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Ivan Chuikov: "I am from a village, and it was felt"

The TV host said in an interview about how teenage complexes helped him become a star

In the modern incarnation, the story of TV presenter and showman Ivan Chuikov may seem like a fairy tale — about how a country boy from an ordinary family, not having influential friends and connections, went to the capital to study to become a producer. However, he managed to become not only to its secular parties, but also media person. He offered artists in glossy magazines, and now the journalists are hunting for him in the hope a Frank interview. After Ivan charismatic, charming, handsome — and, as they say, is free again. Details — in an interview with "Vibe".

— Ivan, tell us about your family. What prompted you to engage in this activity?

— Prerequisites family was not. I was born in the suburban village of Yakimovo, my parents worked on the farm. Can't say that they are not creative people, but perhaps the time was such that they were unable to realize their creative ideas and projects. We had to choose the profession that will feed you and your family. I know that mom was an activist, engaged in various clubs, participated in school competitions, KVN. They are actually both the city of Elektrostal, mom already worked in Moscow, TSUM. It was dad's idea to leave the village to live in nature, in the fresh air — "just the two of us, romance." (Smiles.) Dad was a sports Smena. I watched his youthful photos they can safely be sent to any ad Agency. He practiced martial arts, and he had a press that can be envied. My girl friends who also saw my dad's photo in his youth, they say is my mom understand. They would also be for this guy's gone to the country.

— That is, everything was as it should be: the cow, the farm?

— Yes, the garden, the farm, the morning milking at six o'clock. Now I understand that this is a very cool childhood. When I was little and I had to get up much earlier than his peers to catch at home something to do, someone to feed, someone to milk, and someone to chop, and then another, walking to school two miles, then felt some discomfort. In high school I wanted to go out with friends hang out, and had to go back home. Most of the guys were dressed fashionably, they already had grinders, very relevant then. Your parents worked hard so we could live in abundance, but I am from a village, and it was felt. In addition, "good" people did not hesitate to remind about it. Perhaps because I had complexes. But, on the other hand, they have demotiviruet me to prove that I actually stand. (Smiles.) I loved to watch all sorts of shows like "American idol", "people's artist". Arranged was Maxim Fadeev. And I decided that I would become a producer like him. And then regret Sveta Sinyavsky from the fifth "A" that did not want to be friends with me. (Laughs.) So at sixteen I told my parents that I was going to Moscow to study at the producer.

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

In the new "Show day" Ivan tried his hand as comiotto: personal archive of Ivan Chuikov

— And you probably had no idea what kind of profession is this?

— Of course, all my presentations were from TV: it's a man who manages artists, auditions are held, around it are beautiful girls, and on the show he is the most important. This is not to milk the cows. (Laughs.) But I started all this not just. In high school I participated in various contests, parades, and lots I had to perform on stage. Somehow I was sure that I will succeed. In Moscow, I gave the documents to the Institute of culture and arts (that's where I found the faculty, where he taught at the producer). There were only three state-funded places. But I did somehow.

— How your view of the show business consistent with reality?

— All representations about show business were drawn from soap operas and reality shows, I also read different youth magazines such as "Hammer". Everyone said just not to get there, careers are made through the bed. Now, I'm his example proved that it is not. At the production center Maxim Fadeev I learned the cuisine of show business from the inside out: how is the communication with artists, concerts and parties.

Wait, how a graduate can get into Fadeev Producer center? Is it just?

— Oh, that's another story. Now would I probably not have enough chutzpah to do so. I understood that I need professional good practice in the production centre. Where to go? Of course, to Maxim Fadeev. I loved his designs, Lena Temnikova generally seemed to me the ideal woman! On the website have I found a phone number. Called, introduced himself as the Deputy head of Department leisure and cultural activities of the Institute of culture and arts. Said, "we Have a wonderful student, very talented, who just wants to undertake an internship with you." They said, "Thank you, we don't need anyone". But I insisted: "He really wants to work there, and he did not even have to pay money." "Okay, let him come." Well, I came. (Laughs.) In the end, I filled out the questionnaire on the visa, was served coffee, went to the warehouse for the props. But I didn't come here for money but for experience. I remember I was so blissed out that had brought the chairs from Mytischi for the filming of the clip of "Silver". And Lena Temnikova came up to me and said, "Thank you, Vanya!" Wow! And I thought she did not know my name. (Laughs.) Gradually I became involved in the managerial work. Remember, went to concerts with Pierre Narcisse, Natasha Gluk'oza, Julia Savicheva. And then it so happened that the PR Director Gluk'oza's retired and offered me the position. It was very cool! Even to such a well-known actress like Natasha. Yes, I already had some experience, communication with magazines, but still it was a huge step up the career ladder. Natasha discussed our way... by the Way, remember, we did great stuff with the cover of "Atmosphere" — Natasha gave an exclusive interview, she was expecting the birth of daughter Vera.

