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Anton Khabarov: "I was leading a double life"

The actor seems to be a real Prince, but in his past, it turns out, many secrets. Details — in interview

Anton Khabarov is among those who has a rare gift — the ability to carefully, patiently and thoroughly to build your life brick by brick. In his personal life he's as strong — eighteen years is married to a former classmate Helen, with whom he has a son and a daughter. In a word, exemplary biography of the Prince reference. But in the sun there are spots... About this actor told in an interview with "Vibe".

— Anton, you are a native of the glorious Moscow and still live there...

Yes, despite the fact that I have long had the opportunity to buy an apartment in Moscow, I'm staying in his hometown, because there are easy daily life — everything is close. Children playing chess, hockey, yoga, painting, dancing and mental arithmetic. And I work to pay all these mugs and sections. (Smiles.) Globally, my task is to make sure children were happy, confident in their abilities and were not in conflict with the surrounding world.

— If your parents were artists, son and daughter became interested in mathematics?

— You wonder. They amaze us with their abilities. Seven-year-old Alina is already a star Instagram — instantly believes in mind three-digit numbers, parallel to something else while reading. We have it by nature, stubborn, knows how to get his. Ten-year-old Vladislav drew this Chinese system of accounts.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

Anton's parents entered the marriage with barely a school. With her father, Oleg habarovym, and younger sister, Elizavetovca: personal archive of Anton Habarova

— All the free time to devote to family?

— Is necessary. But a watch find. At leisure, watching movies, and certainly with no dubbing, in the original language. I read a lot. Now took up the memoirs of Sergei Lemeshev. And before that, I read Fyodor Chaliapin "Mask and soul". Amazing book! No worse than a method actor. Very useful for artist. To history I am also very caring. Don't miss lectures in psycholinguistics Tatyana of Chernigov. Speech by Edward Radzinsky enjoy visiting. I always do some strange TV show, and I would gladly undertook the historical, intellectual gear.

— Know that you are close to a theory that if today to do what others do, then tomorrow, you'll be able that they do not know how.

— All right. Once I learned and began to do more than others. It happened after my rather unpleasant departure from the "Contemporary", which I would not now like to say. But the creative life in the theater for four years I was good, I did not run in the crowd — played a decent role. And the next day after the dismissal was in Theatre. Mayakovsky, where everything was good. Actually, I quite easily went from one theatre to another, no painful problems, like many colleagues, did not occur.

— For four years you serve in the troupe of the Moscow provincial theater, where you called its artistic Director Sergei Bezrukov. What's he like as a Director for you?

— Typically the artist's operate in the theater in any one role. Sergey V. me as an artist develops — gives a diametrically different role. And I like the complexity of the rehearsals in the theater when, cutting off all unnecessary, "rock" scene for twelve hours, when every time you like a dive into cold water, and try themselves.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

He was for many years married to his former classmate, Elenette: personal archive of Anton Habarova

— By the way, I congratulate you on a wonderful premiere "the Cherry garden". Curious, what's the pattern as your Lopakhin completely different from the others of Lopakhin?

— I watched many, but in the play of Sergei Bezrukov we started with the letters of Chekhov by Stanislavsky, where he notes that this character should be intelligent, well-mannered, not a merchant in the stereotypical sense of the word. And it is in any case should not shout. And this, incidentally, do almost anything, especially in the Central soliloquy. In our performance, all solved on the nuances. And we have my hero obviously likes Ranevskaya that rarely play. There are very few non-stereotypical solutions of the characters in the theater, not digging, apparently, in the history of the works have not carried out the work... don't want to nag, but sometimes I feel some ancient aboriginal among the young colleagues. Do not tolerate amateurism, apparent problems with expressive speech and indifference when an artist is late and teaches directly on the makeup. Sometimes on the Playground I can even put a condition: either this man or me. I'm for respectful attitude to their work. I was with Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, Tatiana G. Vasilyeva, Chulpan Khamatova, Konstantin Khabensky is a personality worthy of emulation. Here at the "the Trotsky" Khabensky was huge chunks of text, but it invariably appeared on the site without the insurance paperwork, because everyone knew by heart. Rightly said Ranevskaya: the profession is beginning to disappear because climb all and Sundry.

