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Sergey Astakhov: "I realized it was time to give birth to children"

The variety of roles played by actor, recently added the image of the owner of the casino. appreciated this transformation, and has discussed with Sergey gambling, Pets and pleasant surprises

— Sergey, as I understand it, the main difficulty consisted in the fact that in the movie "Beyond reality" you had to play not just master of the casino and the person who speaks English...

And this complexity was the fact that in English I don't know how to speak articulately, but in General in any way. Tormented me there, in pain, the guys from the crew don't understand how I ever got there. But somehow, he got out, did peresvodili helped (smiles). So I can say: when you take over any business, you have to weigh the possibilities.

Now many of your colleagues admit that they started to learn the language, the profession requires...

— I recently starred in the TV series eight months non-stop, every day for twelve hours. Do you think I have a certain percentage of the desire after that to learn another language? (Laughs.) I know English, yes and no. I have in one month, well, maybe three days a week. And that's all. We only dream of peace.

But, despite the lack of free time, you like to go skiing. For example, the photo on the skis with your daughter can be seen on Instagram...

— Masha threw her out. Asked: "Dad, can put up?" I agreed. As for skiing, I will not say that this is a hobby, although I have ten years riding in General. I'm in the mountains like on the bike sometimes, but it's not a hobby. I don't think I have a hobby about which you can talk seriously. I love to lie on the beach and relax. This passion? (Laughs.) I think that's unlikely.

Сергей Астахов: «Я понял: пора детей рожать»

Astakhov, the hero in the movie "Beyond reality" speak English, there was a serious problem for Sergei, who with tongues until "you"Photo: materials of press-services

— As the host in the casino you're very convincing. And do gambling?

I'm not a player and I don't think the guys who starred in the movie, in the life of avid players. I don't know anything about games, you know only the name "blackjack". And the role was because just got under our average idea of how it looks! I made the eyes a different color, so I was like Lucifer or someone like that.

— Does the weakness or bad habit you have?

I don't drink alcohol, don't smoke anything. And my bad habit — a lot of work... I came to Moscow after thirty. And in that moment, when everything is just made it, I was deep in the crowd. And I would like to play, to turn a trick. For seventeen years in Moscow, I tried to make up for something. And too many probably worked. And it's such a bad habit. Don't need a lot of work, you need to have fun, that I wanted to build, to create, to invent, not to make money, because you have nothing else to do. Probably too much I take on, and to stay is not obtained. I'm not proud of, don't think, but last year I was working 350 days out of 365 days. Yes, I am satisfied that demanded, pleased that I get to know people, and get paid for the work... But then we went on vacation in the mountains, and I couldn't even relax because I woke up and thought, "Oh, camera, action..." of Course, something needs to give. And I already warned the Director that from June to September won't work, unless I get a proposal that will be creatively interesting.

— Are you planning to go somewhere this time?

— We have an SUV, go with his wife and daughter in the mountains. Last year I went on a journey through Europe, in total, spent abroad more than two and a half months. There was a pass Suvorov, the Alps and so on... There is something not only in winter, but in summer. This kayak and rafting, climbing, tents, camping. Also we do a lot of bike riding. And so the journey, I was most reassuring, empowering. So next plans are.

Сергей Астахов: «Я понял: пора детей рожать»

In the TV series "Son of my father"Photo: materials of press-services

— So, you understand all this: how to pitch a tent and kayak?

— Well, I lived to twenty years in the hills, in the forest. He went with his father on a fishing trip, I liked all of these passes. Worked from childhood skiing, cross-country, was a candidate for the master of sports, then I became a city. But now there is a possibility that we can go. By the way, love all this my daughter and wife. They are also waiting for travel.

— Usually from nature-lovers at home there are some animals...

— Just recently I had an event: we picked up on the street a black cat and educate it. It happened during the shooting in Gelendzhik. There was jumping, kitten, little, palm, I thought to take it, but then it disappeared. I was sorry, but he appeared, and I caught this kitty. We took her with him to Moscow. Then began to impart, settled home. But I realized that it is better she will be at grandma's to live. In the end, gave, sorry, was taken back home. That is my cat, and I'm now interested in, fed her or not. Send me a photo as she lives there, what they were doing. In General, it is time to give birth to children, I have understood all there is to it (laughs).

— According to rumors, your daughter plans to become an actress. What she is now the success in this field?

— Masha was in America, in England, she had some courses at Oxford. Studied journalism, but then said that it was not her. Not quite as she imagined this profession. After a year left the Institute, was admitted to the first year of the Higher school of Economics, studied there for a year and said that this is not quite what she wanted to do. And so, she decided to enroll in drama school in Moscow this spring. At first I thought I didn't, and it will be a normal person, not an actress. But apparently, and this thicket will not pass me. I hope I will. Will do — I'll have to play to play, and then learn, the more it is played in the movie. Good thing she already wants it in conscious age. I myself before becoming an actor, tried himself in one, and in another institution, and served in the army, and worked. And then, when life experiences have given, decided to become an actor.

Сергей Астахов: «Я понял: пора детей рожать»

With a daughter from a previous marriage, Maria and the actor is often seen and is going to help her to enroll in theater, fosfato:

To enter a theatre is not easy. Will daughter to help?

When he did, helped me, and I want to help. At least listen to what she reads and how she does it. Sorry, little time: we wanted to leave to work out, but there is skiing, shopping. But I'll try to find time and something to tell her. That daughter turns to me for help, happiness for me.

— Sergei, as you know, with his wife Victoria and you have not yet registered relations...

...But I can do it at any time. She is not against it, but afraid to jinx it. We've been together for four years. She works as a school teacher of initial classes. It is far to go because she lived at first in one area, now we live in another. And will probably have to change their place of work. Vick spent enough time in this school, says that you need to hold your class for another two years. But we can, so podgadat: she will finish them in the fourth grade to teach and in the decree would leave immediately. We ponder that question, and why pull?

— How do you feel about the fact that Victoria is not working in your area?

— Thank God that it has nothing to do with my profession. Vika travels with me on tour, sometimes at performances, visits to the shooting, we try to spend more time together. I have so for the first time that the second half is not directly related to my work. Maybe it's good: it deals with children, this is a very noble profession. When I found out I liked it so much. We may be a little different poles, but, as they say, opposites attract. When I come home, nobody talks about a role that did not happen (laughs). And I'm resting. As they say, live and learn. And in fifty years there are pleasant surprises.


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