— See, what a twist of fate! And now we interview you...

— Yes, in that period I was convinced I didn't want to be behind the scenes, I want to produce myself. About a year we worked with Natasha, and I quit.

— She was upset?

— Well, as you say? (Laughs.) I was a young lad of twenty-one, Natasha is an artist with a name. Besides, she was pregnant. I was still inexperienced in dealing with women, especially when they are in position. Many of the points I'm still unclear. We had disagreements, and conflicts. But I am very grateful Glyuk oZе for your patience. We parted well enough. Later, when I started working on the music channel, we met with Natasha and even conducted some activities together. Recalled that period of our cooperation with a smile. In General, the quenching gave me a good Production center Maxim Fadeev.

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

Being on the same stage with the idol Alexander Medvedev, TV presenter experienced a light, stressful: press service of STS

— At what point did you feel you had success?

— I'm still afraid to admit it to myself. I think there's something I missed, very critical about yourself. But allow yourself to enjoy some of their achievements. For example, when I got to work on RU.TV, I was overjoyed, euphoric. I'm a music channel live broadcasts! I then wrote a lot of guys, my fans. About a year I was happy, but then come to understand that now we have to set ourselves new goals. At the moment left my complexes, I realized that we don't have to prove anything to anyone. I had a childhood dream: I wanted to buy a convertible. Understand that this is very impractical in Moscow short summer, it is unlikely I will often use such a machine. But nevertheless bought it. Came to his village and famously drove to the store "Mill", which is usually going all of our company. They said, "Oh, cool, man, we've seen this on television". Well, everything. Tick put. (Laughs.) And then what? It is necessary to develop professionally. I'm far from perfect, it should still work with it, learn to communicate better in front of the camera to present information. I signed up for different courses, downright loaded yourself.

— And the next step was a show on the TV channel "Russia", which you were with your idol — Alexander Anatolyevich?

— Yes, and at first it was incredibly stressful for me: a Federal channel, we are holding our show we co-host, that is, I — and on equal terms with it, Then. Of course, I was worried: what if I will look unprofessional, but they fall to his level. And we must pay tribute to Alexander, because he has given me a lot, and opened up some secrets, helped and cheered. Actually, I think everything that happens in our lives occurs when we are ready.

— Now you are leading the "Show weekend" on STS. This is a new format for you?

— Yes, in this format I never worked, I am not a humorist and joke, I think, do not know how. To admit, was the offer of the channel in shock, because they thought that they will not fit. Compared to me all other participants — just the titans of humor. But, on the other hand, it was a challenge to do something I don't know how. From me you never waited for the humor. And then in addition to that I host and make connections to the rooms, I want your Comedy record. The first time we rolled the show at the rehearsal on the audience, it seemed to me that I am not funny. The first two jokes — the reaction of the audience is zero. "All right — I think — going to fire me, go abroad, become a Buddhist." (Laughs.) And then relaxed, and the third joke that was really funny for me, caused a reaction of the hall. So that's it! Don't need someone to represent yourself, try to be similar to some well-known comedians. You need to try to find himself. Incidentally, the editors note that I'm in a normal life was more fun to joke. Probably just left the excitement.

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

Working out in the acting school, Chuikov found and the dark side of his naturephoto: personal archive of Ivan Chuikov

— What are your emotions after the broadcast, there is a sense of energy? In my opinion, you as a self-charging battery.

— Yes, kidding me: probably you Mama in cocaine dropped? (Laughs.) Guys, I'm from the village, we had no money for drugs. I love shooting this show because there is contact with the audience, which can be recharged. And RU.TV I worked on camera and such a return is not received. I actually previously thought that I will TV, I will be blogging, for example. And then was pleasantly surprised: all the crew — people-charged, ready to work day and night. We even met several times just to hang out. And it's very nice — I have a new family.

— What can you say about its own output? How do you spend your free time?

— I have a lot of shooting events, I conduct concerts, corporate events. When I have a free day there is much surprise that, I really have nothing to do? (Laughs.) If I plan a weekend in advance, I usually try to go somewhere for three days, in the next country or the suburbs. But if it is a spontaneous day off, I have a few win-win options. I read the book aloud — combine the pleasant with the useful: the technique of speech. Meeting with friends — it also gives positive energy. Well, or sleep — it's just a life hack for any person who works a lot. In the morning you're so happy and cheerful!

— You are very actively engaged Instagram. Succumbed to General fashion or you yourself are interested?

— First, I just did, posted some funny pictures, told stories from life. Some like, some don't. Then I had the idea that it is necessary to increase the number of subscribers to commercialize your Instagram. Listen, well, why not? I have something to share. Although I'm not really bother about photo processing, not strive to ensure that my home was decorated in a single color. But I like to tell my subscribers to address the important theme for me, to ask questions. When I started to study acting at the School of Herman Sedakova, gradually began to reveal his Psychophysics, to understand their inner world. And some things were frightening. I guess we are all afraid of this dark side of his personality. I was surprised how many people understood me and were grateful that I shared with them their experiences.