In the future I am going to share experience with young? I think you'd make a great teacher.

If only closer to retirement. (Smiles.) Yet I still did not have enough. However, the best male role written for a forty-five — it will be on race day.

— Looking at you, I can't say that being a quiet, dreamy adolescent, have you mixed up with some dangerous company that's been robbing cars...

— Well, I grew up in a crime years suburban town... And literally led a double life: going to the dance Studio, where I was given parents, and in the evening with the guys hunted for content decent cars. And was it to those who can pick a lock. Did it, can tell a masterful (as my hero from the movie "Murka", Kostya-bookkeeper). Fortunately, we never fell into the hands of justice. Believe me, it's the darkest fact of my biography. Luckily, at some point I realized that the adventures with looting me to fall, to tie, and is already focused on the dance.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

The couple have two children: a daughter Alina and a son, Wladyslawowo: personal archive of Anton Habarova

— Not all guys will agree, swinging my hips, to wear specific costumes...

— Currently, I don't really like dance aesthetics with endless antics. Men no longer look like men — not all, of course, there are also masters. We were all different, the more that I danced the strict standard program — waltz, tango, quickstep. And I was charmed by the magic of music, movement... So I ended up many years later in "Dancing with the stars" competition program, which, however, demanded too much time and effort. I tried from it, even to escape, but I returned it to the finals. (Smiles.) But the teachers I have, of course, was the great — Ekaterina Trofimova and Yuri Nezdoiminoga. They gave me a lot: first of all dance technique and ability to control one's own body. It turned out that they are the disciples of my childhood idol, Donny burns, which for me is very symbolic. If you know, is a unique dancer, who even Latin dancing program is so manly, charismatic...

— Surprisingly, despite poor eyesight — minus seven, you are a child became interested and basketball...

— I loved the great player Scottie Pippen, and despite the fact that he played without lenses, the desire to get in the ring was so great that I was able to do that. On a whim, probably because I've only seen the white shield at the top and dark circle near where and matilsa. And friends from my team for me stripped to the waist, so they wouldn't get mixed up with opposing players who were in t-shirts. But sometimes, if suddenly someone took off the shirt of opponents, I gave him a pass on account of his. (Smiles.) Still don't understand how I was basically good to play. Yes, and I also danced without lenses and managed. Of course, pre-closely held parquet, everything memorized... I Watched the movie "Dancer in the dark"? I had a similar situation. You know, if I had the ability to painting, I would be curious fabric, because when you remove the lenses, immediately lost perspective, and I see only beautiful blurred colors in the spirit of impressionism. (Laughs.)

— You are a little disingenuous, saying the lack of the gift of a child you visited the Church, stood the service, saw himself as a priest, wrote the icons, even without eyes.

— I have twelve years was such a need, and in terms of drawing I'm completely self-taught. That's why I was afraid to portray eyes, he felt the need to display infinite depth... At the moment I have a complicated relationship with the Church structure, and then I was done, the inside was torn by painful contradictions, and I was looking for answers to their questions. Today, I am much more whole and harmonious personality. Largely thanks to visits to a psychologist. Similar advice is necessary for everyone, and no need to be ashamed.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

I believe that happiness must be fought. I loved and was right so"Photo: personal archive of Anton Habarova

— Friends cannot act in this capacity?

— They have their own problems, why are they "shipping"?

— You have the inner circle consists of colleagues?

No musicians, soldiers, dancers, teachers. Only a fellow artist and all. Can't be friends with the actors, can't find any common ground. Among them very few real men with real values. Literally to talk about. Interest in where hung out and where it was filmed. And I am proud that when my friends gather at the dinner table, our conversation can be heard.

