and playing. She chose the piano; finally we have in the apartment appeared this tool, and my daughter and I learned four hands playing the "Moonlight Sonata"! But apart from that Sophie is incredibly flexible — she was fond of gymnastics, and now she goes for synchronized swimming.

I share the interests of their daughters, and it was my pleasure to spend time with them. This summer we flew to Prague, where he rafted Canoeing on the Vltava river, passed fifteen rapids, turned over, slept in tents... It was a fantastic experience! I like to invent a variety of adventures. I call it my life quest: I'm curious to be tested step by step. Risk and gives the adrenaline. Recently, I have never who took the car, got on a motorcycle and survived a furious delight. I hope one day I will be able to play hard racer. (Smiles.)


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