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Lika Nifontova: "the Role of grandmothers is very important to me"

The whole life of the actress linked to the theater. She first appeared on stage as a child and continued acting dynasty. discussed with Lika Alekseevna status of the wife of the Director, help legendary Arkady Raikin and caring grandmother

— Lika Alekseevna, you are in the theater since childhood, came on the scene in three years. Remember anything about your first roles?

— I don't remember anything. Three years after all. (Smiles.) Only the stories of parents about this.

Say, you know, when I moved. Why are parents not sit in place?

My dad's an actor, God rest his soul, he is no longer with us more than six months. He was the honored artist. Played a leading role in Tbilisi, Volgograd, Rostov-on-don, Samara. But the irrepressible nature... He was looking for perfection in this profession, looking for yourself, a theater. And as soon as felt that he was getting bored, moved to another city, and we followed.

— When you decided to become an actress, how parents reacted to your choice?

— They were very against it. Or rather, my mom always supported me, in any form, desires. And my dad, because he's an actor and knew the profession from the inside, I just wanted to protect me. He wished I studied languages (I'm graduated from the French school), and not some other things. But in tenth grade I said I was going to Moscow to enter the theater. What to do, he went with me. Thought I was a little postupaju and we will be back. But I'm stuck. I began to skip in different universities, further and further, and dad had to go home to play shows. He left, I was left and entered.

Лика Нифонтова: «Роль бабушки для меня очень важна»

Play Lika Nifontova was busy and loud movies and serial projects. One of them was the film "Life and fate"Photo: still from the film

— You have not changed the theatre "Satyricon" since the end of the Shchukin school. How did this happen?

— I generally have a constant and loyal. Despite all the difficulties that arise in the theater, I said to him philosophically. If there are problems, it is necessary to wait. Most importantly, I feel my artistic Director. We may not agree on some things, but we are people of one blood. I like how he builds the theater. He feels this profession. So no good deed goes unpunished.

— Your relationship with the artistic Director of the theater Konstantin Raikin, always been rosy?

— When we create something together, we can, naturally, argue. But I don't like talking during rehearsals. I love to try all feet. All that offers me the Director. The many performances we did together. I am grateful to him because he's in the theater gives a huge field for different roles.

You caught in the theater of Arkady Raikin, what I remember from talking with him?

— When I arrived, he had just released his last performance of "Peace to your house." I immediately took in the thumbnails. And just the thought that I'm behind the scenes and see how it works on stage, Arkady Isaakovich, created a huge sensation. I'm really glad I found him, saw alive. And from me personally, huge thanks to him. Because only thanks to him I got a room in a communal apartment in Moscow. He signed the document with a request to allocate me a room as a young aspiring actress "Satyricon".

Лика Нифонтова: «Роль бабушки для меня очень важна»

Lika Nifontova and Alex Ursulyak married for more than thirty years. And almost two years as they grandmother, degustate: personal archive Daria Ursulyak

— Tell me honestly, you still nod, they say, that the wife of Sergei Ursulyak?

— Anyhow, it always will be! I thank God my wife! And very glad. So let them talk!

Two creative person in the family is not much?

— We are no longer two. (Laughs.) Since I grew up in a creative family, for me it is natural. Now, if I had family technical, then I guess I would have harder. And so — the situation is natural. Because we have twenty four hours live each other's lives. We do not forget about the work coming home. After all, we're interested. It all depends on the head, from the mind of the people who live with each other. If they focused on themselves, then there will be problems. But if they hear each other if they love each other, what is most important, then everything will be fine. And I must give it up.

— Your daughter Daria first graduated from the philological faculty of RSUH, then Shchukin school. Played in the Vakhtangov Theatre, now in "the Satyricon". She's pleased with her choice?

— She's happy. Because it deals with a very topical issue. It's the most important thing. When you do your thing, do not pay attention to complexity. Seriously, when bored. And she's not boring at all. Dasha swamped with work, raising a daughter. It is done! Itself brick by brick my life is doing, not listening to anyone.

You're already a grandmother. What you in this role? If, for example, to remember how much her granddaughter?

— Uliana year and eight. (Laughs.) And about my role of grandmother... All think I'm crazy Granny, because dissolve in my granddaughter. It is impossible not to dissolve. I like to watch how a man like he's trying to say something, to think. It's very interesting. So this is a role I think is very important in my life!


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