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Igor Gordin: "Our break-up with Julia helped to look at the situation from the outside"

The actor understands what the true value. Details — in interview

Honored artist of Russia Igor Gordin is known primarily as a stage actor. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards — "the Seagull", "the Golden mask" and recently received the International award of Stanislavsky for the work of recent years. The viewer knows him on such series as "the Schedule of destinies", "Moscow twilight", "heavenly court", but removed Gordin infrequently. Those who do not go to the theater, to associate his name with TV presenter Julia Menshovoj, in marriage, with whom the actor lives for many years. Igor Gennadievich — the person closed, the interview gives a little. Even the son of Andrew says that "the Pope is a mystery." We tried a little bit to lift the veil of this mystery in an interview with the magazine "Vibe".

— Igor, I saw your date of birth and was surprised that you happen to be already an adult. When rare, once again we see that life goes too fast. Do you ever get the feeling that some pyatidesyati years gone?

— I'm at the theater rather late, so long was listed in young artists. Twenty-eight years old I came to the theatre. Well, of course it's happening faster and faster, but so as the years have gone unnoticed, that feeling I have. Every year is going to increase. Yet. So I would like up to a certain age to go up, and then — from fair to fair, as they say. (Smiles.) I try to use time to the maximum. The farther, the more feel that its value increases. This year will be twenty-five years of my work, so I leave for creative retirement, because a quarter of a century in Theatre is equivalent to the retirement age, as in the ballet and the circus. (Smiles.) Since the Soviet times so it was believed, and is still that theatre is a theater where one to seven.

— Tell us about the premiere of "mystery Variations" that you play for a couple with Valery Barinov. What drama is your hero?

Is a conversation about the love of two men to one woman. One love — the object of his love, and for my character love his ego. One wants to give, the other only to receive. Drama my character is that to give something he does not want. Or it might not. And thus refuses from passion, from his obsession, which happened to him. As a creative person, a writer, he says: "I couldn't do anything, couldn't write, I could think about it." The intrigue is that this woman died ten years ago, and he, without knowing it, corresponded with her all these years, every day pour out my soul, not knowing that he meets her husband.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

Childhood Igor was held in St. Petersburg, and he admits he still never got used to the Moscow pace of infoto: personal archive Igor Gordin

— A lot of you for your hero got himself this, then, may be, did not expect in yourself?

— It is a twenty-minute monologue where my character says, how he met this woman, and how it is captured, and how he came eventually to the fact that he could not live without her. Of course, it requires some intimate things about yourself to open and get to me: passion, sensuality, which Wake up in my character. Although each role, one way or another, have to do it. Gurov in "the Lady with the dog" love overtakes as a punishment, and feelings of Svidrigailov in "Crime and punishment" — is also a passion, though cynical. Between them all a lot in common.

— I recently read Balzac, that "love, based on low feelings, no pity". Do you agree with this?

— Apparently, Yes, if we're talking about passion.

— Why do you think people are more endowed with low feelings than true love?

— True love is a gift. And it is not given. The people are essentially all egocentric. Much harder to give than to take. To accept, don't need a lot of mental effort, and give requires a lot of work, it's like the existence of the marriage.

— Jealousy is a universal feeling, and I don't believe when a person says about himself: "I'm not jealous."

But there are the passionate jealous. And there are jealous. Jealousy is the feeling animal, the reflex. When your woman someone is trying to put eyes involuntarily activates this reflex. Another thing is that you can walk to the extreme. Jealousy — feeling strong, and the head is thus disconnected. I have these outbreaks was not. You need to control yourself.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

Concert in tuchowska camp, summer 1983. With some of these guys, the actor's friends so pohoto: personal archive Igor Gordin

— I think no marriage is complete without jealousy, no matter how strong he was. In your creative piggy Bank there are some secrets and techniques that you apply to myself and that I could share as good advice?

— There are no secrets and it is impossible to give advice. It depends on both person and like to give advice to both at once? For example, I am an introvert, hoarding it all to myself, rarely explode and if this happens on the inside. And his wife, Julia, an extrovert, it all brings forth. Everyone goes your way, there is no recipe. The only thing I can tell you, marriage requires effort, mental work. Sometimes you have yourself a little prejudice, to give, to take, to help. One can not demand attention.

— You have come to this in the process of marriage or you is essentially?

— This is my first and only experience. Another marriage and other long relationship I had, no comparison. But I married late, at thirty-two years, was already a Mature man, with no extreme behaviors, high expectations and demands. From this side it was easier. And on the other more difficult because it was already established habits and proved difficult to reformat.

— You say, you have to control yourself. To what extent? If the situation is causing you will get out of control?