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

Meeting friends give positive, energiehotel: personal archive of Ivan Chuikov

— What is this dark side?

— I realized that I have the aggressiveness, the anger. I used to feel like I should not show them to others. I didn't like myself in these moments. Now I understand better why there is this aggression, learned to manage their emotions. And I can afford to tell people the truth. Don't yell at him not to swear, but simply to convey his thoughts.

— You agree that the best way to know yourself is an intimate relationship with someone, love?

— I can't say that he is the best, but very effective. Life together is a very serious test. And after it, you can not only much to learn, but also about their feelings. There is a very cool test, when you and your partner sit down and write their definitions of fundamental values: what do you mean love, religion, family, children.

— Really you did that?

Yes. And it seems that everything seems obvious. And then you read the answers of his half and understand that you have different views on fundamental things. Something the same, some don't.

— You, by the way, never talked about his personal life. Whether serious, lasting relationship?

Yeah, just got out of a relationship that lasted three years. Before too long enough to met the girl. Don't talk about it because, first, my girlfriend, the person the media are known. Secondly, I do not see in it sense. Why? Boasting that I have such a girl, the artist? It seems to me correct, if you will interest people in his work, and not to those, with whom, where and how you sleep. My parents know, my friends know. But to upload pictures of our Lunches together on Instagram — why?

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

Sometimes in Instagram Ivan a photo of the lovely depositphotos: personal archive of Ivan Chuikov

— And to appear together at the award ceremony "Most stylish couple"? Fans things you love.

— I asked myself the same questions. In my opinion, it will be possible, if we get married. Then I picture my beloved world: I'm not a bachelor, we are together. And if we are somewhere nominated, for God's sake. Perhaps for some it will be a good motivation. In General, I am opposed to promiscuity. Went through it as a student, and now do not want to waste your time a spontaneous meeting.

— How is it possible three years you were together and nobody knew?

Someone knew we were not hiding, but also did not advertise the relationship. Some publications have offered to do an exclusive interview, but we both didn't feel it was necessary. I can talk about themselves: their tastes, food preferences, tell us what music you love, can even speculate on what kind of girls I like. (Laughs.)

— That is, the threshold of "the love lives three years" you have not yet managed to overcome.

— Yes. Three years is a long time when you're as revealed myself and know the other person. Better honestly, what's next for, than to deceive itself, its convincing that you accept her as she is. The explosion still happens, and it will be much harder, if at that time you will have a family, to have children. I don't like to watch when people get divorced, the children find themselves between two fires, and parents relish discussing in the press the details of his breakup. Can't say that we broke up badly, no, we remain close friends, I connected with her and will support her always. Know and it'll get the same support. It is very dear to me. Yes, we have failed to continue to develop relationships in the family, but I'm glad we were able to each other in this to be honest.

— I think we started infantile. Our parents are twenty years to create families.

— The world is changing, and changing foundations. I think now people should clearly understand what they a family. Motivation: because all is not working. I don't understand why I want children. Because it's time and need to grab the first available girl? This is stupid. Because I'm afraid of a lonely old age? Sounds kind of selfish. Probably, if there is someone, which I'm sure it will happen. But it is not even close.

Иван Чуйков: «Я из деревни, и это чувствовалось»

Good form in the shop, superhot: personal archive of Ivan Chuikov

— Probably the family is the transition through its own self-interest.

— Yes, for me love is when you give and sacrifice. While I practiced at home. I have an older brother and sister, they have families, children. I communicate with my nieces, I'm also godfather to the son of my friend. I am responsible and my parents... Passed the stage when I was a bird without a nest to build their adult life. I now moved into the category of young men who realises that they need to help their family and take care of them. I hope that in the near future will be able to apply his experience and in his own family. But do not want to guess.

— Do you think better when chosen out of your sphere?

— I have often asked myself this question. Especially now, when I'm free again. (Smiles.) Probably easier for you to understand each other, if you both are people of creative professions. The artist will understand how much you spent during live filming. I have had problems with this for a long time. My girlfriend really took offense: "why are you tired? With a microphone stand?" And it's hard physically, mentally, devastation occurs. Well, a creative person, you can explain that you sometimes need to be alone. Or to go shooting for a week. And there may have to communicate with other girls, even flirt. It's a matter of trust. Here's how Actresses ' husbands survive, seeing that their wife on the screen making love to another man! Recently I was shooting a film where, in the story, I'm constantly cheating on my girlfriend. And there's sex scenes... the First time I've done that. It's very strange. (Laughs.) And I imagined that if I could see my girlfriend, she probably would have been unpleasant.

— And you jealous?

— Yes, very. But I'm working on it. Jealousy arises from insecurity. When a person trust, she leaves. I can say that over the last year I've made great strides in this direction.


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