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Leonid Bacevich: "When my son was born everything fell into place"

Actor — on the way out of depression, Alex Balabanovo and the replenishment of the family

Leonid Bichevin showed himself on the screen and on stage in an incredibly wide range — from "Cargo 200" to "ordeal", from "Devils" to "Troilus and Cressida". met the actor and discussed Patriarchal Domostroy, ways out of depression, and vinyl records.

— Many perceive acting festive. But, in this profession there is another side of the coin. What is yours?

Is self-examination, soul-searching. You need all the time to rape your nerves and your psyche, pulling out of certain things, in order to be able to open to the public. To be some kind of confessional. Deep. Well, trying at least to strive for it. After all, it is costly, both mental and simply emotional. The reverse side is when you don't quite understand where they get the strength, to fill them. You just don't understand, then to be inspired to continued existence.

Леонид Бичевич: «Когда родился сын, все встало на свои места»

One of the new works of the actor — Ivan Telegin role in the series "the road to Calvary"

— And where is inspired?

— Oddly enough, inspiration comes often when we get a result on stage. The sweetness of the process, the joy of creativity is what inspires me. And so everyone is recovering because of his abilities, Hobbies: someone plays football, someone engaged in photography or butterflies collects. For example, I listen to vinyl records. And in the summer I want to get on the bike. I don't know, will not work.

— Why did you choose theatre? In your case is complex, the girls came?

— My desire to enter the theatre arose spontaneously. Just went to some kind of wave, one after another caught. Like the movie, some acting in the theatre, where I've been. Especially the example of Mikhail Filippov in "Napoleon the First", which I watched in mayakivka. It was after this performance, I formulated the thought that you want to exist as he is. And suddenly I stalled, I didn't like the place where I studied, agricultural College. Thought, "well, let me try to enter the theater. I'll try and that's all!"

— You serve in the Theater. Vakhtangov than helping you in the theatre?

Is the risk is the real test! There are no duplicates and there is no negligence. I, for example, just no right. In this sense, theatre is always a daring enterprise.

Alexey Balabanov has said about you: "Be the star"...

— Remember, I was very pleased, of course.

Леонид Бичевич: «Когда родился сын, все встало на свои места»

Role in the film "Morphine" by Alexei Balabanov brought Leonid considerable popularity

— Stellar disease you ever had?

— After "Morphine" was an interesting stage. Star disease manifested in the fact that I have a feeling all the time, now all I need to know I need to be in great demand, will be removed only from such Directors, only in such films and with such partners. But the reality is quite different. And she hits it hurts when you think otherwise. I had a history of depression. Then became interested in photography. Long engaged. She pulled me, helped great. And there was born a son Vanya, which I love. That's when it started fatherhood, everything fell into place.

— A lot of time to devote to the upbringing of the firstborn?

— Trying. Of course, it doesn't always work, but when you have free time, I try to spend it with him.

And where are you off to?

— In different ways: playing, walking. He is now only three years, three months.

— When you see on TV, he already knows who it is on the screen?

— There were a few times in passing. He then exclaimed: "daddy, Daddy!" But I don't know what he understood. (Laughs.)

Леонид Бичевич: «Когда родился сын, все встало на свои места»

Leonid and his colleague Maria Berdinskikh recently became parents of a son, who was named Ivanovata:

— What are you doing home?

— I'm at home resting. Chill. (Laughs.)

Your wife, Maria Berdinskikh your colleague. You help each other to prepare for the role?

— Morally — for sure! But parsing to organize... We try to stay out of each other. But we support each other necessarily.

— Just some couples of actors there is a taboo: crossing the threshold on creativity, forgot, become an ordinary ordinary people, husband and wife. No word about art.

— We share everything, of course. Talking about the theatre, about the movie. Always. These topics are not closed for us at home. There's no escape. In General, while discussing. (Laughs.) Maybe we are still in this period, not lethargic. (Laughs.)

— You're not trying to say Maria: "enough with the theatre, do only the upbringing of a child... And I'll earn money!"?

— There is no such. Although the Patriarchal times observed. But try her yourself to save. Sometimes I want to say this, but I restrained myself. (Laughs.) Even not holding back, and realize that this is complete nonsense.


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