— Probably. In my life five to seven times this has happened. Remember, when a schoolboy was, the street had to fend off several people who attacked me. I'm a decent response they gave. Except that I'm an introvert, I'm still a Taurus, and if I have a very long experience, will explode — and then take it all. Tend his peace to protect, and if the accumulated irritation, before the explosion not to bring, pairs down, to Express their dissatisfaction or to sneer at the situation to a critical point not reached.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

In contrast to his brother-"lyrics" his sister Tatiana chose the earthly occupation, she teaches matematikore: personal archive Igor Gordin

— Your mother-in-law Vera Valentinovna Alentova is also an introvert. Julia told me that after a fight she can have a long talk. It's one of your usual?

Yes. (Smiles.) In this sense we are very similar.

Apparently, consistency is your hallmark. You said in one interview that still are friends with someone who worked with you in my youth in the theater Studio.

Yes. I don't know about others, but me personally hard and difficult to find new friends. And those with whom I grew up five years, from fifteen to twenty, it was the happiest time, and the community in which we exist, was quite unique, so friendships not just me with them, but between them all too.

— How these guys have the life, what they are?

— In different ways. The few actors who became. In the Theatre of youth creativity, the Sissy, as we called him, we're not artists grow, and creative people. In addition to acting, each of us mastered some profession of theatrical craft. Teaching methodology directed by Matvey Dubrovin, founder of Tute, which, incidentally, still exists. Today, you as a stage hand mounted and set decoration, and tomorrow as an actor go on stage. Education creative work. Very nice people work in such a team. However, then difficult was in real life.

Why? So many useful skills gave?

Because we were in a separate world, better than the environment. In idealized a little bit. We were there, not expecting a blow in the back. And it was the quietest time of stagnation, from 1979 to 1985, and in the memories it remains as the most joyful.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

Igor and Julia were able to validate their feelings of strength.Have been together for over twenty levoto: personal archive Igor Gordin

You Dubrovin said that we need to go to the theatre?

— No, it's everyone decides for himself, because the profession of an actor depends not only on talent but also on luck, health your. I never said go. There is a saying: if you can't be an actor — don't be him. The work is very heavy. You have to get yourself from emotions. If there was your theatrical fate, the happiness, and if did not work out and you're left somewhere on the roadside and are unable to realize themselves creatively, it eats you up inside, gnawing. And it's very hard. The acting profession is sacrificial.

— You studied at the Polytechnic Institute, but still taught acting in the Tutu?

— Tried. All students graduate the Studio and a year or two or three are held by teachers-public nicknames. I also offered to take the Studio.

— On a voluntary basis?

— No, some paid. But it was a pretty heavy experience. I don't have the skills to work with children of twelve or thirteen. They had all the time something much to captivate and entertain. Then I left, and shortly afterwards moved to Moscow.

— In his youth, all good advisers are needed. Here you are five years studied at the Polytechnic, and still rushed to his dream. Wasn't there an adult who could give advice?

— Parents said that we need to get a higher education. I think that I have as a hobby. But, by the way, after the Studio we the Studio was trying to create his own group and did three performances. All free time I devote. After the third course purposefully went to the lion Dodin. And not received. Then decided not to finish my studies at the Polytechnic, and after the fourth year to enter the theater. But the following year, the filmmakers recruited, and I went to Moscow.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

The family grows two children: son Andrew and daughter Taisiya. Senior – a student of the theatrical Institute, he continued acting instiutte: personal archive Igor Gordin

— Sergey Gerasimov told his disciples that in life failed to marry or to marry, break up and again everyone makes mistakes. The worst thing in life — to break up with your calling.

— Right. But it is very short term, when you need to capture. But young people are always immature, at the age of seventeen they want to have fun and relax. Only the parents and can send. Girls are easier because they have a way to be a family.

— And if does not work out? As many beautiful educated girls and single.

— And yet. For men this way. For them, the family is not self-realization. They need to deal with.

Your son learns in the School-Studio MXAT. Andrey since the childhood wanted to become an actor?

— No, I decided at the last moment. The choice of profession — is a difficult thing, especially for boys. But Andrew always fascinated the cinema, he wanted to be a filmmaker. Julia told him that the directing profession still requires experience. Advised: "let's first get the acting education that you will get the idea of this environment, understand something for themselves." Andrew is already in his third year.

He justified his hopes?

— Does not regret. Understands that he needs it, and gaining experience. Let's see what will happen next. Not the fact that become an actor, maybe still go to the Director, who is, as they say. (Grandfather of Andrei — film Director Vladimir Menshov. — Approx. ed.)

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

Family: the actor with the children, and his wife Julia, mother-in-law Vera Alentova and Vladimir-in-law, Minisuite: personal archive Igor Gordin

— Thais have already decided what to become?

— The daughter has not yet formed, her transition to adulthood. In the acting side it is not very looking. Rather, we will direct it toward journalism. From Julia her ability to formulate ideas and write. From me — persistence in achieving goals. Sleep does not lie, yet the lessons are not learned. I've always tried to do everything in advance, leave nothing for later. Andrew wasn't. But with these gadgets so difficult for children to take something serious. Now from Taci is required to at least read.

— Does not want?

