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Catherine Barnabas: "for me Spring has come in February"

Star Comedy Woman — about love, fans, healthy food, and dogs

Star Comedy Woman and Love is on TNT, like most women, enjoys the onset of spring and updates her closet. We met Catherine in the Mall where she was keeping her clothes in the warm season and just having fun with it.

— Catherine, spring finally comes into its own. You feel its offensive?

For me it is, in my opinion, came in February. The aggravation is, no more depression. (Smiles.)

— And, perhaps, spring the feeling of love you too are not spared?

— Of course. The fact that I'm five years old are in a relationship. All with the same cinema by Myakinkova. He periodically continues to do some things that I do again and again forcing me to like him. Honestly, before I saw it in movies and read about in books. And think how great that now it is in my life. Constantine inspires me and fills — it is huge.

You even once said that he allowed you to believe men...

— The fact that people like me are in the rank of strong aunts. For me and many men, unfortunately, have already put a cross: "Oh, her so hard!". And Constantine found me, completely ignoring my power, my activity, my head. It all dimmed, reassured and can say, from zero began to raise me in a relationship.

— I can assume that you have a lot of fans-men who probably don't give you a pass?

I have a fan that every year when we give a concert in St. Petersburg, comes and gives a greeting cards, soft toys, and recently, diamond rings, earrings, pendant, once even piercing for navel gave. I can not accept, because you know people invested in this soul, the heart. And I'm flattered, but I don't hide that they are in a relationship.

Екатерина Варнава: «Весна для меня наступила еще в феврале»

"I don't eat meat, fish, seafood, poultry, anything red, because I'm allergic"Gennady Avramenko

— You are a fashionista, this can be seen on your Instagram. Could call myself a Shopaholic?

— You could have. But since my closet was bulging at the seams and I just stopped to learn some things, it became clear that it was time to stop. Those things that are out of date, out of fashion, don't like me, I have given friends, relatives, nephews, etc. and when the house was handed down walk because of the bag, I realized that it was time to change the attitude towards shopping. Now I'm shopping at the grocery.

— Dressing room: you must have a big?

— It's small — it's her main problem. I think I have decided on a private apartment only because I want a large dressing room... two large closets...

— You say that things now instead of buying products. In your fridge the abundance or still limit yourself to something?

Limit, of course: I don't eat meat, fish, seafood, poultry, anything red, because I'm allergic to tomatoes, berries, etc. And generally with age, I've become very dependent on climatic conditions, flights, time zones and food. Have to limit yourself, not so much because I try to keep the shape, and because it was recommended to me by a doctor. Bread I don't eat much.

Екатерина Варнава: «Весна для меня наступила еще в феврале»

Yekaterina Varnava and Constantine Myakinkov have been together for five levoto:

— Then what are you eating?

— Now is the time healthy food. Army of vegans have joined forces and have opened a huge number of shops where you can buy a home specially prepared vegan meals. In this respect I feel comfortable.

Spoil your young man Goodies?

— No, but he spoils me. I don't cook: it was announced almost on the second day of our more-or-less serious relationship. I said that when I have a big beautiful kitchen, I will cook.

— Judging by your social accounts, you are partial to dogs...

I Instagram a lot of dachshunds and dogs. Everyone thinks they are mine, and offer some big money for advertising with the animal. I'm thinking: to get something, a dog? Constantine got my mom on the Eighth of March a small belonoshko. I want when it is your own apartment, you run to the hound, or a Greyhound or a Dachshund or an English Mastiff. So wait, when finish building our apartment and buy a dog. And I really want children. This is absolutely normal desire for a woman who was thirty-three.


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