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Denis Kosyakov: "I'm boring, my wife calls me boring" talked to the actor about revenge ex-girlfriend, the rest of the work and the Crimean beauties

Actor Denis Kosyakov starred in the movie "Women vs men", the exclusive premiere will take place on the eighth of March online cinema ivi. And of course, in the film, as in the first part, is the confrontation of the sexes.

— Denis, what adventures await your character in the film "Women against men. Crimean vacation"?

— As you know, to go on vacation right after my divorce — it's quite a tempting idea. Especially if the company you are going two best friends. But when in the same hotel to meet his ex-wife-the beautiful, then, you know... And if the ex-spouse is still with his two best friends, who also are ex-wives of your friends, it is easy revenge for old grudges turns into an exciting war and an unforgettable adventure. My hero and his friends are still trying to show that they are for happiness don't want their women, and still suffer from their absence, though, and fight with them. Even to arrange small meanness of his former — it is extremely fascinating sport. Although the best way to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend is to marry her; I did so.

Денис Косяков: «Дома я скучный, жена называет меня занудой»

Alexander Golovin, Roman Yunusov and Denis Kosyakov in the film "Women against men. Crimean vacation"Photo: materials of press-services

I have you on the set there were a lot of funny situations, and challenges had to face...

— I like a man with vertigo most difficult was shooting in a helicopter with the door open. Beauty is certainly indescribable, but I was very happy when we returned to mother earth. (Smiles.) In General, the new film is a different story, though with the same characters. The first part begins with a wedding, the second with a divorce. And this is very different honeymoons. And if in the first film octopus whipped cheeks, now he landed me right in the eye. Another millimeter and I play in the future only Kutuzov and nick fury. (Laughs.) This Masha Kravchenko added an unexpected improvisation and decided to chestnut octopus again. It turned out quiet funny.

— Witnesses said that one day on the Playground suddenly came hundreds beautiful girls from all over the country. How they got there?

— The fact that the film extras required young girls. When the announcement about the shooting appeared in Crimean mass media, gathered here are beauty that the area could be organized the contest "Miss Russia".

— Your colleague, Maria Gorban shooting took daughter, and you did not take the wife and kids?

— At the moment my second son was just born. Just in time for filming. Not sure that was worth it to drag them there directly from the hospital... So his wife and children remained at home. To miss each other — it is our permanent condition.

Денис Косяков: «Дома я скучный, жена называет меня занудой»

Denis and his wife Elena — happy parents of two, Synovate:

— It happened that during the shooting process as if you combined leisure and work, or relax quite time was not?

— Combine work and leisure I have for many years, the purpose of the series "the Island" came up. (Smiles.) There is a feeling that I rather not work with rest, combine, and work and leisure.

— You said in one interview that I dream about two children. Desire is not lost?

— Are not lost. All the time.

— You are a person with a sense of humor, constantly joking. Even his wife after the birth of her second son wrote "thank you for active participation in the birth of my son." That is you at home not do without your jokes?

— There is nothing that you can approach without humor. No, I'm boring, my wife calls me boring.

— In the film you have a real war with his ex-wife, but in life you are not fighting with his wife?

— Oh... Information about this war are still classified as "top secret". The enemy does not sleep. (Laughs.)

— What do you usually do in your free time?

— Wasting time on video games and really hate myself for it.


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