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Regina todorenko: "do Not be surprised if soon to marry" discussed with the presenter the bites of mosquitoes, the dangers of working in the Studio and love at a distance

The impression that Regina Todorenko all. And programme about travelling, and shows about image and beauty. But if the programs are different, the presenter in the frame is always equally good: energetic, cheerful, for word in pocket not go.

Regina, you are probably one of the most active girls on our TV. "Heads and tails", "Macapure"...

—...And another musical project and his own show.

— And where it is easier to work in the field or in the Studio?

I've been led Studio shows and even forgot how to do it. But now I understand that is very difficult. 12-15 hours standing, almost motionless. I had cramps, was sick calf, if I ran cross forty miles. While perfect makeup, perfect hair, the dress sits so tight that even I can't bend down. Everything has its pros and cons, and now I'm noticing a lot more because previously complained to the jungle to disease brought from the Amazon. "Heads and tails" — a very good project, in order to see the world, to learn, to strengthen your mentality. A "Makabara" is another. I asked earlier: "Regina, why did you go there? What do you know about makeup? You're a complete ignoramus!"

— It's hard to believe, you always look lovely...

Perhaps I paint professionals. I just love nodoby make-up and, possibly, in the evening bright lips. And then I have to know what strobing, shading, draping. But I introduced a little in the swing of things, so now I can say that you know all the fashion trends 2018.

Регина Тодоренко: «Не удивлюсь, если скоро выйду замуж»

"I love to travel, it's like a drug! I love extreme sports, and wherever he is going. I also draw"Photo: materials of press-services

— When you announced that you were leaving from the transfer of travel, the audience was in shock. So why did you decide to leave the project?

— I've been boring, and the audience began to notice that the leading was bored. And I don't like when I point out my flaws, and the criticism difficult, but try to hear it. And here I heard the viewer. And learned a lot. For example, an office worker sits in a skyscraper and watching the same view. Of course, he got bored. So I wanted to leave, which I was not four and a half years. Just go home, hide in bed, watch TV shows, hear new music. And I did it. Do not exclude that in the "eagle and tails" I'll be back, but later. (Laughs.)

— By the way, about travelling. What was this exotic diseases that you brought back from your trips?

— I was bitten in Brazil, the mosquitoes, and I got some pimples. Not a very interesting story, rather sad: so it was scratched! He was treated with all sorts of injections and drips. I was all red, except the face, because it's under the makeup. The jungle is such a specific climate, there is all the time you need to put on protective equipment. Otherwise you can Wake up with malaria. But you can never Wake up. Remember, I brought a cockroach in a suitcase, well at least not rats. And from India brought a great big spider — he settled in bath. And when I opened the curtains and saw him... I think all the neighbors heard my cries.

Регина Тодоренко: «Не удивлюсь, если скоро выйду замуж»

Yoga and surfing help the presenter to remain in enviable physical formatto:

In the Studio, this does not happen...

It's not without interesting stories. For example, one day I lost my voice. Just a horror. Fifteen shifts in a row for fifteen hours. But then I was so scared, because for the leading losing voice — this is the end. Now I see we need more love and care.

— How do you relax? Apparently, traveling for you is not the best way to spend a vacation.

— I love to travel, it's like a drug for me! I love extreme sports and often go where I can surf. I also draw and play the piano. I now there is a repair in a rented apartment: there was a white wall in the hospital, and I wanted to be creative. I will have a four-poster bed and the walls may, moss, fern, lots of greenery, lots of flowers. So I feel the jungle in my usual circumstances. On the wall hang a machete that was given to me in Amazon. I also knit scarves...

— How's your relationship with sports?

I do yoga and surfing. Surfing two times a year, because it is no longer possible. It is so useful: in seven days I've turned into the terminator, I was all pumped up. And yoga whenever possible. Even if the machine has the ability to put my leg up and pull it — I do it. In the train, plane...

Регина Тодоренко: «Не удивлюсь, если скоро выйду замуж»

However, surfing the TV presenter manages to work out only two times in godfat:

— I wanted to talk about your participation in the project "the Voice". What did it get you?

— Two hundred thousand followers on Instagram. (Laughs.) I'm serious. To me it brought its own solace. I was here before, but right in front of me, the door was closed — took the last participant. But I came two years later, participated, put a tick. As well as wanted to tick, studying at new York film Academy. I've dreamed about this for nine years, I kept thinking, well, when I have time to go there? And here went, was a six-week course. "The voice" is the social stress test. I constantly throw myself into uncomfortable zones to develop willpower and resilience. Below and in the jungle not to get lost in the mountains not to go crazy from the cold.

— Your colleague once admitted that the constant travelling is not very good impact on your personal life. You have the same situation?

— Well, how else: you have all the time in the flight! Just where I come from, used to, what's your favorite go in flight: girls or boys. One waits for the other. But when you're traveling for nine months, being in a relationship with a man, he doesn't understand how it can be done! It turns out that the girl is, but she's kind of ephemeral. I think it is because of this we broke up with my previous boyfriend. But still working together. It sounds crazy. Especially for my relatives who don't understand how you can work with someone you dated for five years.

Регина Тодоренко: «Не удивлюсь, если скоро выйду замуж»

In addition to working on television, Regina enjoys music, she also went on to study in new York kinoakademii: materials of press-services

— One time there were rumors about the novel with the singer Vlad Topalov. Which one is it?

— We, apparently, are so well accustomed to our roles, where he portrayed a loving couple that rumors spread very quickly. We make friends, communicate a lot, and now is the time to debunk these myths, I can say that working in the same project.

And the elect have not yet appeared?

— Appeared. He is a public person, and I probably will do now as selfish, but don't want anyone to share. Just the experience that I get now, it is serious to build family. I would not be surprised if soon you will get married.


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