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Svetlana Ustinova: "In relations very important to be able to stop myself" discussed with the actress sacrifices a profession, separation from the beloved, as well as coffee and sweet

For movie Svetlana Ustinova quit school in the fourth year of financial Academy. From the outside it may seem a rash act, but those familiar with the actress, I will say that the important decisions Svetlana very seriously.

— Your heroine in the film "Buy me" as her friend, struggling to find happiness. What willing your character?

— She will do just about anything, so her morals with my do not intersect, but the only thing we, in my opinion, converge's loyalty to his friends.

— To value friendship in our time— a rare quality. And who are your friends? People from the actor's environment?

— Not only. As I said, I'm loyal to my friends, so we communicate with those with whom he met during his studies at the Finance Academy, and with those with whom he studied at VGIK. I can say that female friendship does exist, despite the apparent competition in our profession. I have a lot of friends, and I rejoice in their success because each of us is distinctive, has already found himself a niche. Some friends and I still together had a chance to work as with Dasha Caruso, with whom I have been acquainted for more than ten years, and with Anna Chipovskaya. She was starred in the film "Blockbuster", where she played naletchicu, and I'm a TV presenter Lisa. By the way, it was absolutely my role, and the heroine is somewhat similar to mine: I, too, arrived from the provinces to conquer Moscow.

— Were there ever moments when you had to make sacrifices for the sake of something? Maybe for some roles?

— Depending on how each of us understands the word "sacrifice", everything is relative. For example, for the filming of the movie "Boomer. The second film" I walked away from the financial Academy, where he studied in the fourth year. My parents worried for them it was a sacrifice, but I was happy to be in a world that finally felt like his, although future prospects were not clear. For the film "Buy me" I cut the bangs and hair, knowing that I needed a change and to my heroine, Gale didn't look like Svetlana Ustinova. Also you have to sacrifice for the sake of filming time that you can spend with loved ones. Fortunately, people understood me and supported me.

Светлана Устинова: «В отношениях очень важно уметь себя останавливать»

For the role in the film "Buy me" Svetlana changed her hairstyle to get away from the usual for many imagephoto: materials of press-services

— I agree with the assertion that beauty is worth sacrificing for?

— For me the sacrifice in the name of beauty is to give up sweets and coffee. Here for more than a week hold, I hope for the vitality of his character. (Smiles.) Besides, it is not only beauty, but also because I was inspired by the decision to start fasting. My post is to abandon the most beloved to me, namely: coffee and sweets! So wish me, please, effort, and patience. As for other secrets, each day I start with a glass of water with lemon, do a five minute plank, stretching, exercises for the face. There is a wonderful breathing practice helps keep the body in good shape.

— Svetlana, a heroine in the film "Buy me" with the money cost in General is pretty easy. What you never want to waste money?

— I enjoy buying gifts. Love to travel, go to museums and galleries in different countries. Want to learn to understand art, design and begin to collect paintings, decorative items, understand the Antiques. Buy the book.

— Svetlana, your fans also know that last year you played a very beautiful wedding with producer Ilya Stewart. Why did he conquered or, maybe, wins every day?

When we met, we talked for two hours. It happened at the premiere of believe, a very symbolic place for our meeting. Waited then foreign star started talking, I liked Ilya, I thought, how clever! (Smiles.) But the next time we saw each other only a year. However, after that did not leave. And every day of our life together we always have something to talk about. Ilya will always find time to listen, to give advice, we can discuss different projects — it's good that we're both from the world of cinema. Illya also feels the slightest fluctuations in my mood, and it's always interesting and important that's going on in my profession, my mood, or health. I think this is very important: to talk, to care, to feel each other.

Светлана Устинова: «В отношениях очень важно уметь себя останавливать»

The wedding of Svetlana and her lover Elias Stuart was very cinematic and was held in one of the pavilions of "Mosfilm"Photo:

— Ilya is a busy producer, you are an actress. Do you ever have conflicts due to the fact that you work too much and rarely see each other?

— I can safely go somewhere to play for a long time, because my husband Ilya understands how important this is to me. He left for America, a month filming there movie, I was waiting for him and supported. It was an important moment for our relations: the ability to trust each other, the ability to stop myself: I want to push, jealous, and to vent emotion, to give the person feel guilty that he's far away. But you can't do that, because it only destroys relationships.

— That is, if something happens, you don't shoot from the hip?

I really appreciate relationships, including family, I try to work on them. Even if there is some kind of conflict situation, I just try to put yourself in the shoes of this man and understand what happened: what were his or her reasons, than they were guided? Of course, it is easier to make the other person to blame to get away with it, as they say; but it is better not to do it. Because it may be that the person had in mind is not it and you just do not understand each other.

— You often have to combat stereotypes about blondes?

— I always perceived this stereotype as a joke. So they laugh at themselves and the stereotype. Honestly, in my life met people who would be judged about a person by the color of the hair.


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