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Anastasia Makeeva: "I Hope to make a career of a good wife, mother and grandmother"

She is a popular actress, whose filmography includes nearly forty works. However, in an interview Anastasia said she is ready to trade her stage success in the profession of wife, mother, grandmother. But at the same time told and about other mysteries of his life

— You have completed pop-jazz school "excellent", then the field of "five". You always have everything in life on "five"?

— Yes, I have two red diploma. I am a perfectionist. But it is my great personal tragedy. Until I make something better, it hurts me. I'm rarely satisfied with myself.

You are reviewing recordings of performances in which they participate? The picture, which starred?

— No. Why?

— To carry out work on the bugs, for example.

— There are some fragmentary records, but to do some work on the bugs, you need to watch the show from beginning to end. To see where something is wrong. And I have no such records. When we put something, I can ask to use my phone a scene, dance is what I need. But in principle, the appearance is very deceptive story. Most importantly, what's happening inside you. If you find the internal, the external is manifested as it should. I admit: many of the films in which I starred, not even seen. At first, I watched it, I was wondering, and then stopped. I'm always picking on myself, I always all don't like. I think I'm ugly. Inelegant. Non-plastic or Vice versa.

— How did you choose your acting profession?

— I was chosen. I originally wanted to be a singer. And when he found himself in a place called "show business", I realized that it's not quite what I would like. And while I was a student, turned up a great opportunity to participate in the musical "Dracula". Listened to me and took on a major role. And from that moment I was infected by theater. I no longer wanted to just stand on stage and sing, like dance, movement, vocals tell it all. And so I went to a musical, then second, third. Then hit the "witches of Eastwick", where I took in the fifth part the role of Alexandra. But never released at the scene. I asked why, I was told that not enough acting. Then I went and joined Mark Zakharov.

Анастасия Макеева: «Надеюсь сделать карьеру хорошей жены, матери и бабушки»

With his colleague Peter Kislov Anastasia met on the set. An office romance quickly turned into marriage. But soon the couple restorestate: still from the film "Network"

— Your friends and friends of creative layer?

— I can't say that I'm with the artists directly bosom friends. It's very complicated. We are all working. Mostly friendship. And my friends with whom I spend time these people are very successful and not associated with the sphere of my activities.

Is fundamentally?

Is not a principled position, but I love to learn something. I'm curious to know people who, say, know how to organize your life from the point of view of life, business, or other fields. It is interesting to know how they think. Thus, I'm expanding your horizons, the opportunity to understand what the lives of other people in other professions.

— You feel uncomfortable alone?

I love society, I don't like to be alone. Well, I like to be alone, in silence, to keep silent. But overall I like the company.

— You work a lot, like relax?

— Honestly, I hide from people. Love to spend time at home, in jammies, read, watch a movie. Need something homey, warm. Where no need to be polite, smiling, which you always waiting and requires society. Or, for example, to go to visit the girls to Europe to travel. I love home gatherings in a cozy atmosphere.

— How to take care of yourself or it's genetics is working?

Genetics is only one percent. Hope for genetics, when I'm in a profession is directly dependent on their appearance, very dangerous. So I take care of myself. Very much and actively engaged in their face. In my life there and the beauty with masks, and sport, and the proper food. Try to get enough sleep. Doing everything possible in order to preserve their youth. It's like a pianist's fingers, the surgeon's hands and vision. And when you see that the woman works hard and looks good, you know, it is three times more working in order to look good. It is hard work.

Анастасия Макеева: «Надеюсь сделать карьеру хорошей жены, матери и бабушки»

When Anastasia Makeeva married singer and composer Gleb Matveychuk, the fans were just in awe of this pair. But after six years of marriage, Anastasia and Gleb filed for razvedennymi Avramenko

— But you like to relax?

— Love. Of course.

— Barbecue in the nature, Hiking for mushrooms?

— If someone calls, I'll go. But I don't organize such things. Lacks effort and imagination.

— You have a personal secret to success?

— The secret of success does not exist. It's all myths. They do not have anybody. Even the most seasoned professionals always go for broke, put on an unknown, risky and untested. Sink or swim.

— Maybe?

— No, not at random. Just "maybe" — that is, if you're just waiting for something. And if you plow like a horse, perhaps supported by a good Foundation. I have nothing and no one is waiting. No gifts. I work a lot. Well, not everyone who works hard, becomes successful. That's the essence of the fart.

— Do you consider yourself a role model?

— Never appreciated and not regarded myself as an example. Each person has their own path, their mistakes, which he will admit or not.

— Are you afraid of something?

We are always afraid of something. Afraid to be unrealized, not to meet his fate, to achieve, to aspire. I, of course, no exception, is also very much afraid. But it doesn't stop me from wanting to be realized.

— They say that in life you need to try everything. Are there things that you would never dare?

— It's probably the drugs. I don't mean what is available absolutely to all, it is something that can not be return. I would not want to lose your life. It is valuable to me.

Анастасия Макеева: «Надеюсь сделать карьеру хорошей жены, матери и бабушки»

Anastasia loves the theatre and tries to attend performances in Europe. The picture shows the actress in Paris, operetta:

— Your first husband, Pyotr Kislov, was an actor. Divorced. Second, Gleb Matveichuk, musician, also dispersed. Were you trying to find kindred artistic soul?

— I haven't tried to look. My life brought to these people. And I was fascinated by them. Their talent, their desire to Express themselves, to create something. When it ended, ended and relationships.

Two creative person in the family is too?

— No, it's not creative. The fact personalities. And creative people get along, and uncreative. It all depends on the desires, aspirations, upbringing and feelings.

— What should be your man?

My man should be intelligent and with a sense of humor.

— What can you forgive, what ever?

— I can't say that would be forgiven and then not forgive. What is permissible and what is not. I know one thing: in relationships it makes sense to forgive and to build something, but only if both want it. If both feel love and want. If this feeling someone from the two no, everything is meaningless.

— How do you see yourself in twenty years?

Happy and home. Surrounded by four children. Maybe with my grandchildren. It is desirable.

And for you kids in the profession is not a hindrance?

I don't want to spend my whole life on stage or on set. To old age don't want to play. So I will do some of his creative work, going through part of his career and will go quietly. I'm happy to change the profile, making the career of a good wife, mother and grandmother. Hope.


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