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Alexander Ustyugov: "I Pray and ask you to give me love" met the actor and discussed the inspiration from St. Petersburg, motocross and the probability of a third wedding

Alexander Ustyugov not only the popular actor, the shooting of which is painted in the months ahead, but also a man with incredible range of Hobbies from rock music to Antiques.

— Alexander, do you shoot a lot, play in the theater. How do you find time for Hobbies? How serious Boxing?

— Not very long ago came to the hall. I think as soon as the time will go directly to the gym. I dream that appeared like some painting on the set where you will need to restore the physical and athletic abilities. When I just have to be compelled to do. This is really a dream that I was forced, against my will forced to go to the gym. (Laughs.)

— You are also a motorcyclist? Used to love to ride on a bike from Peter to Moscow and back, and today?

— Motorcycles, of course! Although I "fly" for the third season of employment. Before I drove fifteen thousand miles over the summer, now barely make five. And all because of work. (Smiles.) Today I try to drive to work on motorcycle. This year I plan to visit motor festival in Riga, to go to the "Invasion". Will definitely drive to Tver. Look, maybe more routes will appear. May not exclude work-related. Time is short, regret it, and the season is short. Dream that was kind of the winter court, where you could roll out, to work out some tricks, stunts. Yet not that either.

Александр Устюгов: «Молюсь и прошу дать мне любовь»

Among the acting role of Alexander there are people of heroic professions. One of these he played in the series "Plaque"Photo: materials of press-services

What position is another one of your Hobbies is photography?

— The camera I pick up now, just when I need it for business. For example, for the filming of my piece of wood — then I remember some fotonovela. Wind discrete "poltos" (lens with a fixed focal length. — ICD) with the diaphragm ½ — and forward. Wood is my hobby-business, the five years I have been antiquarks. Plus thread. Accordingly, the desired photos, then I shoot. And now rarely off the phone already so replaced an artistic photo that, in principle, when there is a desire to get somewhere with an instrument, I think that the huge suitcase is impossible. Well, our airlines are now prohibited to carry photographic equipment.

— What happened to your band "Ekibastuz"?

— Now writing the second album. It is a very happy, positive, and brings a lot of happiness.

— The bar owner — a new and unknown kind of business for you. All turns out?

— At first it was scary to start in restorative, but since November of last year, and all the love. Everything is fine. I think the bar will expand. He closes on itself and motorcycles, and metastasize, and festivals. By the summer, hopefully, there will be a new word in the restaurant business.

Александр Устюгов: «Молюсь и прошу дать мне любовь»

For the role of Prince Yaroslav in the TV series "the Golden Horde", Alexander ponadobitsa not only acting talent, but also excellent physical formatto: materials of press-services

— You were born in Kazakhstan, lived a long time in the capital. And why did you prefer Moscow, St. Petersburg?

— I prefer — I lived in Moscow and filmed for twelve years in St. Petersburg. The six months I lived in St. Petersburg, and six months was anywhere. Therefore, Moscow I shared between Belarus, Ukraine and the place where the shooting took place. At some point I just stayed in St. Petersburg and left. And have not regretted it. Besides, on my mother's side my relatives were all Leningraders, the blockade. Grandfather — Colonel, commanded the air defense. Apparently, something triggered, and Peter gives me a great feeling of joy. Every time I come back here with pleasure. Creativity, the city makes a mad. I think if I'd stayed in Moscow, he would not have done a quarter of what is now. And Peter is inspiring very much.

— You once called Moscow the "production room"...

—...Yes, absolutely. And Petersburg is a place where you can live, love, just walk, it's a niche to soothe. And the longer I live in Moscow, the more I realize that this is the case.

— One of your new works — the role in the TV series "the Golden Horde". How satisfied are you with feedback?

— I don't watch reviews. But all that I hear, quite favorably. Know looked suddenly those people I did not expect. The target audience was somewhat different. It's not bad. So is anyone is interested. Yes, and I'm still, I confess I haven't seen the movie.

Александр Устюгов: «Молюсь и прошу дать мне любовь»

The Alexander's love of music resulted in the creation of the rock band "Ekibastuz". Now the team writes the second albumphoto:

— Now on the way?

On the way two of the historic project. This is the "Decembrists" and "Boris Godunov". Large-scale and interesting projects: horses, nature... For "Boris Godunov" he built a very nice scenery of old Moscow. I'm twenty years in the movie and the first time I see such beautiful work that directly delights: Kremlin wall, Spasskaya tower, all on the hill...

— So you are imbued with historical tapes?

— Life goes on bands. Now gone historical! Then the military picture, then — the bandits... All removed cycles.

— You've been married twice, twice divorced. Believe, God loves a Trinity?

— Never make plans on this topic. Because God loves, God gives, God takes. In this respect, if the Lord give me another chance to fall in love, let him give. How to order heart, that I will do. In this case, I wouldn't say that I'm never going to love! No, I'm absolutely in the power of the Lord. But I think it's going to be insane. (Laughs.) Because love makes people very... It changes them! (Laughs.) Therefore, on the one hand, we pray and ask you to give me love, very much afraid. What is happening to me, can not even imagine. (Laughs.)

— With ex-wives, Yanina Sokolowski and Anna Ozar, broke up amicably? How are you today relationship with them?

— Broke up amicably. And relationship is completely normal. Meet, we talk, there are common themes. But the total is growing. In this respect, all is well.

Александр Устюгов: «Молюсь и прошу дать мне любовь»

Married to an actress, Yanina Sokolowski Alexander became a father. Eventually the couple broke up, however, with her daughter marrying the actor seems pretty castorate:

— Daughter of Eugene meet?

— Yes, now see each other often — shooting in Moscow. And while I see each other often, because the next shot and stay with it. It is easier for shooting to get. And so it happens that for six months did not meet. It is work-related. But today there is Skype, phones... All that we use. She often sends voice messages, photos. You can always talk to.

— Do you think you have a lot of time to devote to it?

No, of course a little bit. Here it is impossible to measure the "time children". It's never enough, whatever it was. I want more and more. I want to get her to Wake up, to take to school. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

— You are a good father, a child spoil?

— I try not to indulge. In this regard, the resource I have is very large, can overwhelm her with gifts, diamonds, gold, but realize that you do not need. First, it's unethical, second, it would be difficult later in adult life. Why we have Teddy bears, love, kisses, flowers, it's all about. Something like that.

— What she enjoys, what she loves?

— Study in school and the load is serious, a large number of circles. She is now like dancing. Theatrical including. Employment is huge. Sometimes I want this employment to be thinned. Jack leaves early, returns late. All the time some concerts, training for something, the rehearsal Schedule... childish. But she likes it.

— A diary of her ever seen?

— Yes, I did lessons with her doing... (Laughs).


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