— None of the teenagers do not want to read. The son came to this, and had also said, why read and know everything. Why learn? You just have to start making movies. Tarantino never studied. It took time to realize.

— Grandpa with his authority can help in education, to give advice or interfere in your personal relationship with the kids?

— Vladimir V. busy. But it comes to Andrew for all the exams in the Institute, watching his progress. Can take it with you to the premiere of the movie. Our grandfather and grandmother (Vera Valentinovna Alentova) is active and work a lot, they didn't budge grandchildren.

— Who helped you to grow? Your parents?

— No, my parents live in St. Petersburg. Had to take a nanny. It was hard, but somehow got out.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

In the historical drama "Kromov"Photo: still from the film "Kromov"

— You have a sister. What does she do?

Tatiana teaches math, she is a honored teacher of Russia. Here you go, she's calling for, since childhood, fond of the subject, and they had a very good math teacher. In her class, several teachers of mathematics came out. Here's how can affect baby personality of the teacher. The title of honored teacher found, among other things, less than distinguished artist.

— Are you friendly with her?

— As a child, not really, the difference between us five years and our children. I was fifteen, she's ten, and the friendship did not work. And then I went to Moscow. When Tatiana got married, had a son and I had a family, we became close.

— She comes from St. Petersburg to you at the premiere?

— I go on tour. Tatiana has become such a theater-goer. I suggest her to go, and now it's her favorite leisure activities. She always waits for me impatiently, so I brought some show. But the last time tour in St. Petersburg have become rare, unfortunately.

— Julia in one of his interviews said that he represents himself and you at your leisure, when you're already retired, walking in Jurmala on the beach. You have a cottage?

— Apartment. Julia was infected in the process of life to me with that climate. She loves the South, the heat, the sunburn, but for me it's painful. Sitting in the room usually, while the heat subsides, and then dragged everyone somewhere to walk. We began to look for a way out, and the idea of buying in the Jurmala apartment. Julia is now very fond of her because the rest there calm and the climate too. Good switch after Moscow. But we are not a beach holiday, and the forest, Biking. For a beach holiday is still more suited to Spain. But with our group of friends, the same ones that I have since the days of the theatre, every year we go to Finland for a week. The climate is just mild, as in Latvia, on the coast cottages. All arrive with children, thirty people. Live the commune, the cook at all, eat together, and then everyone goes to their interests: who in the woods, who on a fishing trip, some playing volleyball or badminton. Every year ten years in a row in August to cut out a week at this hotel. And although every time Julia says: I don't know if it will work, our work, photography — still come. It is a charge of positive energy for the whole year.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

In the popular television series "heavenly court" Igor played Inquisitor, Alexavto frame from the series "heavenly court"

— Julia, you have a relationship started with the fact that you began to teach her to play Billiards. It's such a quiet, slow play, and secretly, I think she's very reckless.

— Any gambling game. And chess? Two people sit and think. Billiards — sports game, so offers and excitement, and the satisfaction and the joy that all turns out and depends on your personal qualities. Once a year somewhere on vacation, Julia and continue to play. And Tasia already mom plays Billiards.

— You've been together for twenty years. Julia told me about your breakup that happened many years ago, and admitted that it was a very rewarding experience. She was able to revise his ambitions. And you?

— It was a tough experience indeed. But it helped somehow to look at the situation in the family and begin to appreciate relationships, every minute spent together. When you lose, you realize the value of the loss. Ten years have passed, time has smoothed.

— The house is open, guests love to take?

Now, in my opinion, I do not go away, meet in a café, in the restaurant. In his native St. Petersburg come there go away. These traditions are still preserved.

You to Moscow and not used?

— Used to, but my heart is still in St. Petersburg. I need once a month or two to come and to vyhodnoi. Work in Moscow, and all the time exist in a rhythm, back and forth, and only home for a bit recovering. And Moscow itself is vain. Before it was the same when I came to the capital and went to the Leningrad station, immediately got into the flow of people who was carrying me. And in St. Petersburg sedate pace of life. In Jurmala the same.

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

In the role of Ganin in the film "Dubrovsky"Photo: still from the film "Dubrovsky"

— I love you on the screen, and, of course, as your fan, I want to see you more often...

And I don't like myself on screen (laughs), there are a few of my screen, which I tolerated. Unfortunately, the script of the film, because there is no time at all. Now I have four of the theater. And when there is little time, the more carefully you start to take suggestions, because it is necessary to understand, what for to waste time and give the past power.

— This year you have two project. One "Coach", and the Director of Danila Kozlovsky. Trust the young master?

There's an episode. We met with a Tribute to the film "Dubrovsky". Then accidentally met on the street, and he said, "Come." The script of the film, this episode is very important, so I agreed.

— The second project's "Defenders". The duration of 1966. Retro. This time you don't remember you all year. And I remember, so I will watch with passion.

Okay. I have been there just a negative role. Something often I only have these characters: all sorts of reptiles, the spies. Apparently, the time has come. (Laughs.)


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