— You have a texture lover. Before began to notice the attention of a female?

— As a teenager I wasn't popular with the girls. Loser was. Everyone I liked didn't reciprocate. Only in school started to notice the sympathy to himself, and I just have a huge number of novels. In the future I am faced with a manifestation of interest in itself, and quite famous already then women.

— Acting come to you by chance?

I was going to study at the Academy of physical education, but I was frankly overwhelmed at exam time. Plus I left my long — term partner fell in love, and she wasn't dancing. And I to master of sports was just two rounds. In such a critical situation, he told me to go to the Moscow regional College of art at the faculty of directing Amateur theater. I listened to him and wrote his own play for the night, incorrectly interpreted the assignment, read it and entered. Was the youngest on the course. A man who was a famous basketball player Michael Jordan, but who really knew nothing about the Directors Tairov, Meyerhold, Zahava. Really grateful and inspired by what I took, I overlaid the books and giant strides to catch up. On the road from Balashikha, Khimki in College I was always torn bags so much heavy literature I gained. But there was still directing the specifics, but I was drawn to acting, for this reason, and arose the next University theatre College, acting Department, where are we with the same poems and fables came along with my friend, amazing poet Igor Rodkina, recently tragically killed.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

In the role of Lopakhin in the play "the Cherry orchard" on stage of the Moscow gubernia, tetrapoda: Ksenia ugolnikova/press service of the Provincial theatre

— By the way, today you have no directorial or screenwriting ambitions?

— No, although many people like my ideas, views. But it's a completely different profession! Maybe I'm not ready, and then we'll see. While I am in demand as an artist. That soon on the First channel to be released TV series "New life", "Marriage and divorce", "Stuntman", where I played Eugene Urbanski. And if at first I agreed on a lot, but now has become much selective.

— On radio "Culture" you write plays. It is for the soul?

— Of course. I'm willing to do it for free — it expands the actor's range. And always carefully prepared records of the classics: Tolstoy, Turgenev, and Chekhov. And their children give a listen to tall tales from the old plates because the new similar to quintuplet. But it is fair to say that the children I give the choice of which and he in childhood had, and they usually land on something traditional.

— You have very young parents who received grandchildren, not yet reached fifty years...

— Yes, they're my classmates, and I was born almost immediately after their graduation. They barely turned eighteen. And four years later came to light, my sister Elizabeth, she's a doctor from God, and is also raising two children. Of course, it's great when you have such young understanding parents. But, on the other hand, they themselves were still children. But us, Lisa was actively engaged in. I am now sent to a music school, which I, alas, did not graduate, but have mastered the basics of playing the piano. By the way, recently spent the night a few hours of the tool, and the next morning our district received a statement from my neighbors about the violation of silence regime. I had a serious conversation with our eldest at home (laughs) and now, one that does not disturb the synthesizer playing in the headphones.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

A new reading of famous works. In the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" in the role of Le Bretto: Ksenia ugolnikova/press service of the Provincial theatre

— You are easy to negotiate!

— On the contrary. I'm not a gift — I are difficult to convince, I'm demanding and not easy. Can create a positive image. When a friend of his wife come to visit us then, watching my manifestations, they wonder how she lives with me. (Smiles.)

— By the way, in fact, you repeated the example mom and dad, married a classmate.

— Echoed around the fortress of marriage, Elena and I have been together for eighteen years — since 2000. You could say I was lucky. Before that I had a lot of girlfriends, but seeing Lena somehow knew immediately that it was mine. Heart skipped a beat, so to speak. It's funny that in high school I was for another girl who I liked, and then suddenly the fateful meeting... I Remember I was sitting in the hall, talking with a friend and then came to read a very striking blonde with a gorgeous figure... despite the fact that don't believe in love at first sight. The love comes much later, this calm feeling. Such a profound feeling after the drama of the passions. And in the beginning only sympathy and a powerful sexual desire. It is for this reason that many unions are crumbling — people confuse these concepts. We with Lena it was so intense, we went through all the steps, I think I can write a book about all the twists and turns of marriage.

— I read that in your student company two girls argued, who of them will you be able to get it, but Lena literally broke their dispute...

And it's all true. With Lena in the beginning we just talked, but every day she became more and more occupied my mind. I couldn't be thinking of her. The trouble was that at that time she had a boyfriend, also an artist, talented, already appears in the movie and today is known. And a very nice man, by the way. (Smiles.) Of course, we crossed paths with him a few times, I was furious, he knew that I cared for Lena, so once she said that if she went to someone from classmates, she will never forgive. But apparently Lena were just friends. More precisely, I gained the confidence and pretended to be a loyal friend who will listen to, if necessary, will give valuable advice will always be there at the right moment... believe me, This is the best method if you have set a goal to recapture the girl. I saw that they do not have the perfect relationship, they fight, and in these moments was alert and supplied his future wife solely incorrect recommendations. Believe me, my conscience is not tormented, I solved an important problem. I believe that happiness must be fought. I loved and was right so.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

Rehearsals for "the Wedding Crecen-sky" was eight months, but the actor considers this work one of the most snascimento: Ksenia ugolnikova/press service of the Provincial theatre

— The pair of you quarrel?

— I clocked Lena, and she left him. And I was already waiting for her...

— But you had a long way to each other. The friends you tried to breed...

Everything was against us. Even some teachers tried to convince me that Lena on me. I didn't even listen to this nonsense, born out of envy and evil machinations. Lena — beauty and a wonderful actress, it was obvious to me. But still we fought, parted, came together. Somehow I was waiting for her at the dinner table on New year's, she ignored the invitation, but thought better of it after a month. Then she wanted me jealous of her classmate. We fought violently, though he was innocent... So was everything.

— You and your wife serving in the same theatre, playing together in the play "the Bench", staged by Dmitry duuuum. Tell me, your Lena — what is it?

— A smart woman, what is important to me. With a sense of humor. She is able sensitively to capture certain nuances and gives very useful tips in the profession. I listen to her opinion. And Lena is constantly developing and mastering something new. Now is Teplokommunenergo for blind people in the theater.

— It's great that she is not jealous of your success.

— We had unpleasant times when Lola just gave birth, didn't work, and she, of course, lacked creativity. But we had survived it. Apparently, when there is a solid basis of love, then some short of trouble is not terrible.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

In the television series "Trotsky," he played a man of honor, officer Alexey Wastegate frame from the series "the Trotsky"

— At home you useful?

— Not especially. Unable to wash the floors, clean the dishes in the dishwasher, hang washing on the drying. But frankly, I'm saved from these home exercises, as I am a workaholic. Good that we don't have a garden, there would always something to do, and I'm not handy in terms of the economy. Here my father is another matter. It is to make repairs in our apartment, and now he's building a house. I sometimes asked him why he didn't teach me those tricks. "And you're not interested," he says.

— What are you people?

— I know how to handle money. Know how to save it correctly to invest to make a profit. Often even the advice I give my colleagues. Strange, but somehow Western actors open their restaurants, a business and do not become any less convincing in their main profession. We have the same (I have repeatedly watched it) the person becomes incompetent, when she finds another way of income. Maybe the energy goes in a different direction? I do not know.

Антон Хабаров: «Я вел двойную жизнь»

As for the role in the movie "the field", he had to recall dangerous Hobbies, unactivate: press-service of the First channel

— Once you said that you don't skimp on yourself...

— Yes, my wife and I try to pamper yourself, efficiently spend the holidays. We donate money to travel. We have a joint passion for diving. Wife seven times already immersed in the open ocean, I six. In order to contact with the underwater Kingdom we flew to the Maldives, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic and looking for a new point on the map where you are left alone with the elements.


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